Hot Coffee






Series: Torchwood

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Rating: NC-17, PWP

Codes: m/m-slash, ft


Notes: Takes place somewhere in series 1. I never could quite figure out when they started having sex” but I assume the stopwatch-teasing in “Killing Suzie” isn’t their first time.

Summary: Jack and Ianto decide to finally act upon their desire. Not much of a plot, really.


Disclaimer: This story’s mine, but I do not intend to touch the rights of the owner of the characters I’ve used. No moneymaking, no offence meant. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to Lady Charena for the beta. For all remaining errors, blame me.




“Do you know you look as hot as your famous coffee right now?” Jack Harkness directed one of this patented heart-warming, ever-charming smiles to Ianto Jones, when the other man approached to place a cup of coffee onto his boss’ desk.


Ianto returned it. “All the others are already gone,” he said, the tone of his voice suggesting what a good sign this was. Jack caught on immediately.


His smile widened. “So it’s only you and me?” he answered.


“Yes, it’s only you and me,” Ianto confirmed. For himself he had decided that it was finally time to take their teasing and flirting and sometimes-kissing to a new level. He was sure Jack wouldn’t object for even a nanosecond.


Jack rose and walked around his desk. “You’re a naughty coffee-boy,” he said teasingly as he reached for Ianto. “To surrender your boss to your mercy, with no one around to barge in and rescue me.”


As he stood in front of Ianto he reached for his head and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. “So… with Owen chasing some poor girl for a bit of fun, Tosh being most likely glued to her home-computer and Gwen shagging her some-day-to-be-hubby you suggest that we do some shagging ourselves?” Jack asked afterwards.


“I wouldn’t object to this suggestion, Sir,” Ianto replied firmly.


“You know.” Jack stroked tenderly over Ianto’s face. “That’s something I wanted to do since the first day I saw you.”


“Why didn’t you?” Ianto asked.


“And give you a reason to file a sexual harassment complaint?” Jack asked back, smiling.


He pulled Ianto’s jacket off and just let it slip to the floor. Ianto gave him a disapproving glare, bent down to retrieve and put it over the next chair. All of this made Jack laugh aloud. “You are a good housewife,” he teased. He then pulled Ianto close again, for some more kissing..


“Your coffee’s getting cold,” Ianto said.


“Who cares?” Jack replied. “I’ve found something so much hotter.” His hands started to tuck at the tie meanwhile. “And I’m sure I can find some nice coffee-cream and a candy-stick, too. But you wear much too much,” he said. As the tie went down he gave Ianto a warning look not to interrupt their intimacy with housekeeping duties again. Then he unbuttoned the first two buttons of the shirt and worked his hands in. Ianto simply let him do so, his own arms hanging loosely at his side. Not that he had second thought about what they were doing he rather felt a sudden uneasiness about his own part in it. After all Jack was so much more experienced then him, what could he really offer in order to satisfy him?


Jack reached for Ianto’s hands and put them on his chest, encouraging him to do something with them. As Jacks greatcoat was hanging over his stool, Ianto worked down the braces first. He then took the holster and placed it carefully on the desk. “I don’t think you need ‘that’ now,” he said.


Jack smiled. “Who knows,” he said. “Maybe you’re planning to do some really naughty things with me.”


“Is there anything you haven’t already done - and done repeatedly?” Ianto asked, seriousness creeping into his voice as he felt a jolt of jealousy.


“Not much, I’m afraid,” Jack replied, well noticing that for the moment there was a light in Iantos eyes. It spoke of jealousy, mixed with the knowledge that Jack’s immortality and very slow aging would separate them inescapably some day.


After some more kissing they finally managed to get their shirts unbuttoned and to the floor. At this point Ianto didn’t mind it at all that they were making a mess, he admitted to himself. Feeling hot and horny and somehow intoxicated by Jacks half-nakedness, he had much more important things in mind then keeping the office tidy. He had longed for all this too long already.


Jack let his right hand stray further down, to press against the bulge in Ianto’s pants. Putting his free hand behind Ianto’s head, he pulled him in again for a kiss – even more urgent this time. “Heavens,” Jack breathed. “I want you so much.”


Moving around, he embraced Ianto from behind and started to nibble his earlobe. His engorging cock, still captured inside his pants, pressed up against Ianto’s ass as he worked his hands slowly across the smooth chest. He stopped shortly to stroke and pinch Ianto’s perking nipples, than went further south. When he unzipped the other man’s trousers, Ianto suddenly backed away from him. “What’s wrong?” Jack wondered after anything had gone so smooth so far.


“It’s… it’s just,” Ianto murmured. “I haven’t been with someone since Lisa.”


“Since she died?” Jack asked.


“Since she turned Cyberwoman,” was the answer.


“You never thought of fucking her while she was strapped to this nice machine you built to keep her alive?” Jack asked.


“I bet you would have,” Ianto replied.


Jack shrugged as he moved again, now to stand in front of Ianto. “Could’ve been an interesting experience,” he said. “Although I never could quite grasp the fun in S and M.” He gave Ianto a serious look. “You know, we don’t have to do this,” he said.


Ianto shook his head. “I want to,” he said firmly.


“Okay,” Jack replied. “Then let’s take a look at what we have here.” He bent down to unknot Ianto’s shoelaces, then pulled the trousers and briefs down. Ianto stepped dutifully out of his shoes and lifted one leg after the other, so that Jack could remove socks, pants and briefs.


Jack smiled. “Not so bad,” he teased. “Really not so bad.”


Ianto blushed as he suddenly felt embarrassment, standing there like this: naked, his cock already erect and weeping, subjected to Jacks eyes.


Jack meanwhile stepped back to savor the sight of his now naked lover. As his gaze returned to Ianto’s face, he found worry in the other man’s blue eyes. ”Having second thoughts?” Jack asked.


Ianto shook determinedly his head.


“But you’ve never been with a man before, have you?” It was more a statement than a question. Jack only then realized Ianto’s shyness and his willingness to submit utter control to him as a sign of inexperience, instead of the obedience to a superior implemented into him.


A halting nod was his only answer.


Jack embraced Ianto tenderly. “You can say stop at any time,” he assured him. “Understood?”


“Understood, Sir,” Ianto confirmed stiffly.


“And stop that Sir, I’m not into Master and Slave either,” Jack said.


“Look, there’s not such a big difference between fucking a woman or a man. You simply put something hard in something soft and welcoming, then make it last as long as possible.“ He resumed stroking Ianto’s hard-on. “And it looks like I’ve already found something hard and hot to start with,” he said, licking his lips.


Ianto gasped – a mixed sound born of shock, surprise and immense pleasure, as Jack without prior warning squatted down to suck his cock into his mouth. Blindly reaching behind him, he planted his palms onto the surface of the desk to keep himself upright.


“God, Jack, oh God… God,” he breathed as Jack managed to take him in deeper, all the same swirling his tongue in delicious circles around his cock.


Jack, paying attention to the small signs telling him Ianto would reach climax too soon if he continued further, reluctantly let him slip free. “Girls never really know how to give a guy a good blow-job,” he commented dryly. “You know one of the more memorable deaths of mine was caused while I tried to stuff my face with a cock that proved to be too big for me. I ended up kind of suffocating because I was so horny I didn’t want to let it go either,” he continued, his tone light to play down the seriousness of his words. “It wasn’t that bad a way to go.”


Jack proceeded to get rid of his shoes, socks and trousers. When Ianto realized that Jack didn’t wear any underwear he adopted a look of curiosity.


Jack shrugged. “I like to be prepared. Always.” He rummaged through a drawer of his desk and produced a tube of lube. “That goes for anything.” He turned to Ianto. “Are we going to need condoms?”


“I guess that would be appropriate,” Ianto replied.


“Not for me,” Jack said. “There’s no virus able to get to me. And I can assure you I’m not carrying anything that can effect you either. At least I hope so.” Nevertheless he produced a package out of his drawer. “You’re right, it’s never good to be too careless.”


He ripped the package open and closed the remaining distance to Ianto. Tenderly stroking the other man’s cock, he slipped the condom on him.


Ianto’s eyes widened in realization. “You want me to… you want me to… to fuck you,” he stuttered.


“Is this a problem with you?” Jack asked back, rubbing lube on the cock, then started to prepare himself.


Ianto slowly shock his head. “I just thought, you… you would be the…”


Jack shrugged and threw the tube back onto the desk. “As long as everybody’s having fun, who cares who’s putting what into which place? I don’t prefer top or bottom. And this way it will be a more comfortable first time for you.” He smiled. “But of course now you’ll have to do all the work.”


He shoved some papers on his desk aside, put the holster with the gun on the floor, then seated himself on the desk, invitingly spreading his legs. “Come here,” he ordered and Ianto hurried to abide.


Jack wrapped one leg around the back of Ianto’s legs, pulling him closer. Sensing his lover’s uncertainty he reached down to guide the cock towards his entrance.


“And now push, slowly,” he said, adding: “Don’t be afraid, you won’t hurt me,” as  Ianto hesitated.


Ianto finally followed his instructions and Jack threw his head back to gasp: “Good…yes… that’s it.”


“Push all the way in!” Pulling Ianto even closer by wrapping one of his arms around his waist, his body braced against the desk, he pulled him down for a kiss.


Ianto gasped for air, momentarily breaking free.


“Tell me what you feel,” Jack whispered.


“It’s so tight in there,” Ianto replied hoarsely.


“That’s the point of it,” Jack answered. “And now fuck me for real. Come on, fuck me!”


Mere instinct took over as Ianto started to plunge himself in the willing body beneath him. Deeper and deeper until he had the feeling he would be drawn completely into Jack, would be consumed from the heat he felt evaporating from his lover. Kissing and groping at each other ever more fiercely while trying to consume as much as possible, moaning and groaning, sometimes giving dirty encouragements, clinging tightly at the other.


Jack sensed that Ianto wouldn’t last much longer. Being his first time experience at male-to-male-sex and with all the lust they both had built up over the months it proved just to be too much. Even for himself.


He took Ianto’s right hand and guided it to his cock, pressed between their joined bodies, leading him into a rhythm matching his thrusts. Jack felt Ianto starting to tense and shudder, then crying out loud as he came. The same moment Jack spilled his semen over their joined hands.


They clung together for some more minutes, reluctant to let go of each other. Finally Jack lowered his legs, forcing Ianto to pull out of him.


“Heavens,” Ianto moaned.


“Was it good for you?” Jack asked teasingly although he thought he knew the answer anyway.


“It was wonderful,” Ianto replied. Giving Jack a shy smile he added. “The next time would you… I mean… when… if there’s a next time…” He surely hoped for it but he wasn’t sure if Jack was anything but a one-night-only-guy.


“It would be my pleasure,” Jack answered. “I promise I will fuck you from here till Andromeda.” He gave Ianto a last tender kiss then stepped aside.


Ianto glanced at the mess they made around them, with Jack’s semen dripping to the floor now. “I better get some cleaning-stuff”, he said. “You wouldn’t like the others to see this, would you?”


“And I’ll better get some towels for us, too”, he added, looking down at the part of Jack’s cum which now was smeared over his own lower body.


Before he could leave the office, Jack quickly added: “Be so kind as to bring me some more hot coffee, Ianto, will you?”