Series: Kung Fu – The Legend Continues

Pairing: Strenlich/Blake

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Humour

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Summary: Undercover mission


Disclaimer: The characters in this story don’t belong to me. I only borrowed them for some fun. No moneymaking, no violation of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction. If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with this topic, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to T’Lin for the beta. For all remaining errors, blame me.




"Hi Sweety, how about us?” Detective Henry Blake unwillingly shook the hairy hand, which wanted to hold him back, from his arm and stormed without an answer out the bar. Or better he tried so as fast as possible, as quick as his high stilettos and the tight skirt permitted. Why did he always get the undercover missions in the transvestite bars? He was an surveillance specialist, not a Go-Go-dancer. He hated to wear this - in his opinion - completely impractical clothes. He always felt so naked and helpless. And then this constant flirting. Simply terrible.


As he stumbled over the curb a car door was opened exactly in front of him and a familiar voice said: "Get in, Sweety.”


“Stop this!” Blake growled. " I’ve got enough. Why always me?”


"Because no-one looks as sexy as you in a dress." Frank Strenlich, Chief of the 101st precinct in Chinatown, put his left hand on Blake’s thigh after he had started the car while he was steering it with his other hand."


Blake stared shocked and fascinated at once at the big prank on his leg. He had given it up to count how many hands had already laid there during the evening. Although the bar had been full of men in female clothes, many of them looked far better then him as he thought, he had no reason to complain about a lack of interest in his person. But none of the hands, which had wandered under his skirt at this evening, had been as firm and rough as Franks.


"Do you have the information, we look for?", Frank asked and honked impatiently as a car didn't make place in front of them.


Henry gripped into his stuffed décolletage and fetched a stack of papers with phone numbers on it. Frank almost drove on the sidewalk as he saw these pieces of paper. "So many dates?” he asked and jealousy swung in his voice.


"Only phone numbers,” Blake explained and fetched one of them. "This is this from our woman errr… man, I think. The description matches exactly with her ... him.” Since weeks a transvestite, who robbed his victims after a date, kept Cinatown in suspense. Blake’s order had been to trigger his attention in the bar, in which he had picked some of his victims, with playing a rich and generous potential victim.


"I thought we make a trap," he said now. "I arrange a date with him and if he wants afterwards leave with my values we can take him."


The car lurched for a moment dangerously from side to side. "You want to fuck with him?” Frank asked horrified, his hand resting onto Blake’s cock in the meanwhile "I don’t allow this!"


"But I thought..." Blake threw in timidly.


But his supervisor interrupted him. "Impossible. I don't allow any other guy to get beneath your skirt and onto your sexy ass."


Blake stared at Frank with an open mouth. What was wrong with Strenlich? He didn't know that he was interested in men and special in him at all. No miracle that Margaret had left him, if he nursed such secret passions. Blake squeezed his legs slightly together. The hand there made him damned horny. And hearing that Frank was hot for him even more. After all he wasn’t without experience in this field. If he hadn't been on duty this evening perhaps he would even have seriously considered one or another of the offers he got although he didn’t prefer sissies. But it had been years since…


The car stopped and Frank opened the door. He said "come" and Henry followed him, looking around astonished.


"This isn't the precinct," he stated unnecessary. “Where are we?”


Instead of an answer Frank pulled him into the house in front of that he had stooped, opened a door and switched the light on. Blake immediately recognised the room as a typical place for observations. The dirty cups stacked still on the sink in the corner. Two wobbly chairs stood in front of the window. A shabby mattress lay on the floor.


Frank wrapped his firm arms around Henry. "I want you now," he whispered, let him go and started to take Henry's shoes and nylon stockings off.


"I didn't know that you were interested in men,” Blake said as Strenlich pulled his silken slip down.


"Only of one in such sexy clothes like you wear,” Frank answered and undressed quickly the lower part of his body.


Blake licked his lips spontaneously as him saw Franks impressive cock. "May I?” he asked and sank on his knees. Strenlichs breathed “yes, please” hardly had faded away as he already had put his lips over the cock.


Frank moaned. “At the navy… as tough guys as we were... we were lonesome ... without women all the time ... do you understand ... we played poker.... in our... oh God .... cabin ... and the one who lost ... ahhh ... had to put a dress on and ... ohhh ... the others had him ... ahhhh .... at your troop .... ohhhh .... it surely also gave… something like this.”


“Hmpf!” Blake made who could say nothing more because he had his mouth full. Frank withdrew his member, what earned him a grumble from Henry. "I want to fuck you. Now. I want to feel your sexy ass around me," he moaned and Blake sank on the mattress on his back. Frank shoved the skirt up, knelt down and hooked the legs over his shoulder. “God, what for a sexy ass,” he whispered and shoved a finger into it. Blake squirmed impatiently. "Fuck me!" he moaned. Frank quickly prepared him and himself with some lubricant from a tube he had retracted from his trouser pocket, he then penetrated Blake without further hesitation.






Moaning Blake tossed around while Strenlich was pushing intensely into him. Both were so fixed on each other that they only noticed that they were no longer alone in the room as a loud “hem” was heard. With veiled eyes, Blake looked up while Frank stopped his movements.


"What do you do here? As much as I know there is no observation ordered,” croaked Blake.


“Oh Yeah, we just wanted to ask you the same,” detective Kermit Griffin replied unimpressed from the embarrassing situation in which he just had caught his colleagues.


"I think we better go," his colleague Peter Caine said, who had blushed furiously and pulled him now with him.


Blake couldn’t help but note the impressive bulges the young men were spotting. As they left hastily. He had a good idea what the two had planned here.


"Why haven't you invited them to join us?” he asked the still rigid with fright Strenlich. Frank stared at him briefly and then suddenly sank unconsciously with his full weight onto Blake. Henry sighed. This definitely wasn’t his best day.