Title:                      Shore leave 1/1


Author:                 Lady Charena

Rating:                   R

Codes:                   K/S

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Summary: Shore leave, a sunny day, a lake and two lovers... More would spoil the fun. <g>


Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek. I borrowed just a part to play. The story is mine and only fanfiction - no moneymaking or offence of copyrights intended.



I love my two Boys and I love them most when they're together. So if you're underage or offended by the idea of m/m-relations and -sex, please move on to a more suitable story.

Please be patient with errors - English is not my native language. My thanks to my dear beta T'Boy.



Shore leave


by Lady Charena

Nov/Dec. 2000



Pleasantly warm water enveloped him like a tender embrace. Turned on his back he floated lazily on the quiet surface of the lake.


Anticipation pooled in his belly - a sweet ache, this wait. He noted the set of the sun. Soon, he promised himself. Soon his mate would join him for a short swim, maybe even a race to the shore. They would stretch out on the thick matt of grass to dry their bodies and he would claim a kiss as his price for victory. Or to declare his defeat.

He chuckled softly. It wouldn't matter anyway, in the games they played there was no real looser or winner.


He had been right to choose a lake on a day like this. No cloud upon the blazing blue sky, only a few faraway birds. Just a real beach was missing to make this place perfect.

Or - no, no it *was* perfect like this. The tall trees surrounding the clearing had their own share of dark, cool beauty. Maybe they would go for a walk later, strolling through the thick undergrowth.


Speaking of which... there was a figure moving out of the shadows. He came up, started to tread water, his eyes shielded with one hand and grinned.


* * *


The female stopped near the blankets he had spread over the lush grass, as she spotted him and waved a hand to him. He gave a welcome back and returned to the shore.


She put the basket down she brought with her and smiled as he flung his head like a dog to get rid of the water, grabbing for a towel in the same moment.


"Janice, your timing is just perfect." He put the towel down and bent to inspect the contents of the basket. Suddenly he seemed to notice her civil dress. "Thanks for coming. I know you're already off-duty, too."


The praise brought a fine blush to the young woman's cheeks. "My pleasure, Captain. I hope all is to your contentment?"


"Yes, thanks again, Janice. Enjoy your time off." He smiled. "Surely there's somebody waiting for you to show up."


Her blush deepened. "Have fun, Captain." With this, she turned and went off for her own paradise.


His gaze followed for a moment the movement of her long legs.


The clearing of a throat startled him and he turned only to meet the amused eyes of his mate. He felt the blush creeping up his cheeks.


"Uh, you're already here?" Not one of his wittier remarks...


"I am due to keep my appointments," was the calm answer, a brow rose to join black bangs.


"I was just watching," he started to defend himself, feeling slightly embarrassed without knowing why.


His mate crossed the last step separating them.


"But you are wrong..." and the next moment Jim was sprawled across the ground, the other pinning him effortlessly down. "...if you think, I am going to allow your attention..." A hot mouth feasted above his right nipple, sucking it merciless in. "... to be deviated from me..." A lick across his chin set his skin on fire.


"I thought Vulcans don't tend to be jealous... " he said in mock surprise. There was no anger in his mate's eyes, just a delicious sparkle of amusement. A rare smile tug at the corners of the stern mouth.


"There is still much you have to learn about Vulcans, t'hy'la."


"Yeah," Jim cupped the beloved face in both hands, pulling Spock down for a kiss. "They're damn tease."


* * *


"You have too much on, love." The human tugged at the Vulcan's black shirt. "Why don't you join me for a swim? The water's really warm enough." He smiled at the hastily hidden look of distaste on Spock's face.


"If it pleases you." It sounded more like a sigh, but the Vulcan released him, got to his feet and started to undress.


Jim reclined on his back, watched the slender body revealed part by part. As soon as the Vulcan put the last piece onto the neat pile of his clothes, Jim leapt to his feet. This - or they wouldn't made it at all into the water today...


"Race you." He dashed in direction of the lake, just stopping once to get rid of his trunks. Anyway, he wouldn't have wore them long with Spock this near.


Already to his hips emerged in the water he waited for his reluctant Vulcan to join him. He knew Spock to be an excellent - even if not a enthusiastic - swimmer.


"Now come on," he lured. "I'm waiting." He turned and swam a few meters, then stopped and waited again, treading water.


Slowly the Vulcan stepped into the liquid. It *was* warm - at least enough for him to stay comfortable for some time. He lifted this head to find the amused gaze of his mate on him. Maybe Jim enjoyed this a bit too much...


As the water reached his chin, he started to swim, and left the shallow waters with strong, even strokes soon behind.


Jim emerged next to him, snorting and laughing at the same. Cool arms enveloped the Vulcan in a bear hug, nearly drowning both of them.


"Now," a slightly breathless human whispered. "Got you."


"Yes, you got me, t'hy'la." Dark eyes smiled. "May I inquire..."


The human cut him off with a kiss.


* * *


Later they tried off in the sun.


Sprawled on his belly, his head bedded on this arms, the human enjoyed the heat and quiet. He dozed some time till a soft and cool touch on his back startled him.


"Mmmm... I guess this means you found my surprise..." Jim stretched and arched into the touch, tried to turn around. But a hand on his shoulder held him in place.


"Don't, t'hy'la," the Vulcan asked. "Let me please you."


With a contented sigh, Jim complied.


One of the strawberries he had replicated earlier aboard nudged his lips and he opened them to take it in.


The thin lips of his lover covered his and Jim moaned softly as a hot tongue followed the fruit into his mouth.


But much too soon the Vulcan released him and drew back.


Spock picked up another strawberry to draw it along the side of Jim's face, down his cheek and neck. His tongue followed the same path, tasting the subtle sweet flavour of the ripe fruit mingled with the salty tang of human flesh.


Jim sneaked it from the Vulcan’s fingers and swallowed the berry with a grin. He licked his lips in approval.


Spock watched him for a moment, than bent his head to cover the human’s lips with his own. He slid his fingers into the still wet hair of his lover, keeping him close, as his tongue explored a sweet mouth.


The human grabbed Spock’s shoulder to roll them around till he straddled his Vulcan. “Got you.”


“Indeed.” Spock raised an eyebrow and mustered his best innocent air. “May I ask about your intentions?”


“Intentions, love? I’m going to eat you alive, Mister.” Jim reached for the box with the berries. He choose one of the fruits and placed it into the hollow at the end of Spock’s throat. Bracing his hands on either side of the Vulcan’s head, he bent his head to catch the little stem of the berry with his teeth. The ripe fruit bruised and left a trail of juice on the heated skin of his lover, as Jim dragged it slowly deeper. He abandoned it for a moment to lick at the red fluid, earning a gasp from Spock.


“Jim, you are teasing me.”


The human smiled. “Indeed,” he mimicked.

Then he used his mouth to roll the berry slightly deeper, till it rested against one hard nub, nearly hidden in the dark hair. Again he licked the sweet juice from Spock’s skin, this time earning a moan.


He pushed the now heavy bruised fruit further down - still without using his hands – and into the shallow navel of the Vulcan. After squeezing the last remain of fluid from it, he swallowed the strawberry.


Spock slid his hands into Jim's hair, pushing him down to his erection.


* * *


The chirp of the communicator interrupted the quiet of the sunny clearing.

With a nearly inaudibly sigh the lonely watcher rose from his seat on the ground and tugged his shirt back in order. He turned his back to the tender scene playing in front of his eyes and took the communicator from his belt.


It was time to go home once more, to leave this private paradise and the illusions of the shore leave planet behind...