Titel: Sauna
Author: stelenan Accent@gmx.de

Pairing: K/S
Code: NC 17
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Beta: Thanks to Farfalla and Hypatia. English is not my native
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Summary: Answer to a german challenge. The original is in German.

*Challenge 3: The Enterprise is at spacedock and the commander officers on shore leave. When Jim returns, he discovers to his surprise that a sauna has been installed on board. He attempts to convince Spock to visit the new facility. But Spock doesn't know what a sauna is . . .*


Disclaimer: These characters are the property of Paramount-Viacom,
I'm just playing with them and not selling my story afterwards.



"We have a sauna--it's incredible."

"A ... what?"

Kirk walked with Spock through the corridors of the newly refitted Enterprise. It was just two days after their return from shore leave and Kirk had just gotten the news from McCoy.

"A sauna, Spock. You'll like it."

"I will?" Spock glanced sideways at Kirk, one eyebrow lifted questioningly.

"Don't tell me you don't know what a sauna is, Spock."

Spock inclined his head and appeared to be considering the proper answer. In the meantime they arrived at the turbolift and Kirk ordered it to Deck Three.

"Well Spock, let's take a look at it, at least, since you apparently don't want to answer me."

"Sir, I am at a loss. You said, 'Don't tell me you don't know . . .'" and now both eyebrows were lost under the dark bangs.

"Oh, Spock . . ." Kirk rolled his eyes towards the ceiling. Suddenly, the lift doors opened and McCoy stepped in.

"Hey you two . . . what are you up to?" The Doctor took a look at Kirk, who frowned, and then at Spock, who stood innocently by.

"What's up, Jim? Has this overgrown green-blooded Elf . . . ?"

"Bones," Kirk murmured, low and admonishing.

McCoy took a second look at Spock, who appeared to be following this scene with great interest. "Well then, Spock, YOU tell me."

"What would you like to know, Doctor?" Spock asked with his usual, smugly-controlled inflection. McCoy often wondered if Spock knew just how aggravating that tone was.

"Spock, don't play innocent abroad with me. Jim's brow is more furrowed than a Klingon warrior's, you look like the cat that got the cream, and I want to know what's going on!"

Both dark eyebrows disappeared under his bangs. "Cream, Doctor? I can assure you, I have not . . ."

"Oh, Spock!!!!" McCoy threw his hands up in disgust. "Forget it."

Now none of them said anything. Kirk and McCoy both had furrowed brows and Spock displayed his usual studied blank expression, presumably considering the most irritating dialogue of a few moments ago.

The lift stopped at Deck Three and Kirk and Spock made as if to go. Suddenly McCoy leaped after them. "Aha! I get it--the sauna."

Kirk heaved a sigh. "Yes Bones, we were just on our way to take a look at it and . . ."

"Spock, don't tell me you don't know what a sauna is?" McCoy's attention turned to the Vulcan, who looked at him with an eyebrow that was shooting for the ceiling before throwing an imploring glance at Kirk. He had already found himself logically unable to answer this question once.

"He doesn't know what a sauna is, Bones," Kirk sighed.

"I can't believe it. Is that true, Spock?" McCoy stared at him incredulously.

"Yes, Doctor," Spock replied, palpably relieved to have been asked a question that he could answer. Humans were illogical.

McCoy grinned and leaned towards Kirk. "Look at it this way, he comes from a planet that's practically a sauna all over. If I were a Vulcan, I wouldn't need to invent a sauna either. It doesn't surprise me in the least."

Spock said nothing but rather walked silently alongside them. Finally they arrived on the Recreation Deck. There was a little swimming pool, sports equipment, and a number of corners where one could sit privately. McCoy lead them directly to the sauna, which had been built into a niche alongside the swimming pool.

"You'll like this, Spock," McCoy said with a smile.

"Indeed?" Spock surveyed the little wood-panelled chamber and the control panel that was set adjacent to the door. When he saw the thermostat his eyebrows ascended again.

"That's no mistake, Spock. The climate in here should be close to how you have it set in your quarters. Humans go into the sauna to sweat. It's healthy, as long as you don't overdo it. But the temperature should be quite pleasant for your desert-born constitution." McCoy grinned.

"Indeed." Spock wore a thermal undershirt most of the time because the ambient temperature inside the Enterprise was too low for him. Only in his quarters could he raise the temperature to the Vulcan norm.

Kirk cleared his throat. "What do you say, Spock? As soon as we leave spacedock and we're underway, shall we give it a try? Only if you want to, of course."

Spock tilted his head and examined Kirk's expression, then nodded smoothly.

Kirk returned the nod as McCoy grinned from ear to ear. "Now THIS I wouldn't want to miss for anything in the galaxy!"

Kirk's look bit McCoy's exuberence in the bud. "No, Bones. Just Spock and me. Captain's prerogative." Kirk grinned and reserved the sauna for the coming evening.

"But Jim . . ." McCoy began, bouncing on the balls of his feet.

"You heard the Captain, Doctor," Spock said, slippery as an eel, and looked at Kirk. "Sir, if you will excuse me, the Science Department will be receiving new equipment in 15.2 minutes."

Kirk nodded. "I'll see you at 1930 hours then. Dismissed."

With a short nod the Vulcan took his leave of the two men, leaving Kirk to calm the enraged doctor down.


"Spock! You're supposed to enter a sauna naked. No clothes!" Kirk cast an amused glance at the shivering Vulcan, who stood in the middle of the changing room in only his briefs and undershirt.


"Spock, in a sauna, what you do in a sauna is sweat, and clothing collects sweat. Look, don't worry, you won't be cold."

"As you say, Sir."

Spock began reluctantly to undress while Kirk snatched a towel, stepped into the already heated sauna and draped the towel on the lowest step. Better to start small. He adjusted the temperature and settled into a comfortable position. Where'd Spock gotten off to?

"Sir, it is illogical to remove one's clothing so as not to collect sweat, and then, in the place of clothing, utilize a towel which will collect sweat just as surely."

Kirk lifted his head. The Vulcan stood naked in the doorway, his hands behind his back. He was looking at Kirk with raised eyebrow.

"Human beings aren't logical, Spock. I though you knew that," Kirk murmured.

"Indeed." Spock stood where he was.

Kirk raised his head again and propped himself up on his elbows. "SPOCK!!!"


"Get in here, and sit down or lie down!"

Spock looked over the different levels in the sauna and finally climbed onto the highest level. He paused a moment and then stretched his long body onto the wooden bench and lay silently for a while. Kirk settled back and sweated.


"Spock, after four weeks of teaching at the Academy, have you forgotten my name?"

"Negative, Sir. You are James T. Kirk."

Kirk sat up and looked up to where the Vulcan lay. "That's not what I mean, Spock! Here I am, with my First Officer, with my friend, naked in the sauna, my uniform lying in another room, I'm not on duty, you're not on duty . . ."

"Jim," Spock interrupted him.

Kirk smiled. "That's what I meant! Well, what were you going to ask me about?"

Kirk let his gaze wander over the clearly relaxed Vulcan, who had stretched himself out on the highest bench, resting on his belly. His head lay cheek down, his eyes shut, and one arm dangled lazily from his perch. He was beautiful, Kirk thought, like a sleeping cat. Kirk realized that he was getting an erection.

"You were right, Jim. This 'sauna' indeed meets with my approval. It is quite comfortable as compared to the lower temperatures on the ship," murmured Spock, apparently totally relaxed.

"You're not sweating at all, Spock. Lying on the highest level and you don't sweat a drop." Amazed, Kirk checked out the Vulcan's skin, gently running a hand over the Vulcan's back to see if it was the least bit damp. Spock suspired softly and his muscles shivered slightly at the touch.

"Vulcans do not sweat as humans do, Jim." Spock's voice sounded sleepy. He seemed to have loosened his previously tightly-wound Vulcan control somewhat.

"I have never seen you so relaxed, Spock." Kirk was aroused by what had been an intense reaction, for Spock, to Kirk's gentle touch. Kirk ran his hand down the Vulcan's long back again, and again he was rewared with a deep sigh.

"Are you uncomfortable when I touch you, Spock?"

"No, Jim. It is agreeable," Spock whispered and Kirk noticed that his breathing was slightly accelerated. Encouraged, he stroked onward, over the muscular upper arms, down the back and to the glutes and the long legs. He enjoyed the feel of the soft, dry, warm skin, beneath which the steel-hard Vulcan muscles lay quiescent. Spock's muscles shivered with every movement and he began to breathe out with little sighs. Kirk noticed that his own arousal intensified.

How often had he stolen a glance on the Bridge, when he thought no- one would notice. What a delight to watch the elegant Vulcan, to observe how his fine-boned fingers danced over the controls. Spock had caught him at it many a time, but never did he more than lift a brow as if amused and simply return to his work. Now this erotic body lay in front of him. Naked, relaxed, and without his usual rigid Vulcan self-control.

What was he doing? He was in a sauna with his Vulcan First Officer, and was stroking his back. Appalled, Kirk pulled his hand back.

"Spock, I'm sorry, I . . ."

Kirk's words died in his throat when Spock's lashes flew open and two deep brown eyes fixed on him. Spock, saying nothing, let his eyes roam over Kirk's body until they reached his fully engorged sex, then flipped back to meet Kirk's eyes. Slowly the hand which had dangled over the edge of the bench moved and one finger drew a line across Kirk's sweat-slicked thigh. The featherlight touch traveled up to his public hair and along his cock. Kirk could not suppress a moan.

Spock's finger journeyed on to Kirk's chest and finally came to rest cupping Kirk's face.

Kirk didn't dare move. Without losing eye contact Spock suddenly rose and sat directly in front of him. He was aroused! His very Vulcan First Officer was highly aroused. Longing and desire were clearly to be seen in the dark eyes. Kirk could only stare.

Before Kirk could say anything, Spock leaned forward and touched his lips to Kirk's. First gently and then insistently he pushed his tongue into Kirk's mouth. Kirk's world exploded and he almost came from the kiss alone. He moaned into Spock's mouth and centered himself. Spock followed his movements, pulled Kirk onto his knees and leaned back against the wall.

Just then, Kirk saw that his head of his penis was positioned exactly at Spock's entrance. Spock's strong arms held him tightly and he noticed that he could only move forwards--into Spock. Was it too fast, to penetrate him now?

"Spock," Kirk moaned into the mouth which again had claimed him. "Spock?" Spock loosened his grip a bit and gave Kirk some maneuvering room. Lust and pure arousal were in his eyes.

"Spock?" Kirk seemed no longer capable of any other thought.

Spock's breath came in gasps, his lips swollen from the kiss, mouth open, hair slightly disheveled, and those eyes, so much hunger, entreating, almost begging. Did he know, did he understand what was happening? What he was doing? Kirk took Spock's head in both hands. "Do you want this, Spock?"

Only the hint of a nod and a husky, whispered, "Yes . . . for so long. Jim.", answered him.

Kirk could not hold back a second longer. He pressed his aching cock into Spock's opening. He was already slippery from sweat and from precum. He grabbed Spock by the thighs to gain better access and his head of his penis entered Spock.

Spock sucked in air and his head fell back panting against the wall.His hands held fast to Kirk's hip like steel. There would be blue marks there tomorrow. Kirk held still a moment to allow Spock the opportunity to relax the muscles in his anus.

"Computer," Kirk managed, "Lock door and engage audio damping field."

"Acknowledged," came the feminine voice of the Enterprise computer.

Spock was looking at Kirk out of pitch-dark eyes. Kirk looked at Spock's stiff erection between them. He wrapped his hand around it and applied gentle pressure. Spock groaned and his sphincter clenched around Kirk's organ. It was too much.

Kirk moved slowly into Spock, all the while working Spock's hard green penis with his hands. The Vulcan cried out as Kirk penetrated him; wrapping his legs around Kirk's hips, he pressed him closer. Shaky hands searched Kirk's face and found the contact points.

"Yes, Spock . . . Yes." Kirk moaned, unable to hold back any longer.

<Jim> Spock had established a mental link. By instinct? Kirk's mind was abruptly swept under by sheer desire, and pleasure. Their bodies demanded release; Kirk moved urgently inside Spock. Faster, now; it would not take much longer. With every thrust Spock let out a little cry. He began to murmur strange syllables. Vulcan! Kirk could no longer distinguish his own arousal and Spock's. In his head they were completely entangled.

Suddenly the strong muscles surrounding Kirk's embedded cock clenched hard and with each contraction Spock cried out Kirk's name. His semen gushed onto his flat belly and onto Kirk's hands. At the same moment Kirk shot his semen deep into Spock. He saw stars and cried out from pleasure.

Spent, he collapsed and was captured by Spock's strong arms. Spock drew him gently beside him on the highest bench and for a while they lay there side by side, breathing heavily.

"God, Spock," Kirk murmured into the head of black hair which had burrowed into his chest. A low hum was the only answer he received, and Kirk smiled. Spock seemed to be quite out of it.

Incredible! He had had sex with his Vulcan First Officer, with his friend, with the man he had admired for so long in secret, and, as he now could acknowledge, desired as well. And this was all thanks to a sauna?

Kirk freed one arm to smooth the soft dark hair and play with the tip of one ear.

"Jim?" Spock's voice was low, only a murmur.

"Yes, Spock?"

"Would it be overly presumptious to reserve this 'sauna' again tomorrow evening?" The Vulcan nestled in Kirk's arms and leaned into Kirk's loving caress of his ear.

Kirk smiled. "No, Spock. I'm the captain and you're the first officer. Nobody will say a thing. But Dr. McCoy may eventually
become suspicious."

"Mm," Spock replied and said nothing more.

"I'll take care of it, Spock."


The next morning McCoy stood teetering beside Kirk's command chair, looking first at Spock, then back at Kirk, from one to the other.

"Well, Bones, out with it before you burst."

"Tell me Jim, how was it?"

"How was what?" Kirk strove to present his most innocent expression. Without turning around he felt the Spock's presence on the other side of his chair. He had advanced as silently as a cat.

"The sauna, Jim! You and Spock. How was it?" McCoy looked triumphantly from Spock to the captain.

"You're prying, Bones."

"I am indeed," answered McCoy impatiently.

"Curiosity is a commendable quality, which often leads to unexpected discoveries." Spock sounded quite ready to engage in his usual banter with the Doctor.

Kirk, amused, took in the sight of the completely calm Vulcan standing beside him, then let his gaze travel round the bridge. Everyone seemed to be busy and working happily--too busy. Obviously they were each following the little quarrel.

"Well, Bones," Kirk began. "If you really want to know, my First Officer and I made ourselves quite comfortable in there. We discovered that there is more in this universe than starships and chess and . . . we went at it like rabbits." With this he gazed innocently at McCoy, whose jaw had just about hit the deck.

The look on Spock's face was pure gold; both eyebrows were raised until they disappeared under his bangs, his mouth was open, and if a Vulcan had ever looked startled green, he did now. McCoy stared at Kirk, then at Spock.

For a moment it was deathly quiet on the bridge, then the gale broke loose. McCoy was doubled over with laughter and all the crewmen likewise, who had been so occupied only moments ago.

"Good one, Jim." McCoy clapped Kirk on the shoulder, laughing, and went to the turbolift.

Kirk grinned, and struggled not to burst out laughing when he saw Spock's mortally wounded expression. Was Spock offended because Kirk had so spoken the truth so openly, which was naturally a breech of etiquette, or was he offended because nobody on the bridge could believe it?

The Vulcan's affronted look bore into his temples. Kirk leaned in close to Spock and whispered for his ears alone, "I'll explain it to you tonight."

"In the sauna, Sir?"

"Yes, Spock--and then, I'll teach you about body oil."

Both eyebrows went up. "I am most intrigued, Captain," he answered smugly, and returned to his station.

Uhura threw Spock a sympathetic smile. "Mr. Spock, don't tell me you really didn't know what a sauna was?" she asked, still chuckling.

Spock stopped dead in his tracks and stared at her hard. His eyebrows looked to be permanently glued under his bangs. He shot an irritated glance at Kirk and then back at Uhura. For a moment he worked it over in his mind, then he placed his hands behind his back and addressed the communications officer in dead earnest.

"No, Lieutenant. I will not tell you that I did not know what a sauna was, if that is your wish." With this he went to his station and immersed himself in his work.

Kirk and Uhura shared a knowing smile. The sauna would be keeping them busy for a few more days yet.

The End.