Title:               Silent watch

Author:           T'Elsi <TElsi2230@aol.com>

Series:             TOS, short poem

Rating:            G

Codes:            K POV, [K/S]



Summary: A silent reverie of the past...


Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Kirk and Spock. I borrow them to write this story. No moneymaking or offence of copyrights is intended, no no.


Well, this is a piece of trek smut - so you know you have to say bye-bye if you're underage or don't like homosexual love in all its facet's.


I hope my English isn't too bad - it's not my native language.


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Silent watch

by T'Elsi





It seems for hours I watched your face.

Your lean, strong body.

Every day.


And could not be sated by sight alone.




It seems for hours I listened to your voice.

Cool and professional on the bridge.

Or warm and gentle in private talks.


And could not be sated by sound alone.




It seems for hours I dreamed at night.

And felt your soft caress.

Every night.


And could not be sated by dream alone.




It seems for ages I loved you.

But was too afraid to tell you.

Until tonight.


And now I am sated by your love...