A German Lesson









Series. TOS

Pairing: TSU, K/S imp.

Code: R

Part: 1/1

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Summary: Lady Charena and T’Len give Spock and Jim a special lesson in German.


Disclaimer: I don’t know who invented the TSU, but my thanks to this person. Kirk and Spock belong to Paraborg/Viacom. I borrowed them only of it for some fun. No moneymaking, no offence of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction.


Because I used some “ugly” words I’ve to warn you. If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with m/m-sex and relationships, then look elsewhere for your entertainment.


English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. T’Lin did a really great job to correct my errors, not to mention all the suggestions she gave. My greatest gratitude to her. For all remaining errors, blame me.


And thanks to Lady Charena for just being in my life.




It’s a dark night at the TrekSmut University campus. Only the shine of a flashlight lights the way for the two figures who sneak around the corners. Finally they reach the sought-after door.


“Spock, are you sure we’re doing the right thing?” The shorter of them says as they enter the holy halls of TrekSmut.


“Jim, I have discovered a new phenomenon in the slash-universe. I wish to investigate this further.”


He opens a door. “I think… here it is.”


The Vulcan switches the light on and walks to the next computer-console. A few orders are typed in. “Here it is, Jim.”


Curious Kirk leans forward. “What’s this? I see our names, but I can’t understand a word.”


Spock nods. “The slash-writers – or at least a few of them – must have discovered a new language. It is definitely not the normally used English.”


“It’s German.” Both men turn around surprised as a voice sounds behind him.


Two young ladies step into the room. “Who are you?” Jim asks.


The one with the arched eyebrows and pointed ears answers. “We’re the TOS-Twins. This is Lady Charena and I’m called T’Len.”


“And we are writing slash in English and in our native language German.” Lady Charena completes. “You’ve just discovered some of our German work.”


“That is illogical. Nobody except you can understand this.” Spock raises an eyebrow.


T’Len shakes her head “You’re wrong. There are a lot of bi-lingual people in the slash-universe.”


“But I don’t understand and I want to know what you write about me.” Jim says defiantly.


Lady Charena looks at her companion. “Do you think we can give them a lesson?”


T’Len nods her agreement and gestures to the next school-bench. “Take a seat and be attentive.”


Lady Charena reaches for a piece of chalk and writes a few words on the blackboard. “We start with something easy.”


“Jim loves Spock – Jim liebt Spock.” T’Len explains the words.


“That’s true.” Kirk smiles at his partner.”


“Please repeat every German phrase I say.” T’Len orders.


“ Jim desires Spock – Jim begehrt Spock.”


„True, too.“ Comes a human answer.


“Spock is horny – Spock ist geil.”


“Oh, yeah – always.” Jim grins


„Jim, please this really does not belong here.”


Lady Charena and T’Len exchange a knowing glance. Then Lady Charena pins a picture on the wall. “And now a short anatomic lesson.”


“He looks like you, Spock.” Jim leans forward to have a closer look at the drawing. “Very fascinating.”


Spock disappointed, arches his eyebrow.


T’Len pulls a pointer out the teachers-table. “Please repeat again. Ear- Ohr, eye – Auge, Eyebrow – Augenbraue, mouth – Mund, lips – Lippen, Nipples - Brustwarzen”


“And now to another part of the body.” Lady Charena pins a more explicit picture on the wall and T’Len continues


“Navel – Nabel, cock – Schwanz, testicles – Hoden, ass – Arsch - or less ordinary - Hintern.. Can you follow this so far?”


“Sure, sure.” Jim fidgets restlessly on his seat.


“Then we will come to some activities. Jim kiss Spock - that means in German - Jim küsst Spock.”


Kirk leans over and places a kiss on green Vulcan lips.


 “Jim nips at Spock’s ear – Jim nippt an Spocks Ohr. Jim licks Spock cock – Jim leckt Spocks Schwanz. Jim gives Spock a blow-job – Jim bläst Spock einen.”


“Do not dare to do that here.” Spock hurriedly orders Jim, who has a sheepish glitter in his eyes.


“Spock fucks Jim – Spock fickt Jim.”


“Hey, why does he fuck me? I want to fuck him.” Jim protests.


“As if we all didn’t know that.” Lady Charena says to her Vulcan pal.


“Spock thrusts his cock into Jim’s ass – Spock stößt seinen Schwanz in Jims Hintern.”


Now Spock is also fidgeting in his seat.


“He moves deep and hard – Er bewegt sich…”


Suddenly the Vulcan leans toward Jim and whispers something into Jim’s ear. Kirk jumps up and reaches for the Vulcan’s hand. “I’m sorry. We’ve got something important to do.”


And before their teachers have a chance to stop them, they hurry out.


“What does this mean? First they want to have a lesson and now…” T’Len arches her brows in mock surprise but Lady Charena only smiles “I guess we gave them too much – let’s call it – inspirations.”