Take your second chance






Series. DS9

Pairing: B/O’B, Ez/KO’B

Code: NC-17

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Summary: Ezri finally speak out a few truths about Julian, Miles and herself.

Sequel to: “Destiny’s Irony


Disclaimer: Paraborg/Viacom owns the whole Star Trek universe. I only borrowed a little part of it for some fun. No moneymaking, no offence of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction.


If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with m/m-sex and relationships, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. T’Lin did a really great job to correct my errors, not to mention all the suggestions she gave. My greatest gratitude to her. For all remaining errors, blame me.




Ezri Dax took another deep breath. It didn’t help much to ease her nervousness. The air in the academy-corridor smelled stale. The air-conditioner didn’t seem to work well. Ezri suppressed the urge to immediately run away and forget everything that she had planned... forever. If he would just get here, already, so she could get this over with.


All the doubts about her decision surfaced again, and she asked herself silently if she was about to do the right thing? Did she really have the right to alter the lives of four adult people and two innocent children? Didn’t she take too much responsibility on her shoulders?


And then she remembered the sad look on Julian’s face and the broken voice with which he had told her about his feelings for Miles. And she saw Jadzia’s memories about her love with Keiko. No, she decided, lies and cowardice had cost too much pain over the last years. It was time to end those farces. Although it was too late for Jadzia, it wasn’t so for Julian and Miles. And she was sure Keiko would understand why she couldn’t be silent any longer.


Ezri took a strong position. She would tell Miles all and just hope the he was able to do the right thing afterwards.


“Ezri, what a surprise!” Miles O’Brien smiled at the Trill and held her in an fierce embrace. "What are you doing here? How are things going on the station? How’s Major Kira and Jake and…”


He stopped, but Ezri knew all too well which name he couldn’t say, although he wanted nothing more then to know the answer. She observed him closely and noted the deep shadows around his eyes. He wasn’t happy with his knew life as a teacher on Earth, she could see this clearly.


And with this, the decision was made. “I have to talk with you” she said. “About Julian:”


The smile on Miles’ face was immediately replaced be a worried look. "What about him?" he asked, his voice slightly shaken.


“He misses you” Ezri answered.


Miles took a deep breath. “I miss him, too” he stated. “But there was no other choice.”


“You shouldn’t have gone.” She didn’t want to reproach him, but suddenly she felt anger. There was Miles, obviously full of self-pity about his lost, when the only one he ever had just wanted him to speak openly about his feelings.


“He loves you.” She spoke louder then she had planned, not caring if somebody could overhear their discussion. Why could people - adults - just be that… fucking, stupid idiots? She wondered: Was that Jadzia cursing in her?


“And you love him, too,” she continued. “But you're a stupid idiot ... you didn't have the courage to stay. Have you any idea how much you’ve hurt him? He always had to share you with your wife and your family and then you just ran away and left him behind and lonely.”


Miles had turned pale. “You know?” he whispered. "Why did he tell you?”


“Because he needed someone to talk to after you’d gone. And I’m a counselor and his friend. I care about him - unlike you:”


“I care about him” Miles said. “But I have to think about my kids first: Keiko would never understand…”


She couldn’t stop her sarcastically laughter. “Oh, really? Are you sure? Your wife is a lesbian. She slept with Jadzia from the first time they met until she became pregnant with your son. She would gladly have left you for her but she feared your reaction.”


Miles slumped against the wall, shocked, as she continued on recklessly. All these lost possibilities made her furious. “Do you understand? Keiko didn’t want you any more. You could have been happy with Julian and she with Jadzia and Jadzia would probably still be alive if just one of you had spoken.”


O’Brien was pale. "I didn’t know," he whispered. "I didn’t have any idea."


“No, of course not. You both where so determined to hold on to your facade of a nice family that you didn’t notice how much you hurt yourself and others.”


She took a deep breath and tried to calm down. “It’s too late for Jadzia and Keiko, but it’s not to late for you and Julian. Miles, please, for Julian’s sake and your own be honest to yourself and to your family. He needs you and I’m sure Keiko will finally understand.”


Miles closed his eyes, obviously thinking everything he just had heard over. "I have to see him," he finally said, once again looking at her.


“The ship I’ve come in goes back to DS 9 in two hours” Ezri said. “If you can take a spontaneous leave from the academy you can have my passage. I’m also willing to see Keiko and speak to her. At least I own her an explanation why I told you about Jadzia and her. I hope she will forgive me.”


Miles nodded. “Tell her that I still love her … as a friend... and that I wil] come back soon so we can figure out what is best for the kids. And…” He placed his hands on her shoulders. “I thank you.”




Ezri felt uncomfortable as the door opened. It had sounded like such a good idea when she had told it to Miles. If she could remind Keiko of the happiness that she had felt in her relationship with Jadzia, and the sadness about not seeing a chance for a joint future, she would surely understand Miles and Julian and grant them their happiness. But now she felt unsure again.


“Ezri. I didn’t expect to see you so soon again:” Keiko smiled at her and gave her a welcoming embrace. !You have to tell me everything about our friends at the station. How’s Kassidy’s pregnancy…” She stooped her small talk as she noticed the sad expression in Ezri’s eyes. “Is something wrong?”


“I have to talk to you… about Miles.” Ezri sighed. That wouldn’t be easy.


Keiko only nodded. She couldn’t quell the feeling that something terrible had happened. “What’s about Miles?“ she asked as soon as both women were seated at the couch. “He’s at the academy right now.”


Ezri shook her head. “No, he isn’t. He is on his way to DS 9.”


Keiko’s eyes grew wide. “What?”


The young Trill took another deep breath. “There is something you have to know. It’s not easy but please try to understand. Miles and Julian were lovers for nearly the last seven years.”


She saw the shocked surprise in Keiko’s face and hurriedly continued with her explanation. “After you had gone, Julian and I started a brief relationship, but it didn’t work. He finally told me why. He couldn’t forget Miles any more than Jadzia could ever forget you. Miles never dared to speak to you ‘cause he feared you would take the kids and leave. I know that, for very much the same reason, you never talked to him either. So in the end, everybody was unhappy because nobody took the risk of being open. I finally decided that it was about time to change a few things. And so I told Miles today about you and Jadzia.”


Keiko jumped to her feet. “How could you do such a thing without asking me first?” she shouted. “It’s my life you have just ruined.”


Ezri had counted with this. “It was also Jadzia’s life which means it is now my concern as well. And Julian is my friend. I couldn’t see him suffer any longer. He deserved to be happy, as did Miles. And you - you’re not really happy in your marriage. I’m sure we all can work something out... not just what's best for us, but especially for the kids.”


She stood up, too and reached for Keiko’s shoulders. “Please, grant them their happiness.”


Keiko sighed. “I have to admit, in some ways I feel relieved that the truth is out. But I’m the looser in this “game”. Jadzia is dead and we will never…” She stopped, her voice shaken.


“No, not if you still like a Dax:” Surprised, Ezri stopped. She hadn’t thought about saying something like this until now. As any united Trill she would not have any problem with a same-sex-relationship, but she didn’t think of Keiko in that way till now. But she felt instinctively that it was right. Probably destiny was not only offering a second chance to Miles and Julian.


“You want me?” Keiko could barely speak with surprise.


 “There is still a lot of Jadzia in me and I’ve strong feelings for you. It wouldn’t be the same for you, of course, but if you like to give it a try…”


“I think it’s forbidden to renew a relationship with a former host?”


Ezri nodded. “Principal yes, but where no suitor… Nobody officially knows about you and Jadzia. Miles and Julian will not tell. And neither Jadzia nor Curzon did care to much about such rules, I guess they have inflicted me.” She smiled at Keiko. “I’m willing to give it a try if you want, too:”




Ezri moaned with pleasure. She had never been with a woman before but there were all those memories of former host and, of course, especially Jadzia’s which surfaces now. So she know what to do. Although she didn't need to do much as Keiko was doing all the “work”.


Tender lips sucked her right nipple in a wet mouth. Then a wet trail was made from one breast to the other, and then the left nub was sucked to equal hardness. Ezri moaned again. She remembered Julian doing the same thing to her, but it hadn’t felt that pleasant in any way. Now she felt as if her whole body was enflamed.


Eagerly she combed her hands in the long silky dark hair and pushed the head deeper down her naked body. Sounds of ecstasy escaped her again and she became wetter then she already was, as the hungry mouth finally was on her.


She closed her eyes, feeling the sheer pleasure in every nerve of her body. Sharp nails were racked over the sensitive skin of her inner thighs and the fire in her raised even higher. Then a tongue slid in her - and a nearly animal like cry of lust escaped her as she came. Keiko’s voice soon answered her.




“Everything is fine with you and the baby:” Julian Bashir smiled at his patient. He gestured through the glass door in the direction of the figure waiting outside. “You can assure Jake of this fact.”


Kassidy smiled. “He feels responsible for us since his father had gone. He’s really a nice boy, I just wished…” She sighed. “Ben would still be with us.”


Julian tenderly patted her shoulder. “I do not believe in Gods and such things, but the prophets are real and I’m sure he’s watching over you.”


The woman nodded. “Yes, I think this, too. And I have friends like you which help me.” She stood up from the bed and walked in the direction of the door “Thank you, Julian:”


“You’re always welcome.” He was  just about to turn around and go back to his office when someone hurried inside.


“Miles?” Julian was surprised. His astonishment grew as Miles grasped his arm and hauled him in the office. “I have to talk to you. Immediately,” was his only explanation.


Once the door had closed behind them Julian found himself hugged and kissed over and over again. “I’ve missed you so much,” Miles groaned. “I’m not leaving you again.”


Finally Julian was able to extract himself and to push O’Brien a little bit away. “Miles, what does that mean?”


“I want you. I need you now and here.” Miles grasped for Julian again and the surprised Doctor found his pants pushes down and himself places against his desk before he could even think of some defense. Not that he really wanted to defeat Miles either.


He had already become erect  from the fierce kisses and the feeling of Miles closeness. And all this suppressed feelings and desires for his beloved and their union that he had tried to forget over the last months surfaced again. “Take me” he pleaded as he felt Miles pressing his own large and now freed cock against his ass. All the anger and sadness were gone. The only thing that counted at the moment was feeling Miles inside him again.


“Do you have something?” O’Brien whispered. Julian was barely able to point him in the direction of the next drawer.


He moaned as Miles pressed two coated fingers into him. He couldn’t wait, he didn’t want to wait. Some part of his mind was doubting if everything was really happening. Probably this was only a dream. No, he reminded himself. He was in his sickbay and Miles was just about to fuck him.


He hadn’t any idea why Miles had suddenly appeared. And he wasn’t able to ask right now nor did it seem that his friend was in any condition to answer his questions.


Miles drove his fingers back and immediately pushed his cock inside the opening. “At home” he growled. “I’m at home.”




Reality returned after the waves of orgasm had vanished. Julian pushed Miles aside and reached for his pants. As he did, the feelings of loss and fury over Miles' leaving a few months ago resurfaced. He had just started to get used to the fact of Miles' leaving when he suddenly returned and screwed him over his desk without any explanation.


“Isn’t it a  long way from Earth to DS 9 for just a quick fuck?” he said, his voice full of sarcasm.


Miles also reached for his pants. “It’s not that, Julian. I’m back to stay with you forever.”


Surprised Bashir stumbled to his seat and fell down. “You’ve told Keiko all of a sudden?”


O’Brien took the opposite chair. “Not exactly. Ezri came to see me and told me about you and her and that you’ve told her about us and that you miss me and… Nevertheless, she also told me that Jadzia and Keiko had an intimate relationship, which Keiko ended when she was pregnant the second time. It would be ironic if it wasn't so tragic. She would have gladly ended our marriage if I only had asked her. On the other hand she didn’t dare to speak to me, either, because of the kids.”


He shook his head. “I still can’t believe that what we should have done all along was speak the truth. Instead we nearly ruined all of our lives with our fears. In any way I immediately left Earth after I heard this. Ezri told Keiko the reason and it seems that they will both be together as well. I spoke with her from the ship and she wishes us luck. I’m sure we can make some arrangements for Molly and Kira-Yoshi.”


He stood up and walked behind Julian, placing his hands on the doctor’s shoulders. "If you will give me a second chances I’m all yours.”