Time after Time






Series: Torchwood

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Rating: NC-17, PWP

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Summary: Thinks you can use a stopwatch for.


Disclaimer: This storyís mine, but I do not intend to touch the rights of the owner of the characters Iíve used. No moneymaking, no offence meant. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to Lady Charena for the beta. For all remaining errors, blame me.




"Nine minutes, twelve seconds, youíre getting even quicker, Jack." Ianto Jones raised his stopwatch, showing it to Jack Harkness as he rushed into his bureau.


"Enough practice." Jack gave him one of his patented smiles. "And big motivation." He pulled Ianto in for a kiss.


"The others gone?" Ianto asked as Jack had let go of him.


"Check," Jack answered. "The pterodactyron fed?"


"Yes, Sir." Nothing was worse then getting distracted by a hungry dinosaur. They had learned this lesson early in their relationship. "The systems?" Ianto continued with the check-list.


"Alarms set, cameras in the bureau off." Ianto never was sure if the latter really was true as he suspected Jack would like to keep a record of their doings just for his entertainment. But to be honest he usually easily came to a point where he didnít mind at all.


"Coffee machine?" Jack asked.


"Stuffed and ready," Ianto answered. Jack needed his coffee afterwards.


"Looks like weíre ready then," Jack said.


"Iím when you are, Sir" Ianto confirmed and raised the stopwatch again.


Jack nodded. "Letís go!"


And Ianto pushed the bottom and laid the watch on the desk.


Instantly hands flew to the others clothes. A jacket was pulled of, some bracelets down. A tie got knotted of, shirts flew to the floor. Afterwards shoes, trousers and socks were kicked away.


Ianto smiled as he noticed that Jack didnít wear briefs.


Jack grinned. "Saves time," he explained.


As they both were naked Ianto turned to the desk. "One Twenty Six," he said after a look at the stopwatch.


"Good," answered Jack. He grabbed the lube which Ianto previously had placed on the desk. While two fingers of his left hand worked it into his lover he stroked himself with his right hand to full hardness.


Not that that needed much work. He already had started to get aroused during the team meeting as Ianto had pulled the stopwatch out of his jacket, laid it before him on the table and began to circle und stroke the top-bottom with his index finger. Slowly, teasinglyÖ very teasingly.


Jacks mouth watered at the sight of this and his cock stiffened. So he finished the meeting as quick as he could and then dismissed the others. Thankfully they didnít question him anymore why he suddenly often was so eager to give them early time off. Jack suspected they knew the reason anyway. But he didnít mind.


"Two Fifty Five," Ianto said, signaling Jack that he was ready. Jack quickly put a condom on his cock and applied lube. Then he pushed into Ianto.


The younger man moaned and grabbed the edge of the desk.


"God, youíre always so tight," Jack gasped as he pushed all the way in.


"And youíre always so big," Ianto answered.


"You never complain."


"Three Forty," Ianto said instead of an answer. "Go for it, Jack!"


Jack grabbed Iantoís hips for support, then plunged harder into him.


Trying to steady himself with one hand on the desk, Ianto started to stroke his own cock with his right hand.


"Youíre so hot, babe. Your tight ass drives my crazy," Jack moaned into Iantoís ear, then bite into it.


Ianto gasped. "Five twelve," he announced, his voice husky with desire now.


Jack thrust quicker and quicker into his willing lover, joining Iantoís stroking hand with his right one. "Come for me," he groaned. "Come for me, babe."


"Six zero eight," Ianto replied. "Fuck me, Jack. Fuck me hard."


"Yes!" Jack slammed frantically into his lover, again, again, while Ianto counted the minutes and seconds.


"Six twenty... forty... fifty... seven...Jack, Iím close... Seven sixteen... Ahh... thirty five."


"Me, too!" He fucked him so hard now that Ianto nearly crashed onto the table.


"Eight two... ahhhh... ten... Iím... coming!" Ianto shouted.


"Yes...yes!" The same moment his lover started to spill his semen onto their still combined hands, Jack came into him.


Iantoís shaking hand reached for the stopwatch. He hit the button. "Eight fifty two", he gasped. "Thatís a new record."


Jack proudly smiled. "Do you think we can go for under eight next time?"


"I wouldnít object, Sir."


Keeping his hold onto Ianto and being careful not to slip out of him, Jack pulled his lover down onto the blanket which the young man had laid out on the flour before they started their little game.


Jack snuggled up to Ianto from behind, embracing him tightly. "Howís the record for the second round?" he asked.


"One hour, five minutes, twenty two seconds," Ianto replied.


"I think we go for one ten then?" Jack tenderly stroked Iantoís stomach while his already hardening cock brushed a more sensitive spot inside.


"I have no other plans tonight, Sir," Ianto answered and hit the stopwatch again.