Hard Facts






Series: Torchwood

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Rating: NC-17

Note: Inspired by the book “Pack animals” by Peter Anghelides. Some sort of missing scene I would love to have in the book.

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Summary: Ianto is invisible. Why not using it to his advantage?


Disclaimer: This story’s mine, but I do not intend to touch the rights of the owner of the characters I’ve used. No moneymaking, no offence meant. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to Lady Charena for the beta. For all remaining errors, blame me.


Cursive lines are from the book not mine.



“OK, let’s review what we’ve got so far.” Jack picked up a pack of MonstaQuest cards. “Multiple alien incursions, all described on these illustrated cards.” Jack, Tosh, Owen and Gwen were sitting in the boardroom, talking about the previous events which included alien creatures showing up out of thin air all around Cardiff and running havoc, Jacks seriously getting injured and of course coming back from death once again and Ianto going invisible after having contact with some strange alien technology some even more strange guys from something called “Achenbrite” used to pick up the monsters.


Jack stopped for a moment. Was he imagining things or had really someone just touched his thigh?


“Weevil in the church of Holy Innocence. Another Weevil attacking a bus full of people.”


Jack jerked. There definitely were hands on his legs. Hands, which now tried to push them apart so they could reach what was between.


“Ianto,” he hissed quietly into the direction under the table. A quiet laughter was his answer. He tried to push the other man away. But how could one push someone who was invisible? Fearing he could accidentally hurt Ianto he pulled his hands away.


Toshiko indicated another card in Jack’s collection. “That one there, the bat-creature. That was at the shopping centre.” She showed them another one of the alien creatures which had become a shocking reality on this day in Cardiff.


“That’s a Kiroptan.” Jack said. He added some more explanations abut this species. His words predominated the sound of his zipper being opened.


Actually he had ordered Ianto out of the boardroom to get something to wear. For one he didn’t want his lover to freeze to death. Secondly he found a conversation more comfortable when one at least from the clothing knew where the other one was, instead of talking to the thin air because the other one was completely invisible. But obviously Ianto had different plans.


“That’s insubordination, Ianto,” Jack whispered.


Owen had picked the name. “He isn’t back, I would say,” he answered and looked around the room.


‘If you would only know,’ Jack thought. The door to the boardroom was open. So none of them could tell if Ianto - after he obviously pushed his chair back and stood up - really had left the room.


But Jack knew the answer was no and this made it with every moment harder for him to concentrate on the meeting with his team. Especially not as hands continued to stroke up and down the inner side of his thighs, then pressed themselves against the bulge between. Although he was wearing his pants Jack had the impression they were on his naked skin. So intense was the feeling. Knowing that Ianto beneath him was stark naked wasn’t easing his condition at all.


Nervously he played with the cards. “But do this things reflect reality, or do they cause it?” he wondered. Should he push his wheelchair away from Ianto? But this only would trigger the others attention. How could he possibly explain that his zipper was open and his half-erected cock stood out of it?


Suddenly he  felt another body pressing up against his. The hair on his neck raised up as a hand tenderly stroked him there. He then felt hot breath on his ear.  “You always wanted to do it in front of the others, didn’t you?” Ianto whispered. “It turns you on, imaging they could easily catch us… anytime.”


Jack swallowed. Ianto was just too right. Although they waited with sex till they were alone in the Hub the possibility that Tosh, Gwen or Owen would return ever was there. He couldn’t deny that the risk of detection appealed to him. The possibility to have sex now right in front of the other’s eyes and ears was too good to be turned down. He felt his blood first rushing to his head and then go much further down in an instant. Jack tried to swallow the lump in his throat as he felt Ianto slipping back under the table again.


Gwen just said something about strange weather condition that also had appeared on this day, preferably in close proximity with the creatures. But Jack’s focus lay elsewhere. His bracelets didn’t allow Ianto to pull his trousers down but as he didn’t wear any underwear and meanwhile had spread his legs as wide apart as his wheelchair allowed, Ianto had rather good access to his already completely erected cock


Jack tried to show a rather interested look on his face while his team further talked about the situation at hand. Toshiko was just speaking about increased rift activity as the hands, which had stroked his hardness in the last minutes, were suddenly replaced by a mouth. Jack couldn’t stop himself from moaning. He quickly bit down on his tongue and tasted blood.


The others looked worriedly at him. “ Everything’s all right?” Gwen asked.


He nodded. “My leg,” he replied hoarsely and vaguely pointed into the direction of his left leg, which the Brakkanee at the zoo nearly had bit of and which now only slowly was healing. Although Jack felt everything but pain in this moment. Not trusting his voice and his ability to coherent communication right now he just gestured for his team to continue with the previous conversation.


Ianto, who had previously licked his shaft up and down for several times, hat now taken him fully into his mouth. Jack cleared his throat. He felt sweat trickle down his forehead and his back. He clutched his hands to the armrest of his wheelchair and bit the inner side of his cheeks to prevent himself from moaning out loud again.


Jack felt Gwen’s questioning look on him and tried to give her a reassuring smile and silently mouthed “everything’s all right.” He definitely had to credit Ianto, he knew how to give another guy a good blow job. Doing this right in front of his team was even for Jack a new experience. He probably could get used to it. He wondered if he should ask Ianto to stay invisible but he quickly decided other sexual activities would be difficult to perform in this state and he rather enjoyed them, too. After all how should one put something into if one didn’t see the place in question at all?


“You want me to take a look at it?” Owen offered.


Jack hastily shook his head. “Everything’s all right,” he assured his team again. “Just some healing pain, that’s all.”  He hoped his voice wouldn’t sound in the others ears as hoarse as it sounded in his. “Continue!” He rather didn’t like to imagine how Owen would react to the picture he would see under the table.


But his own imagination ran wild. His cock, hard and erect, already tripping with pre-cum in mid air, devoured from a mouth which was unseen to anybody. Alone this picture got him even harder. He tried to look under the table but couldn’t find the right angle. His hands fumbled for Ianto’s head in the hope to find him and encourage him to go quicker. He wasn’t sure how long he could hold on to his still somehow respectable facade.


He felt Ianto beneath him pull briefly away. Obviously he had hurt him somehow. Then Jack’s hands were tenderly but firmly placed on the armrest again. But his message nevertheless seemed to be received as Ianto increased his sucking. Ianto’s hands meanwhile tenderly stroked his inner thighs.


Jack briefly closed his eyes. He knew it wouldn’t take long now for him to come. Suddenly he remembered something Owen said previously. If Ianto was eating something then it would be visible along the digesting tract as the food itself wasn’t invisible like Ianto’s cells. That would mean if Ianto swallowed his semen it would be visible for the others as soon as Ianto rose from beneath the table.


Obviously Ianto had  the same thought as Jack felt him tucking at his trouser pockets. Hastily Jack pulled the handkerchief out and let it slip under the table.


Then it was just too much for him to take any longer. His hands clung to the chair, his knuckles getting white. As he closed his eyes he raised his fists up, pressing them against his mouth to prevent himself from moaning. And then he came… finally and long and hard.


Ianto had let him slip from his mouth just in time, was now cupping his cock with the handkerchief, collecting the semen. He milked him to the last droplet. “God, is this good,” Jack whispered.


“Jack!” As he opened his eyes again he noticed the worried looks of his team. He cleared his throat, tried to get his fleeting pulse and hammering heartbeat under control and hoped that his voice wouldn’t completely betray him. “I mean, your work is good… just excellent,” he hoarsely said.


He felt his softened cock placed tenderly into his trousers, then the zipper closing. The knotted handkerchief was tossed into his lap. Jack smiled.


“All your work is just splendid,” he said into direction under the table.