Today, kids…






Series: ST TOS

Pairing: K/S

Rating: PG-15

Warnings: Humor

Note: Tuppertrek-series


Summary: What’s bringing Santa Clause?




"Wake up Spock and look what Santa Clause has brought for you!” Something rough that scratched over his chest woke Spock. His time-sense told him that it was only  6 o'clock in the morning. He blinked and noticed - as he opened his eyes - that their bedroom only was illuminated by candlelight. A breath of incense lay in the air.


Jim appeared in his field of vision by bending over the Vulcan. Spock saw that his bondmate was completely wrapped in a red coat. A red pointed cap and a white high beard decorated his head.


"I’m Santa Clause and you haven't behaved well," Jim said and let his rod once more gliding over Spock’s naked chest. The Vulcan registered that he was tied up with his hands and feet to the bedposts. He would easily have been able to brake off because it only were silk cloths. Spock decided, however, to go on with Jim's game. He knew the preference of his beloved for disguising. This for certain would become another interesting morning. But he really slept too tightly lately if Jim had succeeded in pulling the blanket away and tying him up without noticing.


Jim bent down for a long kiss - and then moaned as he straightened up again. The Santa Clause outfit which he had bought years ago as the kids were smaller and believed into Santa Clause, had become a bit too tight in the meantime.


"But I have well-behaved," Spock said.


"Oh, really?" Jim smiled. "We want to check this just. And, if you have well-behaved, you get the rod... or I."


Another – this time longer – kiss obviously was a enough proof for him. Jim fished a bag from his side of the bed. "Let’s look what Santa Claus had brought for you."


At first a big tube of their preferred lube was pulled out. Jim opened it and sniffed. "Hm sandalwood.” He put it on the bed and a pulled a package of chocolate squiggles out the sack. Quickly he placed a squiggle on each of Spock’s nipples. A further one was put over the navel. And a fourth one he carefully attached over the top of Spock’s cock.


Jim licked over his lips. "You look like eating," he noticed - and quickly did so. He nibbled from Spock’s neck downwards. At first the squiggle on the left nipple was consumed and then the nipple liked and sucked until it was stiffly and hard. The right one afterwards got the same attention


Sweating strongly Jim quickly got himself rid of his beard and the coat before he ate the squiggle in the navel. As his tongue slid playfully into Spock’s navel the Vulcan  already had to muster a great deal of self-control in order to not break his bonds and take hold of Jim.


Jim put his trousers of before he slid further down Spock’s body. There the  last squiggle – better the organ he was attached to – had stood up proudly. Smiling Jim bent over and took him into his mouth. He gently nibbled at the squiggle-- and at Spock’s cock. He bit tenderly in it as the Vulcan beneath him moaned. In order swallow the squiggle down he had to let go of Spock for a brief time but right afterwards Jim took the Vucan’s penis into his mouth again.


Jim sucked, sipped, licked and nibbled till Spock finally pleaded for release. Jim straightened up and smiled. "Only if you promise me to behave well also in the next year."

Spock nodded dumbly and Jim took the lube. Quickly he had prepared himself and Spock, then he knelt over his beloved, spread his cheeks and lowered himself slowly onto Spock’s stiff member. He just felt the tip at is at his opening as it knocked at the door.


Tommy's whining voice came from outside. “Daddy."


Frightened Jim jumped of Spock and threw the blanket quickly over the Vulcan. "What’s the matter, honey?" he asked while he put the Santa Clause coat hastily on.


“Santa Clause hasn’t brought us anything at all. The boots are empty. But I ever had behaved so well,” Tommy sniffled.


“Damned, ”Jim mumbled. "I completely forgot last night  to fill the boots of the kids."


He opened the door a bit and peeked out. In front stood his offspring with tear-stained eyes. As he saw Jim’s red coat his eyes widened with surprise.


"Go into your room," Jim said. "Daddy cares about this immediately."


Spock, however, wondered if ever somebody in this household would mature, undid -sighing inwardly - his bonds and thanked to vulcan nature again that ti allowed him to  deal with certain physical conditions with pure willpower.