Silver Moon





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Silver Moon

By arcana



It took a few moments till his eyes got used to the dull light in the bar. Small drifts of smoke curled to the ceiling. The stuffy heat of the room seemed to close onto him. He opened his jacket, unbuttoned the collar of the shirt. How long had it been since his last visit? An eternity... 


He'd been... seventeen, yes this young... seventeen years old, as he came to this bar for the first time. Maybe Gary had told him about it. Gary Mitchell - who appeared to know simply every bar and club in San Francisco - he introduced with more than a little self-satisfaction the "farm boy" Jim to the attractions of the city… 


Well... now it didn't seem such a good idea to come back - too many memories. It was here he has got to know Michael and his friend Sohe and that boy with the black eyes - Dario. He remembered kissing him in one of the little niches. He came to this place to forget the arguments and tears of his mother, the scorn of his older brother. The stress and the humiliations, which he experienced each day at the academy - being one of the youngest students. They had been a sworn clique: he, Michael, Sohe, Dario, Änna, Carol and Allesse - he smiled, remembering the first time he met Allesse, an alluring young woman. Only at their second encounter, he discovered her to be male... sometimes… They had spent a mad weekend in summer in Venice, Alesse's hometown and lived at hir grandmother's house. And were almost arrested as they made love in one of the romantic gondolas in a museum.


They had been so young then and life promised so much. Jim wondered shortly where they might be now. He had never again met one of them after he graduated at the Academy and left Earth for the first time aboard a spaceship. 


So young. And now he was an old man...


A bitter smile, gaping like an open wound, spread slowly across his face. Naturally, McCoy came to his office today, to congratulate him to his birthday, although he asked everybody to simply ignore it. 


"You’re suffering a mild case of midlife-crises,“ the doctor had said with a grin. "Jim, you are forty-eight, not an old man yet. Spock would give you both eyebrows and explain you how illogical self-pity is." 


However - the Vulcan was not there, but away with the Enterprise and a shipload of cadets on a deep space training mission. 


For the first time he wondered whether it had not been his decision almost three years ago to accept the promotion into admiralty, that had driven the final wedge between them...


But he didn't want to think about Spock and their separation – now almost half a year ago. He came to this place for some reason - to forget. Like he did in the past...


* * *


Jim looked around. The niches were something for dates. He simply intended to get drunk - for which he didn't need seclusion. And here in the "Silver Moon" he knew nobody would recognize him as the famous Starfleet Admiral. 


He lowered himself to one of the stools and ordered a drink. With the glass in his hand, he turned to watch the other occupants. He intended to take his time getting drunk. Besides - a little entertainment could never hurt...


But nobody thereby addressed him especially. A young, dark-haired man smiled at him - however, Jim ignored him. From dark-haireds he had have enough for the time being... He emptied his glass, ordered a second, and watched again. 


In direction of the niches along the rear wall obviously a quarrel broke out. Loud voices and the noise of breaking glass came from there. Then a young, blond man stormed out of one of the niches and pressed his hand against his bleeding nose. He settled beside Jim and wiped his face with the sleeve of his jacket. 


Jim examined him curiously. He was attractive, showing a soft face under a crown of blond curls.


"Put some ice onto your nose," Jim recommended. "Old-fashioned, but very effectively."


The other looked at him quite questioning. His eyes were light and intense. "Really?"


"It will help against the swelling and stop the bleeding." Jim smiled. "You've you gotten into a fight?"


"Something like this," the young man meant. He debated with the Barkeeper and finally received a couple of ice cubes, wrapped in a dirty cloth. However - it sufficed to stop the bleeding. "Much experience with such things, old man?", he inquired, carefully touching his nose. 


Jim laughed. "Among other things, yes," he answered. From the other's mouth "old man" didn't sound quite like an offence... "What do you want to drink?"


"Is this a invitation?" the young man asked mischievously. "My mother always told me to be careful about such... invitations."


Jim shrugged. He hadn't planned... But why not? He was a *free* 'old man'... "Without any obligation," he answered. 


The younger man grinned. "True?“ he asked and his eyes met Jim's. Then he lowered his gaze to let it wander slowly over Kirks body. He stared at the bulge in Jim's pants and licked his lips. "We'll see. I drink TarKy."


Jim slowly nodded and waved the Barkeeper. 


TarKy turned out to be a dark green fluid. The young man emptied his glass fast. With a sigh, he pressed the back of his hand carefully against his nose. "Not quite the way I imagined my twentieth birthday to be..." he meant casually.


Kirk looked at him with new interest. "It's my birthday, too," he answered. Although he had hardly drunk enough, he already felt intoxicated. And aroused... He let his eyes wander over the body of the man beside him. "Nice chance." Slender, tall, his black trousers skin-tight and leaving hardly room for speculations the youngster looked more and more stunning in his eyes. Over a white t-shirt, he just wore a loose jacket. Jim smiled. This day slowly improved...


"I don't believe in chances," his opposite answered. "I am David." He pushed back a curl from his forehead. "Come with me?"


Jim's grin broadened. Definitively better. His depressions vanished. "Where do you live?"


"In a hotel at the old harbour. I am only passing through Earth."


"Why..." Jim threw some credits onto the counter and got up. "My aircar isn’t far from here."


* * *


"No exactly deluxe - but cheap," David said, as they entered the hotel room. He gestured to a table nearby the window. "Take a drink if you want."


Jim stepped behind him, slipping his hands beneath David's jacket. "I really don't need a drink right now..." he whispered. The tip of his tongue slowly travelled along the shape of David’s ear and for a moment he expected to find it pointed... 


David laughed. "Always so impatient, old man?“ he asked mockingly.


"Well...“ Jim answered slowly. "... old men never have time to loose." He rubbed himself against the younger man, putting both arms around David's waist put. "Patience never was my best..."


"Indeed." David softly groaned as Jim's hands slid down to brush the bulge in front of his pants. "The same with me." With this, he turned to kiss Jim. His tongue penetrated hungrily Jim's mouth and simultaneously he pressed his abdomen against him to let him feel his arousal...


Jim's conscious thinking exposed totally. With an indignant growl, he dragged at the fastener of David's trousers, until it yielded and he could push it down. Jim closed his fingers around the freed cock, which swelled beneath his knowing touch quickly to full arousal.


David freed himself laughing from his grip. "You kiss well, old man." He took back a step and parted with the rest of his clothing.


Jim watched the suntanned, muscular body and licked his lips involuntarily. Then he started to undress himself.


David massaged his nipples, until they peaked darkly and hard from the smooth skin, watching Jim as he did so. He nodded and went to him. "Not bad for an old man..." He bent forward to kiss Jim. 


* * *


They didn't manage it to the bed in the end. Maybe better - it didn't look as if it would have taken the both of them - made from metal, squeaking and with a high railing at top and end.


David braced himself against the railing, his legs spread, his back arched and his head thrown back.


Jim knelt behind him; his hands spread David's buttocks apart, his tongue circled around the opening to David's body. He grinned, as he heard the young man groan and pressed with the tip of his tongue against the slowly yielding ring of muscles. 


David closed the fingers around his own cock and moved them in equal rhythm to Jim's penetrating tongue. He murmured in protest, as Jim grasped for his hand and pulled it away.


At the same time, Jim drew back and got to his feet. He pressed his body up to David’s, fitting the tip of his cock against the opening to the other's body, but did not yet enter. "Who...“ he bit David in the nape, " an impatient...“ his mouth wandered down the spine of the other, "...old man?“ he whispered hoarsely. „Do you have any...?"


David showed to a depot beside the head of the bed. Jim swallowed, taking in a deep breath to steady himself. Then he turned and made it on shaky legs to the bed. It had been some time since he had been aroused this fast - but he didn't care why. He dug with trembling hands into the indicated drawer until his fingers closed around a tube. He pressed - throwing the cover carelessly aside - a generous quantity of the gel into his palm. Then he went back and started to spread the lube on his hard cock and onto David.


He brought itself into position again. "Okay?", Jim asked. 


David threw back his head. "Hurry, old man." He spread his legs further and grasped the uppermost bar of the railing more firmly.  


Jim put both hands on David’s hips and held him. He entered him deeply, forcing himself to go more slowly, although each fibre of his body screamed to drive into David mercilessly. Since an eternity he hadn't felt this young - so alive - as at this moment. And maybe... for this little moment in time... he loved David for making him feel that way. 


He opened his eyes, saw David grasping his stiff cock, and lost every control. Driving into him deeply and hard, Jim got lost to the sensations closing on him, as he fast approached orgasm. With a short cry, he came soon and collapsed over David, who followed only seconds later. 


"That was good, old Mann...“ was the last thing Jim heard before he collapsed on the bed and almost instantly slept. 


* * *


As he woke there was a moment of uncertainty about his whereabouts. Then Jim opened his eyes and remembered. The hotel - David... He smiled and turned his head to the young man, who slept deeply beside him. He touched - almost tenderly - with his fingertips the mark his teeth had left in David's nape. Then, with a silent sigh, he moved to get up. He had to go. 


Jim picked up his clothes and got dressed. For the first time since a long time, he greeted the new morning with the old energy. Bestowing a grateful smile to the sleeping David, he silently left.


* * *


Reaching his apartment, the comm-device in his living room showed a message. Jim activated it and set heavily down as the senders name got visible. Carol Marcus. He hadn't thought of her since ages. And of their son.


"Jim..." - the message started - "...well, I'm sure you didn't expect this and I'll keep it short. Your son will be visiting Earth and I think it's about time you and he will get known of each other. I talked to him yesterday at his birthday and asked him to visit you. I hope he will." She laughed. "He's as pigheaded as you are, Jim. Please take care of him during his stay on Earth. I just wish I could see your face when you met him. Let me know how it worked out between the two of you, will you? And say David I love him. With this, I send you a picture of David. Bye, Jim." The message ended here and after some seconds a picture was shown on the screen.


Jim grabbed for the edges of the desk as he saw the young man he spent the night with smiling at him. His son David...