Title:                Sweeter than sweets

Author:            Lady Charena

Series:              humor/parody (and a bit of Tupper Trek, I fear <g>)

Codes:             K/S

Rating:             NC-17


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Summary: Halloween aboard the Enterprise


Note: Well... Last year T'Len challenged me to write a Halloween Story. Here it comes - blame her <g>. Miss you, girl!



Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek. This story is mine and only fanfiction. No moneymaking or offence of copyrights is intended. If you are under age or have a problem with homosexuality, please stay away.


English is not my native language, please be patient with mistakes. My deepest gratitude to T'Len and T'Boy for beta. If there are remaining errors, blame me.


Sweeter than sweets...

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Lady Charena

(Oct. 2000) Okt. 2001



"A Halloween Party aboard the Enterprise. Next week?" The vulcan first officer of the named vessel gazed doubtfully at his human mate. "I do not know, Jim. This is rather unusual."



James T. Kirk, his Captain and bondmate for now almost four years, smiled. "You'll love it, believe me. It's traditional. As kids, we had a lot of fun, dressed up as pirates or cowboys or vampires or ghosts. We had parties and sweets and were allowed to stay up all night." Memories softened his amber eyes, a boyish smile lit up his face.


"If it pleases you, I will attend the party." Spock resisted the illogical urge to sigh.



Jim swept his reserved mate into his arms. "I love you," he whispered, kissing his Vulcan. "It does."


'I know, t'hy'la.' His mate's enjoyment communicated itself over their bond, filling Spock with a profound sense of happiness. Maybe he could Jim persuade to a more private...




The reproachful ring in Jim's voice startled him from his silent thoughts. "Yes, t'hy'la?" he answered, focusing his attention once more on his mate. Sometimes he lost himself in the sweet sensations he experienced over the bond with the human.


"I said, we need to choose costumes," Kirk replied. "I bet you'd look stunning as a pirate."


Spock wisely decided not to answer this proposal, but it was too late. Jim already had a glimpse of the thought.


"What does that mean? Childish?" he inquired.


"That thought was meant to be private."


Maybe it was wiser to change the topic of this conversation. Spock approached his slightly sullen mate. "T'hy'la," with his voice, he simultaneously transmitted mental caresses over their bond. "It is late. I would appreciate if we could postpone this discussion and go to bed."


Jim tried to frown at his beloved, but Spock's mental caresses started to show highly visible results. His pants seemed uncomfortably tight.


Spock extended two fingers to draw them along Jim's jawbone, brushing over lush, cool lips. They parted in response to suck his fingers in. The Vulcan gasped as his mate licked at the fingers, wrapped his tongue around them. Forwarding lusty images of sucking another part of vulcan anatomy into the cool and wet cavern of his mouth...


Jim grazed his teeth along the highly sensitive underside of Spock's fingers, eliciting a soft moan. He smiled, loving to drive his controlled mate this far. And he intended to drive him even further...


With a grin, he released Spock's fingers to claim his lips. His hands traveled down the Vulcan's back to grab taut buttocks, bringing their groins together.

He wasn't surprised about the answering hot hardness, pressed against his own.



"I don't want to take you to bed, Spock," he whispered. "I'm going to taste you. Now. Here." He backed the Vulcan up to the wall. His fingers were already busy opening the fly of Spock's pants.


Spock sucked Jim's tongue into his mouth, reveling in the taste and feel of his human. And knowing his mate as he indeed did, there would be no more discussion about costumes and attending parties tonight.


Spock lolled his head back against the wall, as Jim pushed his trousers and briefs down the long legs and went to his knees to remove Spock's shoes and socks. Willingly he lifted his feet to help him.


Experienced hands traced the soft inside of his thighs, brushing balls on their way up. The tip of a cool tongue licked across the head of his already leaking penis and Spock groaned, grabbing Jim's head to steady him. He loved the human's mouth on his heated flesh.


Copying his earlier ministrations Jim relaxed his throat to suck him in deeper. Driven by Spock's moans he settled into a smooth rhythm, alternatively massaging tight balls or flicking a wet fingertip over the hidden entrance to the Vulcan's body. He thrust his finger in as Spock groaned and filled his mouth with a gush of hot liquid.


The bond transmitted Spock's pleasure immediately; it didn't Jim take more than a few strokes on his own cock to finish himself likewise.


Spock pulled him to his feet and into his embrace, blindly seeking his mouth to lick the last traces of his own seed from the swollen lips.



By the time they settled themselves in bed, Jim had really forgotten about the costume.


* * *


The door opened and Kirk rushed into his quarters, closely followed by his vulcan mate.


"Please, Jim. No one could possibly predict Lieutenant Riley's choice of costume." Spock tried his best to soothe his furious Captain. "It was an unfortunate coincidence he chose Roman attire too."


The human threw himself on the bed, dropping his golden mask to the floor. "I don't want to talk about this anymore, okay? Just shut up."


Spock decided he knew just the right thing to lighten the mood of his mate. He opened a drawer on his desk, taking a white bag out. A very big, very orange, madly grinning pumpkin decorated it. He took it to bed.


"As I understand, there is a certain Halloween-ritual," he said, as he settled himself next to his brooding human. "To get hold of varied confection."


Jim lifted his head and abandoned for the moment his thoughts of revenge on the unsuspecting Riley. "You mean collecting sweets? Yeah, it's something kids do. They travel from one house to the other, saying 'trick or treat'. I was rather successful and always carried a big bag home."


'I would not have thought otherwise.' Spock gazed at the human, but Jim had paid no attention to his private thoughts, lost in fond memories of his childhood. "So this is just a game for children?" he asked.


Jim turned his head. "Usually. Why..." His gaze fell on the bag Spock brought with him. "Hey, what's that?" He grabbed for the paper bag and opened it. "Wow, real sweets. Spock, were did you get them?"


"I purchased them during our stopover at Starbase 8 two days ago. Lieutenant Uhura was most helpful in selecting them."


"She has excellent taste," Jim was already unwrapping and tasting one of the tiny chocolate pieces, wrapped in a blue and silver colored paper. At Spock's frown he continued hastily, "And you of course, too." He swallowed the sweet piece and bent his head to kiss his mate. "Thanks, Spock."


The Vulcan slid his fingers into Jim's hair and kissed the human more thoroughly. He had never before craved the flavor of chocolate, but mingled with the unique taste of his beloved, it was more than pleasurable.


"Wow, what brought this on?" Jim gasped, as they came up for air.


Spock slid his hands down the length of Jim's bare back, reveling in the feel of cool skin. "Your costume is extremely suggestive, t'hy'la."


"It turns you on..." Jim grinned. " Have I already told you, you look stunning yours?"


Spock at least consented to wear a costume, too. Not a pirate's, as Jim would have liked - but a black Chinese gown with a high collar, stitched with a silver dragon which wrapped around the entire length of the straight, silken tunic. Loose black trousers and a silver mask completed his attire. Jim did not know that is was the similarity to formal vulcan clothes which inclined Spock to choose it.


The Vulcan answered by flipping the human onto his back, before he settled next to him. He raised Jim's hands above his head, claiming again the sweet mouth of his Captain. His free hand slipped beneath the white toga Jim wore, in search of the clasp to undo it.


The human chuckled against Spock's lips, as his mate tickled his side, trying to open the hidden seam. "Wait," Jim whispered, shoving the Vulcan's hand away. He undid the clasp of the toga and wriggled out of the confining cloth.


"Well," he teased. "It seems you're a bit overdressed, Mr. Spock." He opened the first button on the high collar of the tunic. "It'll be my pleasure to be of assistance..."


Slowly he started to undress his Vulcan, kissing and caressing the revealed skin. His tongue found and teased the already hard nubs on Spock's chest. He loved his very special, horny Vulcan...


Spock relaxed and closed his eyes, giving himself over to the touch of a human cool mouth, sending the sensations back to Jim over their bond, savouring the feelings of love and pleasure he received from his mate. Jim pushed Spock's trousers down, freeing his already erect penis. No underwear, who would have thought...


The Vulcan gasped, as a cool tongue licked along the entire length of his erection. Then withdrew. He opened his eyes and gazed at his mate, clad only in much too tight briefs, sitting next to him. Jim rummaged through the contents of the bag of sweets.



Spock pushed himself up to his elbows. "T'hy'la?" he inquired.


"Just a moment." Jim turned the bag and emptied it over the bed. "I know, I saw the right thing..." Feeling Spock's not so gentle mental answer, he lifted his head and grinned. "Patience, my love, patience. Be a good boy and wait a moment."


His face unreadable, his body slightly tense, Spock watched his human mate.


"There," Jim grabbed a small bag and ripped it open. "I knew there had to be some." He emptied its content into the palm of his hand. Little round, orange and black bits, printed with a letter on top? Jim started to spread the pieces over Spock's chest and abdomen.


His answer to the Vulcan's inquiry puzzled Spock even more. "Don't worry, I'm just going to create a new kind of candy..." As Jim's lips followed the path of sweets down his body, Spock forgot his question.


* * *



"Jim? You were right." Spock buried his face deeper in the crook of Jim's neck.


"Hmmm... 'bout...?" responded the human drowsily.


"It was really pleasurable, this Halloween."


"Glad..." Jim mumbled - and then sleep claimed him.




No answer. Spock lifted his head to gaze at him. A small smile played around his lips, as he bent his head again to lick a bit of chocolate from the corner of Jim's mouth.