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Fandom. Star Trek TOS

Pairing: K/S

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Jim discovers some old Christmas-traditions, PWP

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Disclaimer: The characters in this story don’t belong to me. I only borrowed them for some fun. No moneymaking, no violation of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction. If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with this topic, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to T'Lin for the beta-reading. For all remaining errors, blame me.




„Jim, what is this?“ Spock asked astonished as he entered the cabin on board of the Enterprise he shared with his bondmate for nearly a year now.  In the three years since Jim had taking command of the ship, Spock had become accustomed to the fact that his Captain and lover loved the Christmas time and decorated his rooms with mistletoes and branches. But the scene he saw now was somewhat unusual, not to say astonishing. 


Their small living room was stuffed with things that definitely had not been there a few hours ago. On Jim's desk sat a grim looking wooden figure with bare teeth. A lever at the back of the figure pointed to some function that Spock couldn’t figure out at the moment. 


On the shelves sat winged ceramic figures which Spock identified as angels.  But what the two larger figures with the black and red robe and the pipes should represent he did not figure out just yet. On the floor, in front of the desk, swirled figures around some wooden disks. The wings of this strange device were obviously driven by the warmth expelled from burning candles. Everywhere in the room Spock saw candles; they were the only light sources. 


Finally Spock spotted a large, and obviously real, tree that stood near the divider between living and sleeping area and was draped over and over with glass balls and bells. 


Just as Spock was about to have a closer look at the tree, Jim went around the divider, an 'excuse-me-a-moment' smile on the lips. 


„During the time you were busy improving the central computer system of New-Germania, the chancellor showed me around. The inhabitants of the colony honour the old German Christmas traditions very much. They were kind enough to show me some old technologies, and to give me a few presents.“


That not everything had been a gift Jim kept to himself. He wasn’t in the mood for a discussion about his inability to spend his money meaningfully. A subject that he and Spock, of course, did not agree on. Really, he had better things in his mind right now. 


Jim pointed at the meal table. „I took the liberty to order a typically German Christmas meal for us.“


He pointed to something round and white as he set down.  „Dumplings are made out of potatoes. You can eat them unconcerned. The roasted goose will surely be nothing for you, but I have ordered extra fruit and vegetables. And,“ he pointed at wrinkled fruits,  „you have to try the baked apples and prunes.“


Spock nodded quietly. He would rather have preferred a simple Plomeek soup, but of course he couldn’t deny his bondmate this meal. Especially not since Jim had put so much effort in it and obviously was so enthusiastic about everything. 


Not bothering his full mouth Jim told him enthusiastically about his experiences and observations on the planet. And so Spock learned the meanings of all the strange figures that decorated the room. 


„Those are called Racherma or Räuchermännchen, “ Jim said and stood up. Spock watched how he inflamed two little uvulas at a candles and then put them into the red and black figure with the pipes. Immediately these began to smoke out of there open mouths. 


„This shall exude a typical Christmas aroma,“ Jim explained and took his seat again. 


When the aroma spread gradually through the room, Spock lifted his head with surprise and sniffed. Jim saw the sudden movement of his bondmate who had become abruptly pale. „Spock, is something wrong with the meal?“


The Vulcan shook his head.  „Jim, is this aroma sandalwood?“ Spock’s eyelids were suddenly fluttering nervously.


„Yes, why?“ Jim seemed honestly worried by Spock’s strange reaction. 


„Sandalwood is a strong, and quickly potent, aphrodisiac for Vulcan’s.“ Spock evidently had dificulty speaking quietly and in a controlled manor. 


„I did not know that.“ Jim’s surprised sound somehow didn’t seem to be very reliably, especially because his eyes were glittering suspiciously. “Does this mean those little things are making you horny, dear?“ He smiled. Suddenly goose and dumplings were completely forgotten. 


Spock inhaled violently, then voiced laboriously: „I can not control...  Jim, I need...“ He was despair and pleading at once. 


Jim, always a man of quick decisions, pushed his chair aside and rose. „In that case, I would say we should proceed quickly to the bedroom.“


Spock still possessed enough frame of mind to snuff out the candles. A fire-alarm in this situation would have been really too embarrassing. 


When he reached the bedroom, Jim already lay naked on the bed. Spock admired the muscular shape of his bondmate’s body for a short moment, then lost no further time. He undressed himself in nothing, then pressed himself closely against Jim’s exciting body. 


Jim registered some surprise when Spock’s cock pressed against his thighs was already fully erected. Spock began to kiss and to stroke his lover immediately. 


The Vulcan’s hot hands and lips seemed to be everywhere simultaneously on Jim’s body and to set him on fire. Jim groaned as Spock’s mouth closed over one of his nipples. 


He loved it when Spock took the initiative in bed. Then the Vulcan could hardly be stopped. Not that he wanted to, of course. Unfortunately for Jim, Spock seldom let his volcanic powers and the hidden fires deep inside him rule.


Jim knew that Spock enjoyed their intimacy just as much as he did. But since Spock’s Pon Farr, which six months ago had consolodated their already existing six-month relationship, Jim had been the dominating force in their lovemaking.


Which made him enjoy, all the more, the ability to simply lie back, and be ruled. Spock’s dominating behaviour aroused him unbelievably. He hd never been as hard as he was right now.


Jim groaned loudly as Spock’s mouth closed over his cook and began to suck him hard. Impatiently, Jim drove himself deeper into the enticing, hot mouth. Yet as Spock shoved, without warning, a finger into his anus, it was too much excitement. 


Jim screamed: „Oh God, Spock!“ and poured his seed into the desirously drinking mouth. The Vulcan swallowed each drop of it. As he then lifted his head Jim saw a fire in the dark eyes, which he hadn’t seen for months. „Jim, I need…, “ Spock gasped.


„Take what you need.“ Jim opened his legs invitingly. Spock possessed just enough self-control to prepare himself with some of the always laying at hand cream before he pulled Jim onto his thighs. He spread the cheeks, entered him then with a strong thrust.


Jim noticed, to his surprise, that he, in spite of his recent orgasm, and in spite of - or perhaps because of, Spock’s hard penetration - he was immediately getting hard again. 


He felt Spock moving powerfully inside, stroking his prostate gland again and again. The feelings the Vulcan released in him with this action just were incredible. Jim groaned his ecstasy out aloud. „More Spock! Hard! Give em all!“ He just couldn’t get enough from his lover. 


He wanted to feel Spock inside himself, for now and ever, as deep as possible. Yet all to soon it was too much for both of them. When Spock drove his head back with a loud „Jim!“-cry on his lips, he released himself into Jim’s body. Jim came at the some moment, calling his bondmate’s name again and again. 


„That was fantastic.“ Jim kissed Spock as the Vulcan was sinking exhausted next to him in the pillows. Jim snuggled satisfied closely to his beloved. ‚The money for the 100 sandalwood-candles was really well spent, ’ he thought before sleep slowly claimed  him. ‚But I have to come up with something now to justify their use outside of Christmas-’