Title:               pre-TOS: A summer in Shi'Kar

Author:           Lady Charena

Rating:           NC-17, incest

Codes:            S/Sybok, A/U, ft [K/S implied]







Summary:                  Sybok initiates his younger brother into sexuality


Note/Warning:           This is the sequel to T'Len's "A summer in Iowa". I recommend

                                    you to read this story first.

                                   It contains incestuous sexual behaviour between two men. If

                                   you're underage or offended by this, please move on to a story

                                   more of your liking.


// * // * marks a change in time (memories)


Disclaimer:    Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek. I borrowed a small part from it to

                        write this story, which is mine. No moneymaking or offence of

                        copyrights is intended, it's only fanfiction.


                        Please be patient with any remaining errors, English is not my

                        native language.

                        My thanks to T'Len for challenging me to write this story and to my

                        beta T'Boy.



A summer in Shi'Kar

* * * * * * * * * *

Lady Charena

March / May 2001



Spock hesitantly entered the small room Sybok used for his studies. His older half-brother had left to spend the night with others half an hour ago. Sarek and Amanda had likewise left the house an hour ago to attend a family gathering.


A few minutes earlier, after finishing the last of his tasks for the day Spock went to his mother's library. He loved to read her old terran books, despite earning Sareks disapproval in showing this all too human trait.


But passing by Sybok's room made the fifteen-year-old stop - and remember something he had overheard...


* // * // *


...one evening in the garden - not too long ago - when he had been an unseen witness to a private conversation between Sybok and one of his friends, Saiden. They had been talking of a ritual, and planned to participate the following night.


Spock - sitting on a tree that grew only a few steps away from the path the two walked - stilled every movement and even held his breath, as Saiden suddenly stopped to listen.


Sybok stopped too, and their conversation paused. "Is there anything amiss?" he asked after a moment.


"No, there is not." Saiden turned to gaze at his companion. "You still have not answered my question - why will you not take your younger half-brother with us tomorrow night? He is old enough to participate."


"No." Sybok's cool answer left no doubt that he meant it. "He is still too young for the Circle."


"He is already one year older than you or I were at our initiation."


"Spock is different. I will not allow him to take part."


A moment of silence followed his words. Then Saiden spoke again. "You fear his weak human blood will be revealed to members of the Circle. You think he will shame you." Scorn coloured his words. "Maybe you should consider presenting him to the Circle as a *pleasure-slave*, as the old ones did with animals like him."


Sybok's hand lashed out to grab Saiden's tunic, but it did not stop the other from talking. "Look at yourself, Sybok. You react emotionally. The humans you live with taint you."


The ghost of a smile crossed Sybok's lips at this accusation and he released Saiden. "One could learn much from human emotions, if one cares. But regardless of my motives, Spock will not participate - and he will never be a slave, to no one. This is final."


Saiden stepped back as if to avoid further contact with Sybok. "I will report your behaviour concerning this matter." Then he nodded once, turned and left the garden.


Sybok stood motionless for a moment, then he to re-enter the house.


Spock waited for some time before he climbed down from the tree. Very few trees grew on Vulcan and Spock had been fascinated with them from childhood. He had been engrossed in studying the texture of the leaves as the two men walked by. Now he carefully brushed dust and bark from his clothes, and returned to the house.


He went to his room and knelt on the floor to meditate, but could not make any sense at all from the words he had heard.



* // * // *


Now he wondered why he had came to Sybok's study. Spock almost *worshipped* his older half-brother who lived in Gol following the dead of his mother. Who had then returned to Shi'Kar to live with his father and Sarek's *new* family. Sybok the gifted who had been allowed to study with the masters. He had never shown even the slightest difficulties in controlling himself. Moreover, he had always accepted Spock in every way.


"Spock? What you are doing in here?"


Spock turned slowly, his mind going blank as he met the questioning gaze of his brother. He averted his eyes.


Sybok searched the face of the boy, noticed the uneasy way Spock looked down at the floor. He stepped further into the room and closed the door. "What are you doing in here?" he asked again.


"I was looking for..." Spock stopped as Sybok suddenly closed the distance between them and touched his face. He never actually entered Spock's mind, but the memory of the witnessed conversation with Saiden was close to the surface of his thoughts.


He withdrew his fingers. "...for answers, I think. You have heard our words, little brother." Sybok sounded almost amused. "And now you are confused."


Spock knew better than to protest against the accusation he could be *confused*. "I have never heard about this Circle before," he said, his arms behind his



"Of course not." Sybok shook his head. "You are too young - and way too innocent - for this kind of knowledge."


"But if I am old enough to participate as Saiden stated, I think I am old enough to understand, too." Spock's eyes widened as he saw a ghostly smile crossing Sybok's lips.


"So you *too* think you are old enough. I still do not agree but I concur - I will tell you." Sybok gestured for him to sit down but did not follow. "The members of the Circle meet to practice rituals from the past warrior days." He saw curiosity grow in the others eyes.


"What kind of rituals?" Spock asked.


"The members enter into intimate relationships with other men." Sybok answered calmly. He watched Spock. Sarek would be *shocked* if he could see the bewildered look on Spock's face... but Sybok understood only too well. His reaction, eight years ago, had been nearly the same.


"Relationships with men?" Spock repeated. "Such a thing is serving no other purpose than lust. It is not... right." He almost sounded like their father, Sybok thought suddenly.


"I will show you," he answered and went to Spock. He touched his temple and entered easily into the mind of the younger Vulcan.


Spock met him trustingly - and full of curiosity.


Sybok promised himself he would never destroy this trust - and dropped his shielding to share some of his memories of the last meeting within the Circle.


* * *


...braced on hands and knees... strong arms coming around his hips to still his every movement... a slight discomfort as the slick cock enters him again... ecstasy echoed back between two minds... then a fire-hot pleasure burning through his veins...


With a gasp, Spock tore himself away from Sybok's mind-touch and the meld broke. He trembled and shrank back as Sybok touched his shoulder.


"Spock, let me help you." Sybok reached again to touch his temple, but Spock shoved his hand away and came to his feet. He rushed past Sybok and left the study. With a silent sigh, Sybok followed him. This was exactly what he feared would happen.


* * *


He found Spock in his room. Curled up into a ball on the bed.


Spock's body and mind had not been prepared for the intense stimulation he experienced during the meld.


Sybok gently turned Spock to his back, touching his temple to send soothing impulses to his mind. The trembling erased somewhat. Sybok brushed his fingertips down Spock's cheek and the eyes of the adolescent snapped open.


"Trust me," Sybok said. "Let me help you to easy your body, too." He took Spock's hand into his and stroked his palm with two extended fingers.


A sound of pure pleasure, almost like a purr, escaped Spock. "I feel... strange," he whispered.


"I know," Sybok answered soothingly. "Try to get up. You have to undress." Sybok reached for him as soon as the youngster stood in front of him.


Stunned into immobility Spock allowed him to open and remove his robe and underclothes, revealing his erection.


Sybok moved again to stand behind him. "Your body is like a piece of art, little one," he whispered in Spock's ear. "Tender and strong. Beautiful."


His hands, then his lips, touched Spock's neck delicately and a shiver - both fear and pleasure - ran through the younger Vulcan.


"If I would introduce you to the Circle, they would have fought to possess you."


Sybok trailed a finger down his spine, but stopped and took his hand away as Spock stiffened.


"You have never been touched like this before, have you?" Sybok whispered, moving to stand in front of his brother. Spock's gasp as he brushed his fingertips over the youngster's chest was answer enough.


"Do not fear. I will never hurt you, little brother."


He reached for Spock to hold him tight and touched his temple, sending soothing impulses to calm down Spock's mind. He maintained a light meld to monitor him.


Some of the strain vanished from the body next to his as Spock relaxed in his arms.


Sybok pushed him gently down until Spock was seated on the edge of the bed. Looking into the upturned, trusting face, Sybok bent his head to nuzzle at the tip of Spock's ear.


Spock gasped, then moaned. He shivered as Sybok thrust his tongue into his ear, laving the inner surface with saliva.


"Lie down," Sybok whispered. He concentrated for a moment to control his own desire.


And Spock obeyed without a conscious thought and moved to stretch out on the bed. He closed his eyes as hands brought his body alive, inflaming his nerves with tender touches. His nipples were stroked erect, then sucked into a hungry mouth. A finger was drawn along the length of his hardening penis, resting on his thigh. Again he gasped for breath.


"Easy, little brother, t'hy'la..."


Knowing lips travelled down his body, to touch his penis. A tongue slipped out between them to lick over the sensitive flesh, to tease the flaring ridges.


Spock moaned, captured by the intense pleasure, his head thrown back. A fine sheen of sweat glistened on his forehead. His hands dug into the sheets.


Sybok knew it was the first time and took pity on the youngster. He closed his lips around Spock's penis and sucked him gently into his mouth. Slipping a finger slowly deeper, brushed Spock's testicles and searched for the hidden opening.


But as he touched the entrance to Spock's body, pain flashed over the faint link between them and the younger one stiffened. Sybok removed his finger and stroked instead Spock's thighs in soothing circles until he relaxed again. He started to suck in earnest.


Spock came with a strangled cry, bucking up into his mouth.

Sybok released the spent penis, pushing Spock gently back onto the bed. Then he touched Spock's temple and - using the faint link - eased him into sleep.


"Sleep, little brother," whispered Sybok.



* // * // * // * // * // *



Many years later aboard the Enterprise:


"Shortly after that he left Vulcan," Spock said and moved to spoon his body close to Jim's. "We never met again."


Jim bent his head to capture the lips of his bondmate-to-be in a gentle kiss...