Fuck the Devil






Series. TOS

Pairing: Chekov/Ardra, K/S implied

Code: NC-17, au, bdsm, nc

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Summary: Security Chief Chekov has his own interrogation methods

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Disclaimer: Paraborg/Viacom owns the whole Star Trek universe. I only borrowed a little part of it for some fun. No moneymaking, no offence of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction.


If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with explicit sex, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. T'Lin did a really great job to correct my errors, not to mention all the suggestions she gave. My greatest gratitude to her. For all remaining errors, blame me. Thanks also to T'Boy, even when she didn't like het, she was of much assistance, and to my dear friend Lady Charena for her never failing support.


Note: I have to give some explanations for this story. Ardra appears in the TNG ep. "The Devil's Due", but the plot was originally written for the never realized second TOS series. As I watched this ep. I found that the whole plot and the characters would have fit more with Kirk & co than with Picard and his ppl. So I decided to go back to the roots and bring Ardra together with the ppl. she was supposed to be with. Another idea from the second series was that Chekov became Chief of Security. This fact in also part of the background of this story. This is not the mirror-universe, but Chekov, Kirk and Spock are nevertheless not nice guys. So that's still a strange AU-scenario. If you don't like this, you shouldn't read.


You have to imagine this situation: Kirk has dealt with Ardra on the planet. She is now imprisoned on board the Enterprise. Chekov has to interrogate her. They are in a cell, sitting on opposite sides of a small table.




"What's your real name?"


"Where do you come from?"


"Who was your accomplice?"

For the tenth time, Pavel Chekov had voiced these questions. And for thetenth time, the only answer he got was a shake of the head. The youngSecurity Chief was slowly but surely losing his patience. He was stillrelatively new to the job, but felt strongly that he was the right man forit. A noncooperative prisoner, however, wasn't good for his reputation. He groaned inwardly and tried again.


"What's your real name?"


"Where do you come from?"


"Who was your accomplice?"


Again there were only shakes of the head. A beautiful head, Paveladmitted to himself. The woman was very attractive. He could feel a certain part of his body respond to the view before him. Automatically his left hand traveled to his groin and stroked his organ, which was becoming stiff, through his trousers. That Ardra wasn't cooperative only made her more desirable for him. He always liked to make his conquests the more forceful way.


He made a decision. "Will you answer me."?


More silence. He rose to his feet and walked around the table. He hauled her to her feet and shook her. "Then I will make you answer me."


For the first time since she was brought on board, the mysterious woman broke her silence. "You can torture me, but I will not answer."


Pavel smiled. "I have no intention of torturing you. There are better methods."


With this he pulled her close and pressed their bodies together. He could feel her surprise as his hard penis rubbed against her. Pavel put his arms around her and whispered in her ear. "Will you answer my questions or shall I take you right now?"


Instead of an answer she clawed her fingernails in his back. If she hoped this might make him change his thoughts, she was wrong.


Pavel grinned. "You're a wild cat. I like this."


He lifted her chin with his right hand and pressed his lips to hers, capturing her mouth in a strong kiss. He forced her lips open and inserted his tongue. And then he felt a sharp bite.


Pavel pushed her aside. "That's enough." He growled. "You will not play with me."


With rough force he pushed her onto the narrow bed, letting himself fall on top of her. He pressed her down with his weight. "Will you answer me now?"


Ardra shook her head and tried to fight him. Pavel captured her arms and drove them above her head. He pushed until they were both secured in strong chains. Then he eased up from her. He captured her kicking legs and secured them with two other chains on the end of the bed.


"Will you answer me now?" But the head was shaken again."Then let's see what will come from your stubbornness."


Pavel pulled a knife out his boot and slit her clothes open. As the woman lay naked before him, he licked his lips. Indeed this was a very pleasant view. She had nice curves and her exposed genitals were a tempting invitation.


Pavel knelt between the wide spread legs and bent down to lick and kiss the soft breasts. After he had thoroughly worshiped them, he took a hard nipple in his mouth and sucked. Pavel smiled inwardly as he remembered the teasing name Sulu had once given him for his preference to suck nipples: Big baby.


On the way from one nipple to the other Pavel raised his had. He saw that Ardra had closed her eyes. "Will you answer me now?"


"No." The woman shouted. "I will tell your captain what you're doing."


"Oh really." Pavel couldn't hide the sarcasm in his voice. "Whom do you think he will believe more? His trusted Security Chief or a stranger who is already de-masked as a liar?"


He set his attention on the second nipple then licked down Ardra's body until he was kissing her genitals. For the next minutes Pavel continued with his ministrations up and down the attractive female body, arousing her and himself further.


Even if Ardra might not be completely human, her anatomy was - thankfully - equal enough that he knew how to please her. He had no intention of hurting her. Just the opposite. He knew well that a rape wouldn't make her speak. But he would make her beg for his touch ... and then she would have to tell him first.


He already could feel that her resistance was vanishing. She tried to fight her arousal but without much success as her raged breath and trashing head indicated. Ardra still had closed her eyes, but the moans she couldn't stifle completely were signs of pleasure not of pain.


Pavel captured her head and pressed his lips against hers. This time - for safety - he abandoned on open-mouthed kiss. He had no intention of being bitten again.


As Pavel got the feeling that the woman was more than ready, he eased off the bed to remove his clothes. He lovingly stroked his rock hard penis as he freed it. "Open your eyes." He ordered.


As the woman obeyed, he turned around so that Ardra could clearly see his well endowed manhood. For a brief moment he was tempted to make her suck him but he decided that this might be too risky. No, I good fuck was the better choice.


"I'm going to put this in you." He stated. "Or will you answer me now?"


"No!" She closed her eyes again. "You can rape me but I will not answer."


"I have no intention of raping you." Pavel knelt between her thighs. "I'll give pleasure to you and I'll make you beg for it."


With great self-insurance he bent down to kiss her once more. Then he raised her ass. As he teased her opening with one finger, he said: "I love to fuck asses, too. Probably I shall take you there ... later. But first, we're doing it the old-fashioned way."


And then Pavel pushed his cock in her. 'Slowly, go slowly.' he reminded himself. The urge to thrust deep and hard was nearly overwhelming, but he could afford to be gentle.


Once his shaft was fully in, he started to move. He moved and moved, pulled out and pushed back again and again - until he nearly lost track of the time. Eventually he bent down again for more licking and kissing.


Beneath him, Ardra thrashed in her chains. The longer Pavel fucked her, he could feel her resistance braking. Yes ... she was hot and ready now ... and she was enjoying his fuck. Pavel could tell. He was proud of his skills to please every lover.


He asked her once again. "Will you answer me now?"




Pavel knew they both would come soon if he continued his trusts. So he eased back from her with great effort and let his organ slip free.


Her eyes flew open as she realized he had withdrawn, and a groan escaped her. Pavel climbed out of the bed and reached for his clothes.


He saw the surprise in her eyes as she asked: "Where are you going?"


"I have my duty." he replied. "I can't lay here with you for the whole day."


She was shocked. He knew it. To deny her an orgasm in the last moment was a torture she couldn't stand. She needed to come and she needed it soon. She thrashed in her chains trying to break free and touch herself. But of course, she had no chance. She groaned, frustrated.


Pavel stepped closer and smiled at her, stoking his own cock leisurely with his left hand. "I don't need you to satisfy my needs. I can touch myself and make me come. But for you, satisfaction will not be granted."


He traced his right hand lovingly over her breasts. "My people will hold you in a constant state of arousal, but you will never reach climax. Do you know that one can die from constant sexual stimulation?"


She moaned. "Please!"


"Please what? You have to beg for it." he ordered.


She bit her lips, obviously trying to calm down but Pavel's traveling hand still aroused her. "Please make me come. Fuck me!"


Pavel climbed onto the bed again. Once more seating himself between her thighs. "For the last time I will ask you. Will you answer my questions?"


Her resistance was broken. "Yes. Yes, I'll answer you."


Pavel Chekov cried out in triumph as he rammed in her again. He had proven worthy of his job, he would please his captain with the answers and as a bonus he would have a damn good fuck.




"Mr. Chekov's interrogation methods are somewhat ... err, unusual." Captain James Kirk switched the monitor off and turned to his First Officer, standing by his site.


A Vulcan eyebrow rose. "Indeed. But nevertheless very effective."


Jim glanced at the growing bulge in Spock's pants and licked his lips. "And inspiring."