2002 Golden Orgasm Award: Third Place (tie) TOS K/S Single-Part-Story


Title:                My sweet sixteen

Author:             Lady Charena

Codes:              K/S

Rating:             PG


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Summary:         Well... just a bit of love at first sight.


Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek. This story is mine and only fanfiction. No moneymaking or offence of copyrights is intended. If you are under age or have a problem with homosexuality, please stay away.


English is not my native language, please be patient with mistakes. My deepest gratitude to T'Len and Lisa for beta. If there are remaining errors, blame me.




My sweet sixteen

* * * * * * * * *

Lady Charena

Jan. 2002




The old car stopped stirring up a large amount of dust. Most of the dirt settled upon a youngster waiting at the roadside, who at once broke out in a series of coughs and sneezes. The setting sun painted his face with shades of red and orange.


The door opened and revealed a young man peering curiously at him from within the car. "Are you in need of assistance?" the driver asked.


"I wasn't till now," the youngster snarled. "If you hadn't stopped so abruptly, I..." His sentence ended in another sneeze.


"May I give you a lift?" the driver asked.


The hitchhiker nodded and let a smile spread across his dust-covered face. He grabbed the bag lying next to his feet on the ground and climbed into the car. "Where you're driving to?" he asked.


"To my aunt's estate. It is about ten miles from here."


"Fine with me." The youngster reclined against the worn seat as the car started again. "My name's Jim Kirk," he said, stretching out his hand to the other man.


The driver ignored the gesture. "I am Spock," he answered.


Jim slowly withdrew his hand. "Nice to meet you," he replied sarcastically. "Are you visiting your aunt?"


"I am living with her during my vacation on Earth."


This caught the full attention of the hitchhiker. "Where are you from?” Jim asked curiously.


"I am from Vulcan."


Jim's face lit up with excitement. He took a closer look at his companion. Those pointed ears - peeking out of the dark hair - sure looked exotic. "Cool, I've never met a Vulcan before."


"And now you have," Spock answered dryly. "Are you disappointed?"


The youngster started from his musings. "What? Why should I be? I simply... oh." He caught the amused glimmer in the other's dark eyes and his face heated. "In school I was told that Vulcans have no sense of humour. Seems there’s a lot humans don't know about Vulcans."


Spock looked at him. "And even more Vulcans do not know about humans,“ he replied seriously. He turned his attention back to the street. "That is why I am spending vacation with my aunt."


Jim frowned. "But you're... isn't your aunt Vulcan, too?"


"No, she is human - because my mother is human." Spock again looked at him to catch the other's reaction to this. But the youngster just nodded.


For a while silence settled upon the two young men. Suddenly Jim said: "Do you think your aunt would allow me to stay overnight at her house? It's almost dark, too late for finding a lift, and I don't know of any another place to sleep nearby."


"There is none," the Vulcan answered. "I think Aunt Mary will not refuse your request. I always suspected her to have an inexplicable weakness for dusty young runaways." His words carried an unmistakable tune of laughter.


Jim made a face. "Ha-ha, very funny," he said with a little smile. "I'm no runaway. There is just... I wanted to spend my holidays by travelling around. It's not my fault I was robbed of all my money some time ago."


Spock looked at him. "You have been robbed?" he replied with quiet dismay. "Have you been hurt?" He suddenly noticed the strong liking he had taken almost immediately to the younger man - and did not question it.


Hazel eyes met his with suppressed laughter. "No, it happened when I was asleep in a youth hostel about fifty miles from here. That's why I travel now by hitchhiking instead of by train." Jim shrugged. "My mom would kill me if she knew." He had to grasp for the handle as the car suddenly stopped. "Whoa, what now?"


"We arrived at our destination. This is the estate of my aunt, Mary Grayson." Spock left the car without looking at his companion and took two boxes of food from the back seat to carry them to the front door of the old-fashioned farmhouse.


Jim followed full of expectation.


Suddenly something growled in the darkness, surrounding them. Jim turned - and faced a big, very angry-looking dog. He nearly dropped his bag. "Uh... nice dog, good dog. You wouldn't bite me, would you?" he mumbled soothingly. "I won't taste good, I can tell you. I'm dusty and I haven’t bathed for almost a week."


“The dog didn’t seem impressed, nor did it listen. It slowly approached the intruder, its teeth bared.


Jim dared not move. With wide eyes, he looked at the dog and gulped. "Spock?" The Vulcan must be near...


The dog jumped... pushed Jim hard to the ground and started to wash his face with its rough tongue.


After realising that he was still alive and unhurt, Jim started to laugh and tried in vain to get out of reach of the warm, slippery tongue.


"Tiberius!" At that order, the dog at once let go of his victim and went to Spock, who had just returned.


Jim got up and brushed dirt and pebbles from his jeans. He grinned. "Well... a hearty welcome," he said, rubbing his face against the sleeve of his shirt.


"My aunt failed to train him." Spock took the dog by its collar before Tiberius could start another attack on his guest. "I am sorry, but Aunt Mary is not at home. She went out to visit a friend of hers and will stay overnight. But come in please."


Jim took the bag he lost during the tussle with the dog and went to him. "His name is really Tiberius?" he asked, still somewhat breathless as he entered the house.


"Yes. I remember another dog called Caesar my aunt owned when I was a child." Spock showed him to the bath after he shut Tiberius into the kitchen. "Please feel free to make use of the facilities. I will look for the dog and for something for us to eat.”


Jim started to unbutton his shirt. "Wonderful. I'm starving," he said, pulling the shirt over his head. "You are sure your aunt won't mind, aren't you?"


"I am." Spock cleared his throat, tore away his eyes from the smooth chest of the other man, and left the bathroom with more haste than necessary.


Behind him, a grinning Jim pushed down his jeans. This could prove to be a very interesting stay...


* * *


After showering and dressing in fairly clean clothes, Jim went into the kitchen, a foreign but very inviting smell showing him the way.


Tiberius left his place next to the stove and sniffed at his legs and Jim bent to scratch him behind the ears.


"I hope you do not mind the meal is purely vegetarian?" Spock said, breaking the silence.


"No, of course not." Jim felt suddenly nervous and licked his dry lips. He got up and Tiberius went satisfied to a mat in a corner of the room which was obviously his place. "Ah... anything I can help you with?"


"You can set the table if you like." Spock returned his attention to the pot he was stirring. "Everything you need is on the shelf over there."


In order to get to the shelf Jim had to pass the Vulcan. He arranged for his arm to brush - by chance, of course! - Spock's back and could feel him start. Jim grinned and took only one plate from the shelf to carry it to the table. And went then for a second to the shelf, this time brushing Spock's bottom.


As Spock turned to look at him, Jim just smiled innocently and took another plate.


He passed the Vulcan a third time and touched his side as he went to fetch two glasses. As he set the glasses on the table, he was suddenly pressed against it. A warm body settled smoothly against his, something hard brushed his bottom. Jim turned without dislodging Spock’s arms. “I take it you’re hungry, too,” he whispered.


“I am.” The Vulcan brushed a tentative finger over Jim's lips. “What are you doing to me…?”


Jim smiled. “Whatever you want.”


"I am very possessive, Jim, you do not know what you are asking for. You will never have another mate," Spock said, pulling him even closer.


The human smiled. "I don't care."


And their lips touched...


* * *


The meld ended, the pictures dripping slowly away.


Jim smiled. "Who would think a Vulcan could be so romantic?” he muttered dreamily] and turned to his mate for a swift but loving kiss. "What a beautiful way to spent a rainy afternoon, dreaming with you..." Jim stretched and moved to slip out of the bed. "You know I would have loved to have met you that way when I was sixteen. But I am truly shocked you would seduce a hitchhiker," he said with his best indignant air.


A hand with long, elegant fingers grasped his wrist to hold him back. Jim dropped upon the bed and broke into laughter. "You're certainly possessive and I love it," he said, rolling over to Spock for another swift kiss. "But I have to use the head."


Something similar to a gruff mutter answered Jim.


"And  you’ve been corrupted by human ways, if I may add." He got up and left the bedroom.


A smile crossed Spock's face. "My sweet sixteen…"