Series. TOS

Pairing: K/S

Code: PG-13, humor

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Summary: A fairy tale

Sequel to: “Two Men and a Baby



Disclaimer: Paraborg/Viacom owns the whole Star Trek universe. I only borrowed a little part of it for some fun. No moneymaking, no offence of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction.


If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with m/m-sex and relationships, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. T’Boy did a really great job to correct my errors, not to mention all the suggestions she gave. My greatest gratitude to her. For all remaining errors, blame me.




"Once upon a time....


…a Vulcan ambassador called Sarek and his human wife Lady Amanda lived in a big residence on Earth. They had a son: Prince Spock. He had grown up to be an attractive and intelligent young man.  Many women and men had fallen in love with him, but Spock - so far - hadn’t shown any interest in choosing a life partner.


This fact disturbed his parents. “It cannot go on. It is past time that our son was married", the ambassador said to his wife one day. Amanda agreed, but what to do? “We cannot bond our son to someone against his will. It is a final decision for his entire life."


 “I agree with you”, Sarek said. “Above all his future partner should be of equal origin and mental compatibility. " Suddenly Lady Amanda had an idea how she could combine the acceptable with the practical. 


“Let’s give a Grand Ball", she said to her husband, who raised an eyebrow. "A Costume Ball. We’ll invite all equal and unmarried young men and women from the neighborhood or - if needed - from the whole planet. Each will be requested to wear neutral clothing and a mask.  And we can ask for the use of automatic translators programmed for neutral voices.  Spock will not be able to guess the gender or be distracted by an attractive or a pretty face.  He’ll only be able to use his mental abilities.”


The ambassador nodded his acknowledgment. “Your logic is always incontestable.” And so it was done. The servants were ordered to prepare everything for the biggest ball the entire planet had ever seen. Invitations were sent to all suitable young people. Sarek undertook the difficult task of convincing his son of the necessity to marry soon.




On a farm in Iowa lived the young Jim with his family. To be precise it wasn’t his family any more. His father George died when he was a little boy. His mother had re-married again; Admiral Komack. Jim wasn’t sure if the man had a first name. He had made it clear from the beginning that Jim had to address him respectfully by his title.


Jim hated his rigid stepfather. Even worse were his stepsisters Leila and Christine who the admiral had brought into the family. The girls annoyed him when they could. But if he tried to get even with them, the spoilt girls ran directly to their father and squealed. Jim could then be certain to make acquaintance with the leather belt of the admiral.


Things became worse when his mother Winona died a year ago. Till then she had at least occasionally tried to protect her son.  Now Jim was completely exposed to the moods of the admiral and his daughters. And because Komack was too mean to pay for help for the farm, Jim had to do all the work. Milk the cows, feed the animals, work on the field, take care of the household and so on ... Deadly tired he crawled to bed every evening, still half asleep he stood up every morning and went to work again. The spoilt girls didn’t do anything. It would ruin their beauty, they said. To be honest they were everything but beauties.


Because Komack was a high ranking admiral from Starfleet, one day an invitation to a costume ball at the Vulcan embassy arrived. “His Excellency the honorable Vulcan ambassador Sarek and his loveliness Lady Amanda have the honor to invite every unmarried woman and man between the ages of 18 and 30 earth years to the Costume Ball in the Vulcan embassy on the 25th of this month. A neutral costume, a mask and the use of a translator with a neutral voice are required. The purpose of the ball is to find a suitable life partner for his highness Prince Spock", was written there.


Suddenly there appeared high excitement in the house. “Father we have to go there." "And we need the most beautiful costumes that exist. " "He will surely select me. " "You are crazy, he’ll take only me. " "No me, you’re stupid.” Leila and Christine screamed wildly.


Jim sighed mentally as he was sent to buy the best costumes available. The Admiral spared no expense for his beloved daughters. They always got what they wanted. As Jim had dared to ask shyly if he also could go to the ball, he had gotten a “thunderstorm” in response.


He would very much have liked to go to the ball. There would be so many important people and probably he would be able to convince somebody that he was good enough to join Starfleet. Jim desired nothing more than to fly to the stars. But his stepfather had only answered his wish with disdainful laughter. “You are much too stupid for that. And somebody has to do the work on the farm. Are you thinking I would do this? It’s bad enough that I had to move in here because of your mother."


'But the money which she and dad had earned with the farm you took gladly', Jim thought bitterly. But even more than the wish to escape from the farm, he felt a longing deep inside, a longing to see Spock again. He had observed the prince once, when he traveled with a visitor from another world, and he had felt strangely touched by the slim, earnest Vulcan.




Finally the big day had come. Leila and Christine had gone to the ball – dressed up in their overwhelming costumes. Their father had driven them, so Jim was alone at the farm He sat lonely and sad in the kitchen picking out peas for the next day’s lunch.


Longingly he wondered to himself what could be happening at the embassy. He sighed: “I wish I could be there, too.” Suddenly a flash of light appeared before him and an oddly clothed person slowly took on consistency.


“Don’t be afraid”, she/he said. “I’m Leonard McCoy, a good fairy, but you can call me Bones. I’m here to help you. Because you were always such a dear boy, I will fulfill your greatest wish and send you to the Costume Ball in the Vulcan embassy."


 “But I can’t go", Jim answered as soon as he had recovered from this surprise. "I’ve got to take care of tomorrows lunch. The horses are still outside and I’ve got to feed the pigs and milk the cows."


“We will solve these problems immediately.” McCoy pulled a device looking like a saltshaker out of his clothes and waved it a few times around until it chirped. Suddenly a bowl of soup steamed on the stove. Jim’s eyes grew wide. “Your animals are also looked after", McCoy, explained.


 “But nevertheless I can’t go to the ball." Jim glanced down at himself. His jeans were dirty, the shirtsleeves torn, his feet stuck in dirty boots.


“I will solve this problem, too. " McCoy waved his device again and then Jim wore a velvet pair of pants, a long coat and noble slipper. His face was hidden behind an exotic mask


 “And how shall I go to the embassy? We only have one air-car and that is already gone with my step-father and his daughters." Jim still had little hope that he really would make it to the ball.


 “Hm?" McCoy looked around searchingly until, though the window, he saw the old tractor that was parked outside. He opened the window and pointed with his device in the direction of the tractor. Suddenly, in the same position, appeared a brand-new air-car.


Jim smiled with his whole face. “Thanks, Bones. " He would have liked to embrace his visitor, but wasn’t sure if this was allowed with a fairy.


“My pleasure, but please keep in mind, this magic only works until midnight. If the clock strikes twelve, all will change itself back into its old condition. If you’re not back...”




Jim trembled from excitement as he parked his air-car in front of the embassy. He still was unsure; would they really let him in? He hadn’t any invitation to show. His doubts of whether he would make it into the Ballroom and to Spock came back.


Fortunately his costume was obviously explanation enough for the man at the entrance. “My name is Tiberius”, he said, selecting his middle name, which only his dead parents had known. But the man just shook his had. “No need to tell your name.” Jim nodded as he remembered that the invitation had made it clear: everybody should remain as anonymous as possible to provide an fair choice.


When Jim entered the large hall he automatically held his breath because of all the splendor and wealth there. He came just in time as everyone was requested to stand up in a circle, so the prince could make his decision. Jim hurriedly took position.





Spock sighed inwardly as he stepped into the large hall. Although it didn’t seem appropriate for a Vulcan he hated this event. And yet he hated the thought of getting married soon more. He desired to travel to the stars in a starship and not to sit at home with a woman and children.


It had taken Sarek and Amanda a long time to convince their son of the necessity to choose a life partner. Finally Spock had agreed – merely because he wished to be spared more such discussions.  He wasn’t truly convinced.


And now he stood here and should choose his fate out of hundreds of unknown visitors. The public’s murmur stopped when Spock stepped nearer


The Vulcan closed his eyes as he started to walk around the circle. He tried to let himself be guided by his mental voice, but this many people confused him.


Suddenly he registered a very weak mental presence that seemed to be somewhat similar to his own. Like magic he was driven in this direction. As he reached his goal Spock opened his eyes and extended a hand. "Please, dance with me”, he said.




Jim let escape the breath he’d caught as Spock had entered the hall. The Vulcan was even prettier than he remembered him. Slender, with dark eyes, which seemed to look right into his soul. His black robe emphasized his exotic appearance even more.


As Spock stopped before him and voiced his question, Jim was so stunned that he could only nod his silent agreement. The Vulcan reached for his hand – and in the next moment Jim found himself dancing in Spock’s arms.


 “My t'hy'la", the Vulcan whispered softly into his ear. He felt like he was walking on clouds. And time seemed to stand still while he was dancing with Spock.


Maybe they had danced so for an hour or more, but suddenly Jim heard the tower-clock strike. He remembered McCoy’s voice: "…keep in mind, this magic only works until midnight." He extracted himself from the Vulcan’s arms. He didn’t dare to think about what may happen if he turned back to his old self in front of all these people.


As Jim flew out the hall and down the stairway to his aircar, he heard the Vulcan call behind him: “T'hy'la, wait! What is your name? Where can I find you?"


Jim did not notice that he lost one of his slippers on the stairway.




Jim landed rather hard on the farm’s ground because the air-car had changed to the old tractor before it was right in place.


Disappointed, he looked at his clothes, which were now old again. Jim groaned when he noticed that he had lost one of his boots. ‘The admiral will not be delighted when he has to buy me new pair’, he thought.




Great agitation ruled in the embassy the next day. After the sudden disappearance of his chosen mate, Spock had refused to choose another partner out of the guests. In his despair he had searched the whole house for some hint about the identity of his t'hy'la. Finally he had found the slipper on the stairway.


“I have to find the owner of the shoe”, he explained to his parents. They tried desperately to convince him that this plan was absolutely impossible. Hundreds of guests had been invited and because of the neutral costumes no one could even be certain which gender Spock’s choice had been.


Yet Spock insisted on his search. And finally Sarek agreed – less than one condition. “My son, you have one month. If you have not found your t'hy'la then, you will marry princess T'Pring. She is a choice from equal heritage."


Spock nodded. If he didn’t find his t'hy'la again, he wouldn’t care with whom he got married. He was absolutely sure that he could love only one person.




Naturally the news of Spock’s search had also reached the house of the admiral. His stepsisters were wondering who the unknown choice of the prince may be - and still hoped they could win him for themselves when he would visit the farm. Jim however was feeling badly during his hard working days and often sleepless nights.


In his memories he always saw the dark eyes of the Vulcan, who had looked so lovingly on him. Jim knew that he had fallen in love with Spock, but he knew also that this love would never find fulfillment. What could such an aristocrat like Spock really see in a poor farm boy like him? He just wasn’t from equal rank. 




Finally Spock’s search led him to the farm. Naturally Leila and Christine immediately welcomed him.


“Whom this shoe suits, he or she will becomes my bondmate”, the Vulcan declared and pulled the slipper out of his bag. Both girls tried but it was too large for Leila, and to small for Christine’s large feet. 


'Astonishing', Spock thought. 'I was certain to find my t'hy'la here.' He could feel that the related soul was nearby. “Is somebody else here, who fulfills the requirements?“ he asked.


Leila and Christine shook their heads, but suddenly a voice said from the door: " Jim, the son of the house."


Spock glanced with amazement at the strangely clothed person. But he sensed instinctively that the figure spoke the truth. "Where is he?"


“Out in the fields", Leila answered reluctantly. “But he was certainly not at the ball", Christine added.


Spock insisted nevertheless to see Jim. And so they called finally for him.


Jim lowered his eyes, ashamed as he stood in his dirty clothes in front of the Vulcan. Spock reached for his chin and raised it until he could look into the hazel eyes. As he saw the love showing in them he didn’t need his mental abilities to know that he had found his t'hy'la.


 “Put the shoe on!“ he ordered. Jim obeyed immediately – and of course the slipper fit perfectly. The girls gasped for air, shocked.


Spock smiled as he reached for Jim’s hand and led him to his air-car. Both had only eyes for each other and didn’t notice how the smiling figure near the door disappeared.




Soon there was a big wedding party in the embassy. Jim and Spock loved each other with fervor and on the wedding night…  but that I’ll tell you when you are older. In any case the couple went to the stars where they lived happily and contented on a big starship. And if they haven’t died, they still explore the universe together, full of love for each other."




“Now sleep, my little darling." Jim Kirk bent down and tenderly stroked an obstinate black curl from the forehead, then breathed a tender kiss on a pointed ear as two hazel eyes closed for the night’s sleep.


“Jim." Spock sounded amused. “Perhaps I should tell the bed-time-story tomorrow. You have given a very self-willed interpretation of this one. I cannot quite remember that in the terran fairy tale of Cinderella Vulcans appear."


 “I only tried to connect the best of both our worlds. We had agreed to raise our child in both cultures." Jim smiled his famous “Kirkian-smile” as he switched the light off and stepped with Spock into the neighboring room, closing the door behind him.


 “But I have my doubts that your somewhat odd use of our friends, colleagues and relatives in the story is good for this purpose." Spock remained skeptical. “And by the way what - according to your opinion – happened on the wedding night?"


“Come to bed with me, my Prince, and I’ll show you." Jim stepped close to his mate, and then kissed Spock tenderly on the mouth.


The Vulcan followed him willingly to the bed. 'With my t'hy'la life never becomes boring', was his last clear thought, before love and passion took them away for another happy night.