2002 Golden Orgasm Award: First Place TOS MISC HET



 Title:               Love is no crime 1/1

Author:             Lady Charena

Series:              a/r  [past the 5-year-mission)

Rating:             R

Codes:              S/Mc (ER) [Mc/m - Mc/f implied]


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Summary:         How do I tell my daughter? How do I tell my father?

Challenge:        Write an S/Mc where one or the other has to explain to his family about their relationship.



Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek. This story is mine and only fanfiction. No moneymaking or offence of copyrights are intended. If you are underage or have a problem with homosexuality, please stay away.



Please be patient with any errors, English is not my native language. My thanks to Janet for beta. 


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Love is no crime

* * * * * * * * *

Lady Charena

Feb/April 2002



"I wish I could accompany you," Leonard McCoy said and turned to watch Spock pack his bag. "You shouldn't face Sarek alone."


The Vulcan finished and closed his bag. Then he went to the human, touching soothingly McCoy's slumped shoulder. "We have agreed to inform our families separately, Leonard. Your daughter would not welcome my presence more than my parents would yours on Vulcan as long as they do not know about the true nature of our relationship,“ he said solemnly. "But I welcome your sorrow even if it is unfounded. Sarek will yield to logic. And if he disagrees - we are already bonded, there is nothing he can do."


McCoy smiled. "Is love logical, Spock?" he asked quietly.


Dark, solemn eyes met blue, gentle ones. "Where it concerns to you, Leonard, I find I do not care too much about logic."


The physician moved to embrace Spock and touched his lips gently to his mate's. 'I love you' the human thought and felt answering warmth in his mind.


They separated again, slowly, reluctantly.


"I could hold you like this forever," McCoy sighed. "But your shuttle to Vulcan will depart in less than a hour."


"What about your daughter, Leonard?" Spock wasn't that easily diverted. "How will she react?"


"Do not concern yourself with Joanna. She's the lesser problem."


"You have not seen her for more than five years, Leonard. Things might have changed."


McCoy smiled reassuringly. "Spock - I know my daughter. She'll be glad I've found someone to share the rest of my life with."


The Vulcan kept his sceptic air. He knew humans tended to surprising reactions.


"You're not convinced, are you?" McCoy asked with a crooked smile. He moved to sit on the edge of the bed they'd shared for almost two years now. His gaze travelled the now bare room - leaving paradise, he thought morosely. "Okay, I admit I'm anxious as hell. I’ve never had much contact with my daughter according to Jocelyn's wish. Accepting it was the least I could do for her after our... luckless marriage." His eyes returned to the Vulcan. "I don't have to tell you about marriages out of sense for tradition, do I?" he said too casually.






He and Jocelyn had grown up together, their families living next to each other since ages. Everybody expected the two young people to marry and so they did - besides feeling more like brother and sister than like lovers. Jocelyn took the marriage as a getaway from her despotic mother. Leonard intended to set an end to his doubts and insecurities about his own sexuality he felt since he had been fourteen. His parents would have never accepted their son's bisexuality and so he tried his best to suppress his feelings. Being a physician and psychologist he should have known better... But everything seemed fine as it went on. Soon after the wedding Jocelyn got pregnant and Leonard his first post as resident physician at a hospital in the town they were living.


Until one day in the midst of the third month of her pregnancy, Jocelyn had an accident. She stumbled and felt down the stair, luckily only four low steps high. She broke her left ankle and had a bad sprain in her left wrist. But she miscarried and the baby died. After the loss of their child, Jocelyn changed. She got depressed and the distance between the two of them was nearly overwhelming. Leonard often took night shifts to avoid laying sleepless next to her in their bed, sometimes listening to her silent crying and being not able to comfort her. Nothing he said or did made any impression on her. Leonard didn't allow himself to feel his own grief but buried himself in his work instead.


Eight months later, a young man started to work as male nurse at the hospital. His name was Steven. He often took the night shifts and soon he and McCoy got friends. They used to play chess to stay awake or simply talked for hours. Often they laughed together.


One night - near the end of an especially strenuous shift - a little girl with high fever was delivered to the hospital. McCoy had to work hard to prevent her from passing. As the girl was finally out of danger Leonard was at the end of his strength. He left her in the care of a nurse and went to his little office to change his clothes. On his way he passed the rest rooms and decided to take a shower. At this early hour in the morning, no one would be there. Throwing his clothes carelessly to the floor, he stepped into one of the cubicles and activated the shower. Warm water relaxed his muscles and suddenly he found himself in an erotic fantasy - about showering with Steven. He felt his cock harden as he imagined his hands all over his body.


A sudden gush of cold air made him looking up.


Steven stood in the open door of the cubicle, with no more than a casually knotted towel around the hips and dripping hair. "Sorry if I startled you, Leonard," he said gently, with a smile. "I've seen you come in. You look tired."


Leonard brushed his hair out of his face. "I am," he answered. "That was a hell of a night." All of a sudden he turned and lifted his head into the spray. He didn't want Steven to see his arousal. Dreaming was one thing... his cheeks burned and he fervently hoped the other would leave now.

Instead, he suddenly felt a finger travelling down his spine to the crack of his buttocks. He shuddered violently, sucking air in.


"Your beautiful, Leonard. Don't you think you tempted me long enough?"


Steven's breath tickled his cheek as the young man stepped into the cubicle. McCoy heard the sound of the closing door. Slowly he turned and met Steven's eyes - filled with hunger and arousal...


* * *


As he returned home this day, Jocelyn waited in his study for him. McCoy feared that she wanted to talk about their separation - he expected it for some time now. And he didn't know if it wouldn't be better for the both of them.


"Jocelyn, I'm beaten. Please let us talk later. I need some sleep first,“ he said. He couldn't probably talk with her in this state of mind. He felt dizzy, confused after his... his... encounter with Steven in the shower. He needed to think it over.


But Jocelyn shook her head. "Len, it won't take much time. I just want to tell you that I agreed to undergo counselling. I understand that I need help do deal with the... loss of our child." She looked at him and for the first time since eight months, he didn't find apathy or tears in her eyes, but a silent determination.


For a moment McCoy didn't know what to say. Then he went to his wife and embraced her. He couldn't leave her now. 


* * *


The rest was told soon - four months later Jocelyn went again pregnant. Steven transferred on his own wish into another ward of the hospital. Things between him and McCoy had been more then a little strained since ever their encounter in the shower.


Joanna was born. But soon afterwards, their marriage was absolutely at an end. Jocelyn lived only for her child, almost ignoring Leonard. And McCoy on the other hand started to burry himself in his work once again. The distance between them had been larger than ever. A half-year later they divorced and McCoy took his first position as a physician aboard a starship.





With a sigh, McCoy brushed the memories aside and lifted his head to look at his mate. He moved to stand up and went to the Vulcan.


Spock shook his head. His own betrothal with a woman his parents chose for him, as he was a child had ended into disaster, only three years ago, as she learned about his feelings for a certain human physician.


"I'm going to miss you, Spock," McCoy said, embracing his mate. "We should just have the time for a proper good-bye-kiss..."



* * * //// * * *



Three days later, Spock stood on the red sands of his home world. The aircar had taken him to his parent's house some minutes ago, but he felt strangely reluctant to cross the last few steps. Undoubted, Sarek und Amanda already knew about his arrival and it would be more than a little odd to stay outside of the house.


Taking a deep breath in, he laid the palm of his hand against the ID-plate at the gate and it opened. He slowly followed the path to the house, where Amanda waited at the front door.


She hurried to welcome her son with a gently smile and a quick embrace, forgetting Vulcan manner for a moment, as soon as he arrived at the foot of the stairs leading to the house. "I am so glad you could come."


And her eyes told everything else she couldn't say aloud. To her (and his own) surprise, Spock lifted his hand and touched his mother's cheek with the back of his hand - a gently, loving gesture that brought tears of joy to Amanda's eyes.


"Marriage seem to do you good, Spock," she said and took his hand before he could withdraw it. "Why didn't you bring your mate?"


"He has dealings of his own on Earth. But if you don't mind, he can join us in five days."


"Of course we do not mind, son. Your mate will be welcome."


Spock gently freed himself from his mother's grip and turned to greet his father who now stood at the open door. He lifted his hand to perform the ta'al. "Ambassador."


Amanda smiled. There had been a time where Spock used his father's title almost as a wall between them - now it was mere courtesy. "Will we not go in?" she suggested. "There is no need to talk outside the house."


"You are right, my wife. It is not the best for you to stand here in the hot sun. Spock - your room has been prepared." Sarek attended his wife back into the house.


Spock followed them in silence. After taking his bag to his old room, he went down again to meet his parents in the living room. His mother's remark about his marriage and Sarek's words at his arrival made clear, that there was no longer time for secrecy. He had to inform his parents about the identity of his mate - now.


Amanda was seated in a chair as he entered the room. Sarek was standing next to her.


Spock took the offered seat and waited for Sarek's first question. It didn't take long.


"Would you now inform us about the identity of your mate, Spock?" The older Vulcan gazed at his son.


"My bonded mate is... Doktor Leonard McCoy."


Silence settled upon the room. Sarek's face was of course unreadable; Amanda seemed to be both surprised and - delighted.


"We are pleased with your choice," Sarek said - much to Spocks surprise. His face seemed to give away his amazement because the features of the older Vulcan soften. "Doctor McCoy is a man of honour and compassion and a well-reputed healer." Sarek watched his quietly chuckling wife with an arisen brow. "If you will excuse me now, I have urgent business to attend." With this he left the room.


Amanda broke in soft laughter. "Since you were a child I have not seen you this much surprised," she said. "You expected your fathers disapproval, did you not?"


“I have to confess, I did not think he would be this… understanding.”


“Do not underestimate your father, Spock. Even Vulcans learn from their errors. And even Sarek knows, love is no crime.”



* * * /// * * *



McCoy returned to his lonely hotel room. He truly hoped Spock was luckier than he.


The first meeting with his daughter Joanna in the hotels restaurant two days ago seemed promising. After the first – somewhat awkward – minutes, they soon talked rather animatedly. Or to say better – Joanna told her father about her life, all the things he missed – her first day in school, her first love her marriage. He didn’t even know that she was married. But using the opportunity, he told her about his bondmate…


“You are married to a man?” Joanna asked after a moment.


“Bonded – but yes, you can call it married.” It took some time until he noted her changed manner, the sudden cold in her words and words. “Joanna, what…”


But she already moved to get up. “I have to go now.” With this she turned and left him sitting alone at their table.


A sleepless night later he tried to talk to her again. With some stubbornness he agreed upon a second meeting in her house.


There was reserve in her eyes, as she opened the door to let him in. McCoy felt his spirits decreasing.


“I understand that is has been somewhat of a surprise for you to hear of my bond with Spock, Joanna,” he started with no clear idea what to say. But she didn’t seem to listen.


“Mother was right, all the time. I argued with her, I even accused her of lying to me.” Anger made her speech chopped off.


McCoy cut her short. “What did Jocelyn say, Joanna? What did she tell you?”


“She told me you left us because you’d prefer men. During the whole time of your marriage you deceived her with others. With other men!” she yelled at him.


“No, Joanna. I never did deceive her. Only once I…” he broke off. Did Jocelyn hate him that much? That she poured all her hate into their child’s heart? He couldn’t believe it. Feeling numb inside he left her house. He was unable to think, to say anything against this accusations.



He watched the sunset from the window of his room What could he probably tell her? Love is no crime, Joanna. She wouldn’t listen to his words. Not now. He shivered – and wished with all his heart, Spock would be here to warm him.