Thousand and one night






Series. TOS

Pairing: K/S

Code: NC-17, humor


Summary: Oriental seduction


Disclaimer: The characters in this story don’t belong to me. I only borrowed them for some fun. No moneymaking, no violation of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction. If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with this topic, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to T'Lin for the beta-reading. For all remaining errors, blame me.




„Jim! Jim?“ Surprised, Spock called for his bondmate as he entered the bedroom.  The entire house was empty as he came home from work.  No sound of the children, no dog welcoming him and Jim wasn’t in sight. And now, he found the bedroom completely changed. 


Only some candles lit the room in which he smelled a heavy and sweet aroma in the air. The covers were turned back, and at the iron posts of their old-fashioned bed he saw silken bands. Yet his mate was nowhere in sight. 


„A moment please, Love,“ a voice suddenly came from the adjoining bathroom. „I'll be out immediately.“


A few seconds later the door opened and Spock did not believe his eyes. Jim stood in front of him - his body covered with a transparent material.  A veil concealed his face. 


The Vulcan knew about the passion his spouse had for adventurous costumes - with the purpose to bring some fun into their sex life. As if that would ever be necessary! 


Now he feverishly wondered whom Jim wanted to represent this time. „I’m Suleika, the mysterious belly-dancer from the orient,“ Jim explained. 


„Ah.“ Spock couldn’t muster a more intelligent answer at the moment. Jim approached him, swinging his hips with every step. The thin material revealed all too clearly that a diet would again be in order. Yet Spock was quiet about that fact - experiences made a Vulcan wise. 


Jim stretched himself, pushed the veil back and placed a feather-light kiss onto Spock’s lips. „The kids are spending the night with Scarlett and Duncan. I was even able to persuade Bones to take the dog. The Gods of the universe alone may know which favour he will ask in payment for that later. But this night should be worth it.“


He cuddled closely to Spock. „Let me seduce you this night, my pascha.“ Softly he directed the Vulcan in the direction of the bed; Spock naturally was glad to let it happen.


„That’s nice. Remain motionless.“ Jim smiled as he bent over Spock and placed more feather-light kisses on ears and eyebrow.  Meanwhile, his hands travelled enthusiastically over Spock’s breast, sought and found the shirts buttons and began to open them. 


Jim slipped down to steel a hot kiss from those sexy Vulcan lips. Then his mouth continued the trip along the body, which was already showing signs of excitement. Throat and neck were covered with damp kisses. When he sipped at Spock’s adam’s apple, the Vulcan groaned and buried his hands in Jim’s hair. Yet the human shook them off. 


„Pscht, stay quiet. Today I will do all the work.“ Next he knelt beside Spock’s breast.  His fingertips travelled seductively over the naked skin, entangled easily in Spock’s dark hair. Then Jim again bent over his lover and closed his lips around the right nipple. First, he teased it tenderly with his tongue, then he bit it gently  - the Vulcan groaning. 


After the left nipple had received the same attention, Jim continued his journey.  A greenish shimmering belly-button got his attention next. He slipped the tip of his tongue inside - another groan was the answer. 


Jim entangled himself from Spock and tugged at the Vulcan’s shirt. „Help me to remove it!“ he ordered. Spock raised a bit and Jim pulled the shirt over his head. 


Then the Vulcan was pressed again into the soft pillows and the zipper of his pants in was opened. Jim wasted no time with this garment. Stockings and pants were removed quickly. 


As he saw his beloved sprawled completely naked onthe bed, Jim licked his lips unconsciously. Spock’s cock was already erect, so Jim couldn’t resist. He had to bend down and give him his full attention. 


His tongue teased over the tip, his teeth softly raked along the green shaft, then he took the organ into his mouth, sucking greedily. Spock tossed under him and  reached for the human’s head in order to press Jim deeper on himself. 


Yet Jim shook him off once more. „You should be passive,“ he demanded. „I believe I have to restrain you.“ Spock’s hands were pressed towards the top of the bed and chained with the silken bands. Then he spread the legs and did the same. Naturally Spock could easily break these chains, but he saw no need to do so. If this was Jim’s „game“ today, he would accept it - and enjoy. 


Jim smiled - satisfied with his work. The tent in his robe signalled his own excitement. Well, it was time to go over to step two. Impatiently he tugged at his clothes - and cursed softly. It had been difficult enough to wrap himself in the thin material; to pull it off seemed to be even more difficult. As he tugged again he heard a suspicious tearing. Then the material flew to the side. Jim grasped for the tube at hand and enthusiastically prepared the Vulcan and himself. Then he lowered himself over Spock’s organ - slowly... very slowly... His head flew back as the cock hit his prostate. 


Spock writhed under him in order to push himself even deeper into his beloved, but Jim quickly raised up again. „Not so quickly, my impatient Vulcan,“ he groaned before he impaled himself again. Again and again he repeated his pulling out and pushing in, driving Spock to further excitement. Then he remained still, only the tip of Spock’s organ into him. 


Holding himself on his knees and on his left hand he closed his right hand around his painfully hard cock. Gasping, he played around its tip, then his fingers did glide deeper, closing around the shaft so that he could push into the hand.


A loud groaning brought his attention back. Jim opened his eyes, which had been closed, and looked at Spock. The Vulcan pleaded: „Jim... please!“


He understood. As much as he liked to drive his mate on the edge of his self-control - and over it - Jim, too, needed relief. He pushed himself again onto Spock’s cock and the Vulcan matched his movement, deeply pushing into him.


Jim threw his head back and moaned when he felt Spock’s seed spurting into his channel. He came at the some moment all over Spock’s belly. After it was finally over he collapsed, exhausted, onto the Vulcan. 


„That rally was fantastic“, Jim mumbled when he was able once again to breath normally. He  rolled off of Spock.  „I have another gift for you.“ He opened the drawer and presented Spock with a small red heart-shaped box. 


Signalling his surprise with a raised left eyebrow, the Vulcan took the gift. „Thank you, Jim.“ As he opened the box, he lifted the second brow. Something golden laid on the velvet. Spock took it into his hand. „Thank you, Jim“, he repeated.  „However I fear, I don’t know what this is.“


„That is a ring, darling.  I thought as a symbol of our love...“


The Vulcan held it against the light, then turned it around - he wasn’t sure what he should think about this present. „It seems not the have the suitable form and size“, he noted finally.  


Jim laughed. „That is not for your finger, honey.  It’s a cock-ring.“ He pointed at the specified part of the body. „It helps you remain hard, longer, you understand?.“


Spock shook the head. „I don’t see any sense...“ He stopped as he saw shadows of the disappointment on Jim’s face. 


„I know you don’t need this“, Jim said with an insulted sounding voice.  „However we are not getting any younger… and we could have some fun with it. I recently saw the ring in this charming erotic shop, Be-At-Euhse, and I just had to by it.“ The true price he would rather hold back. He did not want one of these discussions over his unnecessary expenditures again. Spock could be so terribly stingy sometimes.  Actually he had only wanted to buy a bottle of their favourite massage oil, but then...


Jim cuddled to Spock. “Do you also have a gift for me?“


The Vulcan shook his head regretfully. „Please excuse me, Jim, but I did not know that you wished to swap presents today and...“


He was interrupted as his partner jumped out of the bed, his eyes sparked furiously.  "What!? You forgot our 15th  wedding anniversary. How can you do that to me?"


Before Spock could get a chance to answer, his bondmate had disappeared into the bathroom - slamming the door loudly behind himself.


Mentally sighing, the Vulcan rose and approached the door. "Jim, our wedding day is next week. You have read the calendar incorrectly."