A love supreme...







Author:                 Lady Charena

Series:                    TOS - A/U <very so>

Rating:                   NC-17 / ft

Codes:                   K/S, POV

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Summary: They meet, they fall in love, they part and meet again...


Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns all Star Trek. I borrowed just a part of it to play. The story is mine - no moneymaking or offence of copyrights intended.


I love my two Boys and I love them most when they're together. So if you're underage or offended by the idea of m/m-relations and -sex, please move on to a more suitable story.


Please be patient with any errors, English is not my native language. My thanks to my beta T'Boy. You did a great job, dear.



Note: This story was my Christmas gift to somebody very special to me. I hope, you'll enjoy it, too.








* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Lady Charena



He waits for me.

Like he does every night since I arrived in town.


He was there as I left the building after the first concert and I amuse myself thinking he will be here after the last, too...


"Hi, dark one."


It is his usual welcome.


He leans against the brick wall of the adjoining building, one foot bent and braced against the wall behind, arms crossed in front of his chest. His bright hair gleams golden in the dim light of the street. And he smiles.


As usual.


This was the fifth concert I had given this week in this town. It was an overwhelming success like the four previously.


It is the fifth night he is standing in the semi circle of light the street lamp casts over him. It is a damp night, even if it is summer on this planet and I tug my cape tighter around my shoulders.


I am tired. Maybe this is why I answer tonight for the first time. "Hello, golden one."


And he is. His fair skin is slightly tanned, his hair bright. His eyes are hazel with little mischievous golden spots dancing in their depths. My gaze travels down his white shirt, open to his breastbone, revealing smooth skin, to where it disappears in his pants. The jeans he wears are worn and snug. The light plays over the buttons of the fastening and outlines the bulge beneath. There is a lot to see if one cares... and tonight, I do. I feel the first stirrings of desire.


I stop on the bottom of the stairs. He smiles. "Why do you call me this?" I inquire.


He shrugs. "Because you are."

He straightens and crosses the few steps to stand in front of me. "Dark one," he whispers, reaching for me.


I am. I have deep black hair; dark eyes and usually I prefer to wear black clothes. Like I do tonight.


His hand travels down my chest, rubbing over the velvet fabric of my cape. "I waited for you," he says. "The others already left more than a hour ago."


I know. I waited on purpose. Being considered a star, there were usually a couple of reporters and a crowd of fans waiting for me at the exit to the building. I tend to send out the band and their guards first and to wait in my dressing room for some time.


Then S'Aris, my personal guard, will accompany me to the car to bring me back to the hotel. S'Aris is not very *fond* of anyone who believes himself clever in waiting by backstage door. But I ordered him to leave the human alone.

And I do not know why, something in him... Something pulls me towards him. Maybe he is the one I see in my dreams.


No, this cannot be. I dreamt of a bondmate - someone who would share my life. He is just another groupie.


But an extremely attractive one. And it had been some time since I last took a lover. Why not?


I allow the ghost of a smile to play around my lips and reach for his hand.


He closes his eyes as I lick across his palm and along the length of his middle finger. I suck his finger into my mouth; graze it lightly with my teeth. He moans softly.


I release his hand and his eyes flutter open. They are bright in the dim light and full of promises, mysteries to unravel. My tiredness vanishes in a surge of arousal. "Come."


* * *


S'Aris is waiting with the car at the corner of the street. He just raises an eyebrow as the human climbs into the aircar to sit next to me.


I rest my hand on the human's knee while I order S'Aris to drive to the hotel. He nods and I recline relaxed in my seat.


"My name is James Kirk, but I'm called Jim."


I turn my head to look at him. He shrugs. "Thought I should introduce myself."


I do not answer; turn my head to gaze out of the window. But all I can see is the reflection of his face on the pane. I am aware of the coolness of his skin even through the fabric of his jeans, and feel my penis harden.


* * *


Ben is in our suite at the hotel, courting a voluptuous, giggling redhead in the living room.


He lifts his head as we enter. "Hi, Spock. There you are. The others are at the bar." Then his gaze travels over Kirk. "I thought you to have better taste..."


I ignore him like I always do. He is a vain bastard, but the band needs him.


The human looks at me as I continue to my private bedroom. "So, this your real name? Spock?" I nod briskly. Kirk smiles. "Spock... I like the sound of this."


It had been a long time since a stranger called me at this name but I suppress the even stranger feeling accompanying the thought.


"I would like to take a shower first. Make yourself at home," I say before I enter my private bath adjoining the bedroom.


* * *

I grew to enjoy water showers since living on Earth.


The hot water slides down my body like the hands of a greedy lover. And I allow my arousal to grow even more, while I spread soap over my body. Imagining the mouth of the human, who is waiting in my bedroom, covers my hard flesh. I rub over my sensitive nipples.


Suddenly there is a sound outside the shower stall and I freeze. The door slides open to reveal the human. He is naked. "I hate to wait," he explains as he enters the cabin. There is room enough for two and I reach almost automatically for the controls to turn down the stream.


His gaze travels down my body and his grin widens. "Hey, save it for me." With this, he is on his knees in front of me. Just the tip of his tongue flickers over the head of my straining erection and I have to brace myself against the tiles of the wall.


His mouth is cool heaven as he closes his lips, sucking me in. And I restrain myself barely from thrusting deep into his throat.


He is teasing me, wraps his tongue around my hard shaft, traces the double ridges. His hand sneaking between my slightly spread legs, to caress my testicles.


He takes me in deeper than I believed him able to accomplish, sucking in earnest now. Heat is gathering in my loins as I grab for his head to speed up his motions. A cool finger, slick with some of the soap, touches the hidden orifice, circling, pushing gradually in. As he brushes the tender spot deep inside of me, I come.


* * *


Slowly I open my eyes. He is still on his knees on the floor, licking the last remains of seed from his mouth. With some effort, I force my heartbeat back to a normal speed and calm my ragged breath. Then I pull him to his feet and kiss the satisfied smile from his lips.


* * *


After a quick shower, we return to the bedroom.


As I recline myself against the pillows, the human straddles me. Both palms flat on my chest he watches my face intensely. And I find myself unable to avoid this searching gaze, these golden eyes. He opens his mouth as if to ask something... but bends his head instead and kisses me.


I cup his face with my hands; slide my fingers in his still slightly damp hair to savour the silken texture. His fingers pinch my nipples and I have to break the kiss to gasp for air. His touch... the simple feeling of his body hovering over mine arouses me more than any other lover ever before.


I am already hard again for him. My stiff penis nudges the crack between his buttocks. And I can feel his smile on my lips as he wriggles his butt against the pressure.


"Greedy, aren't you?" he whispers as he licks the corners of my mouth, his hands playing over my flesh, slowly down to the centre of my desire. I do not answer because I cannot trust my voice...


His mouth follows the path of his fingers, leaving a fiery trail on my skin. "Lube?" he mumbles against my belly. Somehow I summon the strength to reach for the tube I took earlier from a drawer in the bathroom.


With a smile, he plucks it from my hand and settles himself between my spread legs.


Watching him from half closed eyes, I refuse to think about my strange passivity. It seems so... right to give control completely over to him... something I never allowed anyone.


As he starts to cover my erection with lubricant, I close my eyes. I feel his cool hands caressing me, arousing me even more, until I tremble with sheer need and moan in protest as he removes his fingers.


I hear his soft chuckle as he straddles me anew. His lips claim mine and I grab his hips to guide him down on my aching erection. The tip of my penis is nudging at the entrance to his body, then enters.


I have to watch his face. His eyes closed, his lips parted, he hovers over me, supporting his weight on arms and knees. Slowly he pushes himself further down on my shaft and I have to consciously restrain the urge to thrust up into him.


I watch my penis slowly disappear in his cool tightness. As he rests against my abdomen, I lift my eyes to his face. Sweat covers his features. But as if he feels my gaze, he opens his eyes.


He bends his head to kiss me, then straightens again. Both palms flat against my chest, he starts to move.


And as I come, I cry involuntarily his name.


* * *


I return to the bed to sit next to him. Kirk still sprawls on the bed as he did when I left him, to fetch a towel and something to drink for us.


He gets up to his elbows to clean himself, then drowns his drink in one huge gulp, while I recline against the head of the bed, slowly sipping the beverage. I pluck the empty glass from his hands, put it away with my own, nearly untouched, and pull him up into my embrace. I hunger for the feel of his skin against mine with an almost startling intensity.


A satisfied smile plays around his lips, before he turns his head and starts to suck at the tip of my ear. I gasp, his touch is sending shivers of pleasure through my relaxed body.


"I never knew a Vulcan to be a famous singer," he whispers.


I shrug, a habit I picked up from humans over the years. "Maybe you do not know much about Vulcans."


I roll us over until I cover his cool, damp body along the entire length and claim his mouth. Partly because I cannot get enough of his salty taste and partly to stop him from asking questions about things, I do not want to think about.


I have been an outcast among my people all my life. My father disowned me. He would not allow me to accept the offer I had received to join a group as its singer. So I said goodbye to her I was not longer allowed to call Mother and left the house I was forbidden to name home now.


Too exhausted to get aroused so soon again, I slip back beside him and pull him close to my body. My face tucked in the crook of his neck I fall asleep.



He is in my arms still sleeping, as I wake a few hours later. Careful not to rouse him I disentangle myself slowly from his cool body.


It is early, about four o'clock. To early too rise. But on the other hand, I am well rested. I look at my sleeping bedmate. His hair is tousled and fanned out against the pillow. He smiles.


This is something I find rather unsettling. Not the smile itself - but its affect on me. It makes me yearn for his touch. Unable to resist I bend my head to place a light kiss at the corner of his mouth. He stirs, but does not wake.


I need to meditate, to think about last night, about the feelings he rouses in me.


* * *


Three hours later, I hear the change in his breath, but do not turn. The sheets rustle as he sits up, then I listen to the sound of his naked feet on the floor, approaching me.


His cool hands fall on my shoulders and I look up. "Hi Star," he whispers just a moment before he claims my mouth.


As he straightens again to walk away, I grab his arms, pulling him down to kneel next to me on the floor. "Who are you, doing this to me?" I ask.


He digs his teeth into his lower lip, a strangely compelling sight. "I'm... I'm just a... fan. Your fan." Something flickers in his eyes, but I cannot tell what it is. He slowly rises to his feet and this time I do nothing to stop him.


"I'd like to take a shower before I go."


"Go?" I am on my feet and grab his wrists in one swift, nearly instinctive motion.


Slowly his eyes meet mine with a puzzled expression. "Yes, I'm due at work in a hour."


I raise his hand to press my lips against his cool palm. "Stay at least for breakfast," I hear myself beg. "I'll order while you use the shower."


Again, there is this emotion in his eyes I cannot name. But he smiles and nods.

"Fine with me," he says before he disappears in the bathroom.


For a moment, I just stand there and look at the closed door. Usually I would not have voiced such a wish, but got rid of him hours ago... This is not like me. But still I long to keep him with me.


I can hear the sound of the shower being activated. And feel strongly tempted to join him, but instead I cover myself with a robe and go to the living room to order our breakfast.


* * *

As he returns, just a towel around his waist, breakfast is already served on a table beside the bed. I watch him enter the bedroom, while I sip my tea. My composure is sufficiently recovered - or so I hope.


He joins me on the bed, eagerly filling his cup with some of the steaming beverage. I watch him sip, lick his lips in appraisal and then reach for a roll. He spreads it with butter, then heaps jam over it. I ordered a human breakfast for him and a bowl of various fruits for me, but I find myself unable to tear my gaze from him.


He is finished with the first roll and selects a second as he stops to look at me. "You're not hungry?" he asks.


I refill my cup, then meet his eyes. "I am... Jim."


A smile lights up his face as I use his name. He takes the cup out of my hand and pushes me back to lay flat on the bed. "I... see," he whispers as he slides his hand down my velvet covered body, to stroke the bulge beneath the fabric. He jerks my robe aside to reveal my erection. "I always love to have breakfast in bed." With this bends his head to suck my penis into his cool mouth.


I can barely restrain myself from crying out loud and claw my fingers in the sheet, to stop myself from grabbing his head to thrust heedlessly into him. It does not take long and I spill my seed down his throat.


* * * * * *

As I open my eyes, he is sitting there, licking his lips, a trickle from the corner of his mouth. I pull him down for a hungry kiss, greedy for the flavour of my own seed mingled with his unique taste. He complies happily until we both have to come up for air.


I hold his face between my hands to watch the subtle play of emotions wash over his features. "Stay with me," I ask and surprise myself with the words. This is not like me...


He opens his eyes and shakes his head. "I cannot," he answers and starts to pull away.


I roll us around until I press him down with the weight of my body. "Stay..." I claim his lips before he is able to answer, but I can see regret in his eyes.

I slide a hand down to shed his towel, then shrug out of my robe, keeping him down with my body.


His cool skin burns against mine as I match us chest to chest, legs to legs, hard length to hard length. I am not surprised to find him aroused - as I am, too.


I rub myself against him, stifle his moans with my mouth, thrusting down in the same moment he arches towards me. Too soon, it is over.


* * *

He stirs beneath me, pushes me away. I allow him to sit up, recline still slightly breathless on my side and watch him. He draws a finger through the mess on his belly.


"Now I need another shower." There is laughter in his voice. "And a good excuse for my boss. I'll never gonna make it in twenty minutes."


"S'Aris can take you in the aircar."


He shakes his head. "No way." He reaches for my robe. "Never mind. Where can I make a call?"


"In the living room."


I get up slowly while he is talking in the next room, pick up my cup and sip at the now cold tea. I consider eating an orange as he returns.


"Seems I have an unexpected free day," he says as he joins me.


Some of the haze seems to clear out of my mind. "I hope you are not in trouble?"


He shrugs. "Never mind." He takes a slice of the orange from my fingers and stuffs it into his mouth. A drop of its juice runs from his lips down his chin and I bend my head to lick it from his skin. He smiles, pushes me down on the bed and I comply.



Absent-minded I trace Jim's features.

Somehow, during the hours spent in pleasure, I stopped thinking of him as a fan wanting to be bedded by his star. I started to think of 'us' instead of 'he' and 'I'.


A smile plays around his mouth and I bend my head to kiss it from his lips. I will never get tired of this. He chuckles softly and sucks my tongue into his mouth. But suddenly I hear a grumbling sound. "What..."


Jim's laughter stops my inquiry. "I'm hungry," he confesses and pats his stomach. "A human can not exist from love alone."


I find it impossible to suppress a tiny smile. "This is a theory to be further investigated..." But after a last kiss, I release him.


We shower again and dress in silence.


* * *

The suite is deserted as we cross the living room. It is shortly after midday, so maybe the others are still asleep. I do not care, for now I have something more pleasant to consider - lunch with Jim.


The hotel restaurant is not overly crowed and we find at once a suitable table. We eat in silence, communicating with gazes, with the brush of fingers against fingers, like lovers do all times.


"How much have you seen of the town?" he suddenly asks.


"Not very much," I answer truthfully. There had been an official welcome, including a tour of the city. But at the time, I had been too tired from the journey and not very interested anyway.


"I was born in this town. Would you like a tour?"


Jim could have asked anything from me at this moment. I just nod and sip at my glass. The wine tastes sweet and tart at the same. And I long to taste it from Jim's lips.


Lunch is pleasant but I find myself lacking appetite. Instead, I cannot get enough of hearing his voice, while he talks animatedly about the things he wants to show me. I am lost in the way the light plays over his face, casting shadows here, creating highlights there...




With some effort, I find my way back. "Yes?"


Amber eyes nearly spill over with laughter. "You've been a million miles away," he teases me. But I pretend not to understand. "I can assure you I have been here all the time."


His foot brushes my leg beneath the table and sends an odd shiver through my body. "You know what I mean."


I do my best to ignore his remark - and his touch - but I feel a smile tugging at the corner of my mouth.


"Got you." Of course, his eyes did not miss it. "So... this is what's needed to make a Vulcan smile." He lowers his voice to a conspiratorial whisper. "What do I have to do to make you laugh?"


Even knowing that he only teases, the thought makes me uncomfortable. As a very small child I often smiled and sometimes laughed... every time my father discovered me doing it, he lectured me about correct Vulcan manner. And a Vulcan does not laugh. Ever.


I push the memory aside. Jim would not understand, he is human. Humans are free to express their feelings - everywhere, every time, with whomever they choose. No, he does not understand what he asks for. So I keep my silence.


Jim looks at me and I can clearly see the question in his eyes. I put my glass back on the table and rouse.

"I would like to hold you to your promise now, Jim."


For a moment he seems puzzled by my sudden haste, but then his radiant smile returns. "Ready if you are."


I did not expect him to have an interest in museums or art galleries. But he is adept about various subjects we discuss while walking through the exhibitions.


Every time I think I start to know him, he shows another facet of his personality. He is fascinating beyond measure.


* * * * * * *


After the museum we stroll through a beautiful, lush park. It is warm enough even for me to be comfortable and I feel myself utterly relaxed. We stop at a little meadow and I inhale the fragrances of at least a dozen different flowers. They make me light-headed.


Jim throws himself on the thick grass, patting invitingly on a spot at his side. As I sit down next to him, he turns his face to me.


"As a small boy I often came here after school. There are flowers and plants from at least fifty different planets. I often dreamt of visiting them all." He falls silent after this, but snuggles up to me. There are no others within sight, so I allow myself to enjoy the pressure of his cool body next to mine.


His words roused a memory of a serious young vulcan boy, sitting in the garden of his mother, bent over a book with pictures and descriptions of other planets.

There was a time I would have liked to be a scientist. But as a 'half-breed', I was not allowed to visit the Vulcan Science Academy. They confirmed my gifted nature but refused me entrance.

I have not thought of it for years now - but it still hurts.


* * * *


Jim stirs as if he senses my unease... I push the thought away. "It is time to go back to the hotel," I can hear the regret in my voice. "I need some time to prepare myself for the concert."


I reach for his hands. "Will you come tonight? To the concert? I would appreciate it very much." After a moment he nods. I press my lips against his palm. "I will get you a backstage-pass, so you can come to my dressing-room. S'Aris will see to it."


After this we return to the hotel in comfortable silence.


* * *


Sheanna, background dancer and one of my few friends, passes by and hugs me as I leave the stage. "You've been fantastic tonight. Even more then usual. What happened?" she asks with a smile. "You look well, Spock. Don't tell me - you're in love?" She vanishes without an answer in a whirl of flying hair and silver laughter.


S'Aris is waiting for me, a ghost of a frown of disapproval on his face. "The human is in your room, Sir," he says stiffly and turns to walk away.


"S'Aris'Ka?" I carefully pronounce every syllable of his entire name. "Jim Kirk is my guest. You will treat him with all due respect."

He just nods and walks away. I find myself unable to explain his confusing behaviour - Kirk is not the first lover waiting for me in my room during a concert. But S'Aris manner is of no importance right now. I am anxious to meet Jim.


Tonight is the last concert we give in this town, tomorrow morning we will

leave for the next.


* * *



To be continued in          Part 2