A ride on the darker side...

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Breakfast in bed                      txt-version


Not much of a story, just a little ‘warm-up` to my first P/P-story I’m currently working on. 


Hour of the wolf                      txt-version

after “target”

P/P, NC-17, rape scene

All’s well that ends well? No way – the Brujo’s back. And the real nightmare is just about to begin…


Gentle tide                               txt-version

Peter POV, PG

At the beach. Based on “Hour of the wolf” – dealing with Peter’s loss of memory. This is not meant as a sequel.


Gentle rain                               txt-version


A walk in the rain. Based on “Hour of the wolf” – Caine tries to run away from what happened to Peter. But realises he is deluding himself. This is not meant as a sequel – neither to “Hour of the wolf” nor “gentle tide”


A mother’s love                       txt-version

POV, KCC/ P, Laura Caine (& her daughter Sarah, which I created solely for this story) – references to the Ep “Temple”.

Caine’s return to the ruins of the temple        Deutsch           txt-version


Scoundrel days                        txt-version

Peter meets evil Caine

P/P, NC-17, “Requim”


Surrender                                txt-version

Kermit’s off to unravel the truth about Peter’s and Caine’s relationship. But…

after all he also is a man, too and not at all immune to Caine’s magnetism

KCC/Kermit (P/P), R


And today won't mean a thing  txt-version

After "Dark side of the ch'i" Mary-Margaret get's  more than a kiss. Peter won't like that a bit.
P/P + KCC/Mary-Margaret, NC-17


All I wanna do             txt-version

Ah, nothing like secrets of the heart. Some are better never  revealed. Go ask Peter.

POV Peter, NC-17


playing love like a game           txt-version

Sum: Two meddling ladies play a game. Yeah, the Slashers version of “Dragon Lair” <g>

a co-production of Silver and Lady Charena

P/P & the infernal duo, humor, PG13

Long Way To Morning                        txt-version

Peter's consumed by his desire for Caine. But there is no way he could tell his father about his feelings. Or perhaps the priest's aware but unable to react to his son?

Peter/? (my surprise),.P/P implied,



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