2002 ASC Award: Third Place Featering McCoy


 2002 Golden Orgasm Award: Second Place (tie) TOS Het Romance


 2002 Golden Orgasm Award: Third Place TOS Misc Het


 2002 Golden Orgasm Award: Third Place (tie) Overall Best Story


Throw the first stone






Series. TOS

Pairing: S/Mc, K/m, m/m, Cha/m

Code: NC-17, AR

Feedback: tlen11@freenet.de

Summary: McCoy and Spock have to deal with a homophobic fleet, represented especially by Kirk

Spock-McCoy-Heaven-Challenge: Write an S/Mc where Spock and Len must deal with the homophobia that is Starfleet.


Disclaimer: Paraborg/Viacom owns the whole Star Trek universe. I only borrowed a little part of it for some fun. No moneymaking, no violation of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction. If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with this topic, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to Lady Charena, T’Lin anf Hypathia for the beta. For all remaining errors, blame me.


Changes in time (memories) are marked with /*/*/





“Come in!” James Kirk set down the glass of brandy he had been nipping from with such force that he nearly knocked it over. Muttering a curse he turned around to face his visitor.


“What took you so long, Bones? Too busy… fucking?” Kirk’s voice was dripping with sarcasm.


“Jim, please!” Leonard McCoy settled down in the empty chair opposite his captain and friend. “Let me explain.”


“There’s nothing to explain. I've seen it all, haven't I?” Kirk shuddered mentally, as he remembered the scene nearly half an hour ago.




Jim stepped into sickbay. It seemed that Leonard had forgotten their arrangement for a shared meal in the mess and a few drinks in his quarters later. There was no emergency reported at all, so what ever had stopped McCoy from arriving in time, it shouldn't be a sick-bay related problem.


He had just reached the door to the doctor’s office when he heard a loud moan coming from inside.


 “Bones!” Fearing his CMO might have suffered an accident, Kirk rushed in without bothering to push the buzzer which would have announced his presence.


Once inside the office, the scene which was revealed to him made him stop dead in his tracks. McCoy bent over his table, stark naked. And behind him his Vulcan first officer… Kirk couldn’t believe that he was actually seeing Spock in flagrante delicto* with the doctor.


But he did see it and with this realisation he gasped for air.


“Stop it!“ he cried. With this he caught the attention of the other men, who hadn’t registered him so far.


Leonard opened his eyes and stared at him. “Jim,” he gasped. With shock Jim saw lust in the blue orbs. Spock, too, gazed at him, but seemingly without comprehension. Without any interruption the Vulcan continued to ram his cock into McCoy’s ass, causing the Human to moan uncontrollably. Leonard gripped the edge of his table more firmly to steady himself against the powerful fucking. “God!”


When Jim was finally able to move again, he turned around and fled from the office. “Jim, wait.” He wasn’t sure at all if McCoy’s words were really meant for him, but just as he reached the exit to sickbay, he heard their mingled cries.




Kirk took another drink, not bothering to offer his visitor any. “Where’s Spock? Why are you alone?” His anger was barely suppressed.


“I’ve talked him into staying in his quarters. I thought I’d better speak with you alone first,” Leonard answered, neglecting to add that Spock didn't feel well, and that he had feared a confrontation between Spock and the Captain in his current state. There was no telling what might have happened.


Jim rose and began to pace through his quarters. “How the hell could you do this to me?” he asked without waiting for an answer. “You know that I’ve got to report you both.”


“No!” McCoy jumped to his feet. “You can’t do that, Jim.”


“I have no other choice. You know the rules as well as I do. Fleet does not permit homosexual relationships between officers in active duty. And they are absolutely right to do so, in my opinion.”


Leonard caught his arm and whirled him around. “Damnit, Jim, you’ve broken more then one rule over the last five years."


Kirk shook him off. “Don’t touch me, pervert,” he hissed.


McCoy thought he couldn’t believe his ears. He had assumed that Jim might be upset over the situation he had just caught them in, but such a harsh reaction was a bit more than he had expected.


“Damnit, Jim, we’re not living in the Middle Ages. Those regs are an archaic holdover that should have been stricken long ago. I never would have thought that you would be so intolerant.”


“Do you want to know the reason why?” Kirk hissed, hatred clearly shown in his eyes. He gestured for them to sit down again. “I’ll tell you. It started one summer in Iowa…”




It had been one of those hot summers in Iowa, holiday-time. Between piles of straw in the loft of his parents' barn, the twelve-year-old Jim Kirk had settled down with an ancient book. He loved to lie there, reading and dreaming without distraction. If he had gone outside or into the house, he would have been roped into helping with the farm chores, and he had no interest in doing so. He was on summer vacation, after all. Besides, nobody understood his fascination for those old science fiction books. If his father knew  he was reading one, he would make him study his school datapadds instead.


Suddenly Jim heard approaching footsteps. Carefully he slid to the hatch look below so he could see who was coming. Fortunately it was only his older brother Sam, and Marc, a 17 - year-old boy from the neighboring farm, Sam’s long-time best friend. 


Assured, now, that he was in no danger of being detected, Jim was about to crawl back to his book when he saw the boys hastily shuck their shirts. Curious as to what this was all about, he remained where he was 


"Are you really sure?" Marc asked and playfully slipped a hand over Sam’s bare chest.


The older Kirk boy nodded. "I want it now and I want it with you."


Marc bent forward to pull Sam in a tight embrace, then kissed him open-mouthed.


The secret observer’s eyes widened with surprise. But he didn’t move at all as the boys continued undressing until they were both naked. 


Marc pointed to some bales of straw which were standing in the corner. Sam nodded, walked a few steps and bent over one of the bales. Jim pushed himself forward, careful to make no sound, so that he could have a better view. The faces of the boys remained hidden in the shadows, however, he could clearly see the movements of their bodies.


And so he observed how Marc slipped his hands over his brother’s buttocks, then apparently entered him with a finger or two. Sam gasped, but it didn't sound as if he was being hurt. 


"'Let me know right away if it starts hurting," Marc whispered, as he bent forward to place kisses at Sam’s neck. Then he turned back for a moment. 


Jim saw how he picked up a tube of something from the floor and smeared its contents on his erect penis. Then he grasped again for Sam’s ass. "Can I?"




Carefully and slowly Marc penetrated Sam, accompanied by heavy breathing from both. "Oh God, tight," Marc groaned. "How you feel?"


"Full," came Sam’s pressed answer. "So... full, but... great."


Marc paused, obviously to give Sam time get accustomed to his penetration. "Continue," demanded the young Kirk after a moment of the silence. His lover obeyed and began to move quicker and more powerfully and their shared groans became louder.


So engaged, they did not hear, as Jim did, the quickly approaching steps. Their first awareness of Sam's father was his strong hands grasping them. They screamed in pain, Marc stumbling to the floor, as they were roughly torn apart. With an anger-reddened face, George Kirk loomed over him, horsewhip in hand.


"Father, don't," Sam pleaded.   


Jim crawled anxiously back to his hiding place. The excitement of watching his brother and friend have sex - which had, much to his surprise, resulted in his own erection - was over. His cock was flaccid once again.  His father had to have just come back from a ride, considering his riding-clothes and the whip. Most likely he had heard the groaning of the boys. Jim did not want to think about what would happen if his own presence were detected.


"Get out!“ George hissed at Marc, the whip swinging threateningly. "And if I ever see your perverted ass near my son again, I'll get my phaser." Marc quickly pulled up his clothes from the floor and hurried out, as Sam pleaded with his eyes for forgiveness.


"And now as for you." George turned to his trembling son. His voice sounded dangerously quiet, as he said: "Bend over the bundle again."


"Father, I love Marc," Sam pleaded softly. However George didn’t listen. He pushed him roughly against the straw. Then the whip clapped on the bare back and the bare rear of his son. Sam whimpered from the pain.


"'If you make another sound, I swear I'll whip you again!“ George hissed. "'I didn't raise my son to be a pervert, or a sissy."


Again and again the whip came mercilessly down on the young body, until Sam slid half unconscious on the floor. "That should teach you," George growled. 


He hauled Sam to his feet.  "'Go in the house! You're grounded until further notice. 'And before I leave tomorrow, I will arrange for you to transfer to the Starfleet Security Academy in Reston. They will make a true man out of you."


"But I want to become a scientist," Sam whispered, while he dressed himself with cautious movements.


George lifted the whip again. He didn’t voice any objection, but his look said everything. 


Sam hurried, as quickly as his sore ass allowed, out of the barn.


Jim had hardly dared to breath during his father's assault. As he now had to gasp for air, he got a piece of straw in his throat and could not suppress a cough. 


George Kirk had heard it and looked up. "Are you in here, Jim?" he called. 


Knowing well that there was no sense in hiding any longer, Jim climbed down the narrow ladder which led to the loft. "'I was only reading, Father," he whispered urgently, trembling with fear.


George examined him intently for a moment, then dropped the whip. "Let that be a lesson to you, 'Don't let me ever catch you..." He let the end of the sentence open; however Jim understood.




“Jim, it’s a pity that your father was such an old-fashioned man, ” McCoy said after Jim had finished his story. “But you should know better.”


Kirk stared at him with a not very gentle look. “The next day my father left Earth for a mission from which he would never return. That evening I found Sam in the barn again - dead. He had hanged himself. His suicide note said that he couldn’t live with the thought of being a disappointment to our father.”


Jim’s voice trailed off and McCoy took a deep breath. “I’m so sorry to hear that, Jim. Really. I hardly know what to say. It’s a terrible thing. But it has nothing to do with Spock and me. Please do not hold us responsible for things that happened decades ago.”


Kirk bent forward to stare right into McCoy’s eyes. “That’s not all, Bones. That’s not all.”



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