Title:                Playing games

Author:            Lady Charena <LadyCharena@aol.com>

Series:             TOS

Part:                NEW

Rating:             NC-17

Codes:             K/S, a/r

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Summary: Reunion aboard the Enterprise...

Note: This is the sequel to "One-night-love". It's not required - but might be helpful - to read this one first.

You can find it at *http://home.dencity.com/TOSTwins/KSlash.htm* - follow the link *Lady Charenas Fiction*. You can find there also stories from my dear friend T'Len.

Some slight references to the TOS-episode: "Where no man has gone before".


Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns all Star Trek. I borrowed a small part from it, to have some playtime with the Boys. The story is mine - no moneymaking or offence of copyrights intended.

If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with m/m-relations and -sex - sorry, you've picked the wrong story for your entertainment.


Please be patient with any errors, English is not my native language. My deepest gratitude to T'Boy.


To all, who pushed <g>, dared <g>... ah, encouraged me to write a sequel...<BG> Thanks to you all!!



Playing games


by Lady Charena

Oct. 00



Nervous butterflies danced in the pit of his stomach, as the familiar sparkle of the transporter propelled him toward his destination.


'My ship...' his first thought, as he opened his eyes (never knowing when he closed them), drinking in the sight of the transporter room as if it were a totally new experience for him.


Well, he was kind of new to this - he had never before been Captain of a Starship.


And this wasn't just a ship - this was *the* famous Enterprise. Jim regretted, he missed the opportunity to meet Chris Pike, her former Captain, who had already taken his leave.


His gaze flew over the honour-guard formed from security, and settled on Admiral Nogura. The older man - nearly bristling with pride, as much as the stern Asian features were able to reveal - had been his mentor since the day he entered Starfleet Academy.


"Permission to come aboard, Admiral?"


"Permission granted, Captain Kirk. Welcome aboard the Enterprise. She's all yours, Jim."


At this moment realisation hit -*his*- and the butterflies vanished. Calmly he took the offered hand.


* * *


"Jim, now I want you to meet some of your officers," Nogura said, while they walked through a short corridor. "There have been some last minute changes, that's why I couldn't send you the records earlier. But on this first mission there will be enough time for you to become familiar with the rest of your crew."


Kirk smiled. "I *do* like surprises, Admiral." The door to the briefing-room slid open and they entered.


* * *


"At ease," he said quietly, listening to his own - amazingly - calm voice. His first order as Captain...


A small smile played around Nogura's lips, as he said: "May I present your chief navigator, Jim? I don't think I have to introduce you to him."


"Welcome aboard, Captain." A startlingly familiar grin accompanied the formal words.


"Gary!" Gary Mitchell, a friend since their time at the Academy. They had served together for a while, till Mitchell was transferred to another vessel in direct need of a helmsman, a few months before. "You're here? You're my chief navigator? But I thought you decided to stay aboard the 'Union'?"


Mitchell shrugged. "Somebody has to keep an eye on you." A beaming grin was directed at him, as they shook hands, exchanging some affable chatter.


Nogura cleared his throat.


"We'll have more time for talking later, Gary," Kirk said, assuming the role of the Captain once more.


The Admiral gestured towards the next officer. "Dr. Piper, your CMO. He will stay aboard only till Dr. McCoy's arrival."

Startlingly young eyes in a wrinkled, tired face sized him up. The physician just nodded.


"Dr. McCoy is another old friend of yours, isn't he?" Nogura asked, as they crossed the room.


"Yes, we've known each other for quite a long time now..." He broke off.


His heartbeat sped up, his throat became dry as he gazed at the one man he hadn't expect to see here. Never expected to see again at all.


A Vulcan.




And the butterflies were back...


* * *


Nogura spoke - but it took a moment till he could hear - and comprehend - the words.


"... your science and first officer, Mr. Spock. I hope, you will soon achieve a satisfactory relationship."


'You bet...' Kirk nodded only, not trusting his voice now. His gaze met dark vulcan eyes, drawing him as a magnet would iron.


* * *


But the calm in the stern, controlled face was faked.


As *he* entered, the room seemed to blur and Spock had to close his eyes. This could not possibly happen...


But as he opened them again, *he* was still here. The man he had met at the bar, who he had been drawn to as he'd never been before, to anyone - Jim. The man he had called 't'hy'la' in the throes of passion... was his Captain.

And now *he* crossed the room, talking quietly to Admiral Nogura at his side.


Taking a deep breath, Spock calmed himself, grasped his control more firmly, and met the blazing amber eyes of his one-night-lover.


* * *


Yes, there was recognition in the dark orbs, and heat and fire - like during that one night of passion.


Jim opened his mouth, without having actually any clue what to say...


The Vulcan dropped his gaze for a moment to the floor. When he met the human's eyes again, Spock's were carefully blank.


The Vulcan offered his peoples traditional greeting. "Captain Kirk."


This voice... he had heard moaning and crying out his name... was nearly his undoing.


Jim blushed furiously.


He stared at the raised hand - the parted, slender fingers... and remembered their heat, wrapped around his cock, milking him slowly, the Vulcan buried deep inside him...


He settled for a nod. "Mr. Spock," he said. "I'm looking forward to a... tour of the ship at your earliest convenience."


"Of course, Captain. As you wish."


He already loved the sound of this.


* * *


As soon as the formal introductions were finished, Kirk started to look for his new first officer to hold him to that promised tour of the ship... and maybe to a somewhat more *private tour*, too...


There he was - slightly aside from the rest of the crew, sipping at a glass filled with a reddish fluid. As Jim watched, the tip of Spock's tongue emerged between thin lips, to lick off a droplet in the corner of his mouth...


Heat gathered in his belly, to spread through his body. Kirk yearned to kiss him.


He started to cross the room - but Gary spotted him after a few steps and stopped him. "Hey, Jim, wait."


Kirk turned to him, his smile not hiding the annoyance in his eyes. "Gary, later. I just want to talk to..."


The other man followed Jim's involuntary gaze to the nearby Vulcan. And grinned, pushing the second glass he carried in Kirks hand. "Same taste for exotic beauties as ever," he mocked him. "Jim, forget it. He's a Vulcan. Don't waste your time - he's a living iceberg..."


"Sounds like the voice of experience," Kirk murmured ironically. He returned his eyes to his old friend, slightly surprised to find him serious this time.


Gary shrugged. "None personal - hell, wouldn't dream of it. I have an old friend aboard, she's been serving for four years in the science department. She told me a bit about my new colleagues. He can turn you down with a single gaze."


"Interesting," he answered, non-committal, taking a sip of his drink - without really tasting it.


"Surely not as interesting as your leave. I've heard you've been in San Francisco since you docked?" Gary asked.


"Yes, I was granted an extra five-days-leave, till the refit of the Enterprise was finished." His eyes travelled to the Vulcan anew. "And made some... fascinating... acquaintances. My... accommodations... proved to be most satisfying. You would be surprised."



A shadow crossed Spock's face - not missed by the human. But at that moment they were interrupted, Admiral Nogura taking his leave from the ship.


* * *


A few minutes later, after seeing the Admiral off, Kirk returned to the briefing room.



He knew Spock had overheard his talk with Gary. Those sexy pointed ears with their superior vulcan hearing couldn't have missed a single word. Strangely exciting - but somewhat scary - at the same time.


Slowly the Vulcan turned and met his eyes. Something moved in the dark orbs - but he couldn't call it a name. Anger? Or desire?


"May we now start with the tour?" Jim asked, smiling innocently.


Spock nodded after a moment, his eyes directed on the cool lips...


Then they turned in unison to leave the briefing room - and their shoulders brushed.


Spock closed his eyes, fighting a hot stab of desire. He groaned inwardly.

First his voice, his scent - and now his touch... He heard Jim gasp as they collided.


This was nearly too much for the young Vulcan to keep his composure.


Some of his inner turmoil must have been reflected in his face, because Kirk touched his forearm. "Everything all right with you?" he asked quietly.


Spock nodded - again grabbing for some measure of control - and this time he succeeded. He just stepped aside, dislodging the human's hand with the motion.

"I am well, Captain."


* * *


He had planned to talk to the Vulcan privately the first opportunity which would arise. To tell him something very important...


But there was none.

During the tour through the ship's facilities, they were never alone for an extended amount of time. And the Vulcan kept carefully his distance.


After this, both of them were far too busy. Kirk with assuming his command, trying to get to know his crew and the ship, and Spock with a minor - but extremely bothersome - computer malfunction, which made him stay late in the labs.


* * *


For nearly two months, they prowled around each other.


Jim determined to reach behind that stoic Vulcan mask - and Spock, not to let him do this. The fire between them always ready to kindle.


They started to play chess regularly, after discovering this mutual interest - sitting for hours in a quiet corner of the recreation room. Never talking much during these games - at least not with their mouths.


But there were other ways of communication - in the recreation room as well as outside. Exchanged gazes over the chess-board, as well as across the bridge or at shared meals... a brush of fingers, reaching in the same instant for a disk or a pad... their shoulder's touching every time they entered the lift together...


Uncounted times Spock turned, while standing on his station on the bridge, to find the eyes of his Captain upon him. Kirk just smiled... that passionate, seductive smile... crossing his legs.

And more than once it was the Vulcan who had to avert his eyes.


Uncounted times the Vulcan watched him, his eyes very dark and very alive - and well hooded. Across the table in the mess - or the chessboard, drinking in the sight of the human. Indulging a hunger, he had not known he possessed at this depth.


And from time to time, Jim met his gaze... acknowledging the need, the hunger -his own freely shown.


* * *


Another night - another game. And maybe it was *just* chess, they played...


Spock moved one of his figures, lifting his eyes to catch the human's reaction. But Jim's gaze was concentrated on the pawn he held in his hands.




The human lifted his eyes. Amber eyes... totally unreadable for the first time. Then Kirk smiled.


"Sorry, Spock. I was just... thinking."


After a little eternity, Jim moved his gaze back to the chessboard, releasing the Vulcan.


Spock watched him, while Kirk brooded over his counter-move.


"You are obviously troubled. Is there anything I can do for you, Captain?" Spock mustered his best innocent air, one eyebrow climbing up to the raven hair, as the human looked at him.


Kirk smiled. "My name is Jim..." He said it exactly in the same voice he'd used in the bar. "We're off duty now."


This time the Vulcan averted his eyes. "This would be an... inappropriate... familiarity." The sparkle of amusement was gone.



"Really *inappropriate*, Spock?" Kirk asked quietly. He got no answer.


"Spock, look..."


"Will you excuse me, Captain? It is late." Something vibrated in the Vulcan's voice - not quite a warning... and maybe not quite a plea.


Spock got up.


For a moment, Jim chewed at his lower lip. When did things go so wrong? A minute ago, they were at a - really promising - amicable banter. And now?


"Of course, we can finish the game another time," he said, remembering that Spock still waited for permission to leave. "Good night."


The Vulcan nodded and turned.




The already straight back stiffened more, but Spock waited for him to continue.


"Would... to love... be such a sin for a Vulcan?" he asked quietly, for the Vulcan's ears alone.


There - he had done it. Spoken the forbidden word... Now it was up to Spock.


Slowly the Vulcan turned. There was a pained look in the dark eyes, the face otherwise controlled. "Not a... sin," he answered quietly. "An impossibility."


Their eyes met, as the human got to his feet too, crossing the little distance between them. Their surroundings forgotten - the fact there were others in this room, too.


"Why?" he asked soft, reaching out to touch a thin shoulder. "Why, Spock?"


"Because we are, what we are." With this, he retreated another step, dislodging the human's hand. "Good night, Captain."


He watched as Kirk closed his eyes, wincing slightly - as if he had been hit.

Then the human spread his arms in a gesture of defeat.


Love. A Feeling. A disease - a madness... he had been taught, his whole life. What ever had been between the two of them that night months ago... was past...

Spock turned and left the recreation room.


The next day, they picked up the buoy from the "Valiant"... and then, things really started to get worse.


* * *


It was the silence afterwards, which bothered Spock.


Jim had asked him to come to his quarters to compare their reports about the events down on Delta-Vega. This was done quickly, with few alterations needed.



Now they were sitting in the human's office, Spock watching his Captain across the distance of the desk between them. Jim was nursing his Brandy, gazing into the shimmering depth of liquid. His shoulders slumped down, his head bent - the whole body communicated exhaustion. Or maybe defeat?


He knew that Mitchell had been an old friend of Kirk's...


Suddenly he lifted his head, gazing at the rapt Vulcan. "Sorry, Spock. I really don't feel much like talking tonight."


"I do not mind to be silent with you, Jim." He had not meant to say the human's name instead of Captain...


Kirk put his glass down. He reached across the desk and touched the Vulcan's wrist. "Thanks for being here, Spock. Will you stay? Just for some time, I don't want to be alone right now."


As the Vulcan nodded, he released him.


"He was jealous of you, did you know?" Jim asked after a while. "Gary, I mean."

He didn't wait for an answer. "That's why he used every occasion to ridicule you." His gaze directed at the wall, he didn't see Spock's raising eyebrow either.


"Jealous?" the Vulcan repeated. "Has he been your..." He broke off, startled by the harsh sound of his words.


Jim looked at him. "Lover? No.", he answered levelly. "Not like you."


Awkward silence filled the room. Spock averted his gaze. Kirk sipped on his drink, his eyes never leaving the Vulcan's face.


"You can't forgive me, am I right?" The words sounded angry. The glass landed with a dull sound on the desk as Jim got to his feet.


"Forgive you?" There was confusion in the flat voice, but Spock refused to look at him.


"For seducing you. For making you feel. Call it what you want. For reminding you of it - every time we look at each other."


Spock got up. "Permission to return to my quarters, Captain," he said toneless and turned, without waiting for an answer.


"Stop, Mister. We're not finished yet." Passing around the desk, he covered the few steps to the motionless Vulcan.


"You can't forgive yourself, that's the real problem, isn't it? " He stopped, taking a deep breath to calm himself. "Look, Spock, this won't work. If we can't resolve this now, how are we supposed to work together in the future?"


No answer.


"We are, what we are," he mimicked Spock. "Remember?"


"It is *not* my habit to participate in meaningless encounters," the Vulcan's voice sounded as stiff as his back.


"It wasn't meaningless - at least not for me." Jim touched his shoulder. "Spock, please. Look at me."


After a moment the Vulcan turned, his face closed off.



"I don't deny that I was just searching for some... entertainment... as I approached you. I'd been curious about you. But I hadn't planned on falling in love with you the first time I looked in your eyes."


Slowly he lifted his hand to trace the Vulcan's features, mirroring every touch of that long-ago night in the hotel. "I *do* love you," he said quietly, brushing a fingertip over thin lips.


Then he retreated one step. It was now up to Spock.


The Vulcan did not answer for a long time. "You are playing a dangerous game, Captain."


Kirk shrugged. "Maybe one I don't know all the rules for, you're right. But you're at stake."


"Why are you so sure, that I *do* feel for you?" Spock asked.


The human closed the distance between them. "T'hy'la," he whispered. "You've called me t'hy'la. I know it's meaning, spent a few hours with research, before I took command."


Spock had closed his eyes. The seductive voice, calling him in this intimate manner... tested his control heavily. And the soft touch of cool lips on his own sealed his surrender.


Jim smiled, as vulcan arms closed around his shoulders. "Stay tonight," he whispered, as they came up for air.


The Vulcan shook his head. "No, Jim. We both need time to think things over."

He extricated himself slowly from the human's arms. With a last, lingering kiss, he stifled Kirk's protest.


Then he left.


* * *


It was late in the evening the next day, as Spock returned to his quarters.

He and Jim had had a quiet dinner together, words neither wanted nor needed. They had agreed to play chess, later, in the human's quarters.


Stripping off his clothes, he decided to take a shower first.


* * *


For a while, he revelled in the hot water pouring over his body, soothing away the lingering tension of the past day. Strangely comforting in spite of his desert-born ancestry.



A sudden gush of cold air caused him to turn. Jim stood in the open door of the shower stall. He was naked.


*Déjà vu.*


"Got caught in the rain?" Jim asked grinning. "Need some help?"


Silently the Vulcan moved to the wall, to make room for the human, stepping in.


"Do you mind, if I skip playing games tonight?" he asked. "We've done it for too long."


Their eyes met - and then their lips. Strong vulcan arms settled around Jim's waist, crushing their bodies under the spray together.


He groaned into the eager mouth of his lover, as his elbow impacted painfully with the hard tiles of the wall.


"Spock..." he whispered, his lips brushing the Vulcan's ear, "As much as I'd like a repeat of the last time... it's far too cramped in here."


He retreated slightly to gaze in black eyes, Spock's pupils fully dilated.

"Why don't you go ahead and wait for me in your bed?"


For a moment it seemed that the Vulcan did not want to let go, but with a last kiss he nodded, turned, and left.


Jim rushed through the routine of cleaning and drying.


* * *


Without bothering himself with clothes, he entered Spock's quarters a few minutes later.


The Vulcan's bed was empty, but he spotted his lover standing in front of the fire-shrine.


Stepping behind him, he settled his arms around the trim waist. "Second thoughts?" he asked quietly.


Spock shook his head. "No. I was merely... remembering." A shiver ran through his body, as Jim kissed his neck.


Kirk smiled, one of his hands sliding to the fastener of Spock's robe - the other deeper, to brush over the growing hardness beneath the material.

"Seems your memory works well..."


The robe fell on the floor, as Spock turned to him. "Not only my memory, Jim."


* * *


Just the tip of his tongue circled around cool lips, now slightly swollen from their kissing. Hands slid over moist skin, traced the relaxed body beneath his.

Slowly his mouth followed the path of his fingers, touching, tasting, learning anew.


"You're insatiable, aren't you?" Silver laughter followed the lazy words.


Spock did not answer, he just swept his tongue over hardening nubs, earning a gasp. Sliding slowly deeper, he tasted their mingled seed, pooling on the human's belly. Drawing patterns on silken skin with one fingertip.


A small smile played around his lips, as Jim reached for his head, pushing him gently deeper. His cheek brushed over the half-erect cock and he turned his face, to lick along it's length, tearing a moan from his lover.

He disentangled himself from the human's grip, sat up to kneel between the spread thighs.


Jim watched him from beneath lowered lashes, but as the hot, wet mouth engulfed him, he had to close his eyes. Fleetingly touches on his inner thighs, fingers cradling his balls... he gripped the sheet tighter, not to grab for Spock's head and to thrust into the beloved mouth.

It didn't take long. Arching against the touch, he came with a strangled cry, his seed covering Spock's waiting hands.


He had nearly no time to recover his breath, his whole body quivering with the relief of orgasm, as the first finger entered him.


Spock spread more semen over the tight opening, pushing a second digit in. Barely holding enough control, not to plunge heedless into the cool body. He brushed over the human's prostate and Jim arched against him, moaning. He lifted his head, to lock eyes with his lover, desire and love obvious and unashamed in his eyes. He received a dazzling smile and a slight nod of the fair head. Pulling slowly back his fingers, he coated his own erection with more semen. Lifting Jim's hips on his thighs, he pushed in.


Their eyes never left each other, till orgasm claimed them again.


* * *


Some time later...


"Jim, I... will you allow me to touch your mind?"


"I've read about Vulcan's being telepaths." It sounded somewhat hesitant.


Spock traced Jim's lips with the tip of one finger. "I do not want to force you to do something you do not want," he said. "It is not important right now."

He settled himself on his back, beside the too silent human.


For some time he drifted in the sweet exhaustion of aftermath - till a cool hand suddenly grasped his.


"Spock?" He turned his head, to face the human.


"But it *is* important for you, isn't it?" inquired Jim.


The Vulcan gazed at their joined hands. "Yes," he answered after a moment. "The mind-meld is essential for Vulcans. If we continue with this relationship, even more so..."


"If?" the human cut in. "You don't intend to sneak out in the morning like the last time, do you?"


"This is somewhat unlikely, Jim. But we do not have to decide our entire future now." He brushed the curl out of Kirk's forehead.


"But it *is* a possibility to keep you from running away in the morning?" Jim insisted, his eyes serious in spite of the teasing sound of his words. "I don't want to lose you again. I might be not so lucky to find you a second time."


"Indeed, t'hy'la." A small smile played around thin lips. "You will not lose me again," Spock whispered against a cool mouth. And something in his eyes made it a promise...