2001 Silver Labia Award: First Place Best Single Trek Variant – Non-Voyager (tie).


Another Pair of Helping Hands









Series. DS9

Pairing: KO’B/D

Code: NC-17

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Summary: First time

Series: AGU, The opposite part to “A Pair of Helping Hands

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Disclaimer: Paraborg/Viacom owns the whole Star Trek universe. I only borrowed a little part of it for some fun. No moneymaking, no offence of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction.


If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with m/m-sex and relationships, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to T’Lin and Lady Charena for the quick beta. For all remaining errors, blame me.




Your tender hands at my shoulder wake me. I must have fallen asleep on the pilot's seat. Observing the wormhole during its time of inactivity is really boring. I wonder why you have been so enthusiastic about accompanying me.


The wormhole has nothing to do with botany - your special branch. I guess you where just happy to flee your home for a while. Oh, I can imagine how unnerving it can be, being glued to an old space station somewhere in the middle of nowhere with a little child and a husband which never has time for you because of his work. On the other hand you feel somehow useless because your skills are not asked for here.


As I said I would like to have someone on board for the three-day-observing-mission - just so I wouldn't be alone - you volunteered.


"Ouch!" I stretch my shoulders - or better I try - but the uncomfortable position, in which I had fallen asleep, left a cramp in my back. "Damn!" Okay, I know to curse is not ladylike but who cares. I have an over 300 years old "worm" in me and he, or more precisely his hosts, have said enough other - "harder" - things over the years.


"Shall I give you a massage, Jadzia? It would help." I hastily agree. "I knew there was a reason I didn't want to take this trip alone, Keiko." I say. Of course the chance of your small hands erasing my pain is only one of the pleasant aspects. I'm just as happy to have someone to talk.


I'm surprised about the strength with which I feel you kneed my shoulders now. Your hands are looking so small. I know other people look strangers at first in the eyes but I have a certain preference for hands. Something I guess I have inherited from Emony. A smile crosses my face as I remember - for a brief moment only - a certain young doctor. He really was talented.


You looked somewhat fragile to me at first, but obviously this is only a fallacy. “Hm” I purr. I already feel better now. Your hands are working wonders on my cramped shoulders. Who was it that enjoyed visiting traditional Japanese geisha-houses? Curzon I think. But then a shoulder-massage was not all that he got.


"If you care to lay down in the bunk a can do more for you." Huh, your voice startles me. Somehow my thoughts had drifted away.


"What?" Surely not the most intelligent question in my life but you seem not to bother.


"I can't do much for you when you are dressed and sitting" you explain. "Your back is still cramped."


I rise to my feet. Why not? The sensors work well and will notify us when something unusual happens with the wormhole. Besides, this trip has been so boring, we might as well have some fun while we're waiting.


I pull my shirt over my head and step in the back part of the runabout. The bunks are narrow but better then nothing. I notice that you go to the replicator before I lay down on my belly.


A moment later I feel your hands again on my shoulders - and also something moist. I smell but can't detect its aroma. You curse. "This replicator is... shit. I asked him for a massage-oil and what I got was this... damn nothing. If we were at home I would have a traditional oil for you but unfortunately this has to do it now."


"It's not important for me," I try to soothe you. And it really does not matter for me. Your presence is more important to me and I start to enjoy your… work.


"It's not the same," you sigh.


Okay, I'm not that familiar with your traditions, probably I should shut my mouth.


You rub the oil now in my skin. It does not smell good but it feels pleasant warm. It's only a question of a few seconds until I feel your hands loose the knots in my muscles. Ah yes, that's really good. Maybe I can make you be my masseur forever.


You are a maestro with your hands. I wonder where you have learned this. It's surely not a standard-procedure for a botanist. I smile at the thought of serious professors teaching massages. What a weird thought.


Your hands travel down my flanks now; I close my eyes and surrender myself completely to your magic. I don't know how long I'm in this hazily state. I return to reality when I feel you pushing my pants down. I never wear underwear, so I'm naked now.


I don't mind. Dax never was a prude, nor is Jadzia. Your hands slid to my buttocks, kneading them. I can't prevent myself from taking in a deep breath. One of your fingers travels between them and down the crack - and I automatically spread my legs wider.


You understand my quiet invitation. I hear a rustle as you kneel between my thighs. Your hands stroking down their inner site now - making me moan with pleasure.


Who would have thought that the whole thing would take such a surprising course? Surprising yes, but not unwelcome. If one has a 300-year-life behind oneself, there is hardly any sexual practice one don't know.


Sex with another woman is new for Jadzia but not new for Dax. I share a few very erotic memories from Emony for example. What's surprising to me is the fact that you were surely the last person I had considered a lesbian. Was your marriage only a fake or are you - like a lot of humans,  I once heard - bisexual? Maybe the last is the case. Miles and you seemed, to me, to be happy with each other and your child.


However, I decide to stop bothering myself with such thoughts and just enjoy what may happen next. The decision is not hard to realise as I feel your lips on my shoulders.


Butterfly-like kisses are placed there then you lick a wet trail down my back. As I feel your lips on the tender flesh on the inside of my thighs I moan again. Then I notice that my nipples had grown hard and I rub my breasts against the sheet. 


"Turn around!" I hastily obey your words and your lips are immediately on my breasts. I feel the pleasure arising as you first suck my left nipple in your wet mouth, swirling your tongue around it. Then the right one is equally sucked.


"Keiko!" disappointed I hiss your name as you suddenly left me alone. Why do you torture me with stopping now?


"One moment" you answer. "Do not be so impatient Jadzia." I hear the excitement in your voice. Hastily you pull your clothes off - somehow I had completely forgotten that you still wore them.


Then you cover me with your naked body. Your mouth claims mine and you rub your breasts against me,  our tongues meet in a hot and wet duel. Finally we have to brake away for air and you move down my body again.


As you suck my nipples again I'm horny as hell, moaning and gasping, thrashing my head in sheer ecstasy. It’s hard to have any coherent thought now. I just need to come, I need it badly. I want to feel you on me, in me.


I push your head eagerly down. "Keiko!" I'm not able to say more but you understand. Your tongue slides in me. “Let’s come together, Keiko…”





Continued in                    A night at the bureau