Series: SK Kölsch

Characters: Jupp Schatz, Falk von Schermbeck, Florian Schatz

Rating: G

Codes: Humour


Note: Sequel to “Football Fever

Summary: Jupp does not know how to thank Falk for the tickets but Falk has an idea.


Disclaimer: This story’s mine, but I do not intend to touch the rights of the owner of the characters I’ve used. No moneymaking, no offence meant. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to Lady Charena for the beta. For all remaining errors, blame me.




"Gosh,  this was really thrilling. And how Lehmann caught the penalty." Flo was glowing over his whole face as he left the Berlin stadium, swinging his German flag, at the hand of his father. "Thanks, uncle Falk."


"My pleasure," Falk von Schermbeck replied and stroked tenderly over Flo’s hair.


"Thanks," Flo’s father Jupp Schatz also said. "Terrific that you  could get tickets for the eighth- and quarter-finals with our team. It really is something completely different to be live in the fan-curve than in front of the television screen. You ‘blue blooded’ really get anywhere in, do you?”

"Not worth mentioning,” Falk shrugged it off. “You both had your fun, that’s all what matters.”


“Oh, come on;” Jupp replied, because of the the German victory against Argentina he was in the best mood. "You, too, have enjoyed it. Admit it! Who always got wide eyes when the players switched their tricots at the end.”

"You really can only think of one topic,” Falk replied and reached for Flo’s other hand, so that he would not lose his friends in the crowd. Black-red-golden flags were swung everywhere and loud jubilation songs started around them

"Can you also get tickets for the semi-final?" Flo asked. "This would be really terrific."


"And Dortmund isn’t such a long trip from us,” Jupp added.

"Already taken care off," Falk answered.


“Really?” Jupp hardly could believe it.


"Of course. I was sure we will win today.”


"Fantastic”" Flo rejoiced and buzzed: “And we will be champions."


"I never can make up for this," Jupp said. They had passed the stadium gates in the meantime and the crowd was lessen a bit. They turned their steps in the direction of the streetcar, which should take them back to their car. Jupp would have enjoyed celebrating a bit more with the other fans, unfortunately he and Falk were on alert over the upcoming weekend. It already been hard enough to get this day free.


Falk stopped. "I already knew something then," he said and looked at Jupp invitingly.


"Forget it,” Jupp immediately rebuffed. "I have already said to you before, because I have kissed you once, you will not get me into…"


"You really think only about one thing," Falk interrupted him. "Not what you think. You’re not my type, remember? My mother comes to Cologne four weeks from now. My father wanted to accompany her, but now he has to go on a business trip.”


"And?" Jupp asked, not knowing what Falk had in mind.


"She doesn’t likes to be alone in a unknown town. You could show her Cologne a bit. You know the city much better than I do. And in general keep her company for a while.”


“My pleasure,” Jupp nodded. Not that he really was enthusiastic to play the city-guide for Falk’s mother. But he hardly could deny Falk this small favour. Not after Falk had already got tickets for all games with the German team. And they already had final tickets as well. VIP tickets!


Jupp had already ordered three pieces of the final lawn. For Flo and himself and one he wanted to give to Falk as memory of the terrific Worldcup time they had spent together. But somehow he doubted that the friend really would appreciate this gift. Therefore he really should play the baby-sitter for Mom Schermbeck in order to give something back to Falk.


"Thanks," Falk replied. "Otherwise I ought to have stayed in Cologne for this time."

"Why? Where you are?" Jupp asked surprised. He had, of course, expected somehow that Falk would be with them. Did he want to leave him alone with his mother? As if he would not be already in trouble enough with his own hanging around in his life all the time. And who really knew what people these noblemen would be.


"I want to go with a couple of friends to the CSD in Berlin," Falk explained. "We have planned this already since last year. I would rather not like to cancel it.”


"She also has tickets by the way," he added.


"For football?" Jupp was surprised.


"Nope, for the “Ring of the Nibelungen”, in the opera. A special performance, the complete story.”


Jupp didn't know but somehow he suddenly got the damn feeling he just had put himself into the offside.