Before the Morning comes






Series. M*A*S*H

Pairing: H/T

Code: NC-17


Sequel to: At the End of the Night

Summary: Another shower


Disclaimer: The characters in this story don’t belong to me. I only borrowed them for some fun. No moneymaking, no violation of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction. If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with this topic, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to Jimainefor the beta-reading. For all remaining errors, blame me.




“Trap.“ Your soft voice wakes me. I squint until I can see you in the pal light – kneeing before my bunk. “Hawk, an emergency?“


You shake your head. “Not directly. Do you showering with me? Now?“


Showering? In the middle of the night? You’re crazy. “Let me sleep,“ I moan and want to turn around again as you suddenly grasp my hand and press it into your groin.  Astonished my eyes flight open as I feel the hardness their. 


What has excited you so much? My pulse accelerates as memories of another jointed showering suddenly came to life. Quickly I raise off my bunk and grasp my coat. 


On our way through the sleeping camp I try to come to terms with my surprise.  Still I hardly can explain why I just took last week. 


It hadn’t been my first experience with a men – surely not. But the last one had happened years ago. And under a shower – it has been over a decade. Suddenly I remember Danny, my slender college-friend. We did it after a training, first under the shower, later on my desk in my small room. I took him, he took me, we were young... and lecherous. We did it until the end of our college-time occasionally although we both were dating girls, too. I’ve never seen him again afterwards. But since then I know that I’m interested in both genders – and that I can enjoy both.


But why now and just you? Hard to say. We were friends, good friends, as near as one can be in this hell here – from the day we first met. I’ve to admit to myself that I became more and more attracted to you. Or was it yet just the lack of suitable feminine opportunities? No, I think so. There is something which connects us that none would be able to understand who hadn’t been here. All the horror we have gone through together… I think it was the wish to distract you from your fury and despair after the young soldier’s death – and me, too, just for a while. 


Yes, I think that was it and maybe a few reasons more. How ever there is nothing to regret. I enjoyed it and I know you did it, too. There was nothing to regret. Afterwards we just went back to everyday’s life as if nothing happened. 


And I thought that was it. I surely hadn’t thought of an revival, hadn’t thought that you would be interested on it again. I know I was your first man and I thought that’s just not your usual cup of tea. Obviously I was wrong. And I’m sure this time you will take me. My anticipation climbs in incredible highs. 


As we reach the shower our coats fly immediately onto the ground. You pull me into  your arms and I press myself as closely at your body as I can. 


I already got hard from sheer anticipation. To sense now your excitement gives me the rest. I seek your mouth with mine, force your lips apart with a hot kiss, let my tongue explore your mouth. Something what I already wanted to do the last time, but then I didn’t get any opportunity. 


You reciprocate my kiss, force finally your tongue into my mouth. As we separate gasping for air, our breath is flying. 


You press me against the wall and turn the shower on. I spread my legs, hardly can wait to feel you inside me. 


Yet you hesitate. “It’s the first time for you, isn’t it?” I ask softly. I cannot see you, but I sense your nod.  I briefly turn around and press you something of the creme, which I brought with me, into the hand. “Take enough of that. Inside me and on you,“ I advise. 


After a further moment of the hesitation on your side I sense a finger penetrating me.  Hesitantly, carefully, slowly. To slowly!  God, I want more! Don’t be so careful. I can take it. Demandingly I press myself back on the invading finger – and finally a second finger comes into me. 


I know I will enjoy what happens this night. Yet I want to know why. „What happened, Hawk? “I ask therefore. 


“I wrote my dad a letter about... last week.“


Your answer surprises me.  “You write your dad SUCH things?“ Did I sounded shocked? I mean I –of course have no problem with homosexuality but one know how the world outside still is thinking about such things. Maybe your dad will understand but if the letter fall in the wrong hands…


I would bet that you smile now. This impish, boyish smile of yours that always melts my heart. “Not for posting. Just to hold to memory. It’s in my box. Right on the bottom.  If something happens to me you can decide whether you post it or not.“


That’s an possibility I don’t want to think at the moment. Finally I sense you are very alive behind me. And soon I will feel you yet more alive... inside me. God, I can’t stand it any longer. I need..  “Hawk!“


You understand and pull your fingers out. For a moment I fear you had changed your mind as nothing happens. Then I feel just the tip of your cock penetrating me - slowly. 


Carefully – too carefully. I suddenly want it – need it – hard and quick. Thrust, Hawk.  I press myself back, try to signal you that you should take me harder. I’m not a virgin after all. 


“Hawk, not so slowly,“ I finally plea. You understand and increase your speed. Yes, that’s good! That’s heaven! Push, back out, push…! 


I groan. You, too. Now your powers seem unleashed. You move hard and quick, in and out. Yes, that’s it! Gosh. The water races over my body. Your hand reaches for my cock, caressing him. 


I’m excited. So excited. Even more excited than last week. I  feel you inside me and you take me strongly and powerful. It’s exactly what I want. And soon, too soon it will be too much and.. 


We both froze immediately in our movements as we hear steps approaching the door.  “Sirs, are you inside there? Hawkeye? Trapper?“


It’s Radar. What does he want? At this time? “Don’t come in,“ I call desperately trying to sound normal. I hope he just will think we are prudish. 


“Wounded are approaching, the helicopters will land soon.“ Naturally, what else should disturb us in the middle of the night. I sigh.  If we stop now how should I concentrate for operation? I will not be able to think of something else then you. 


Radar awaits an answer. „We come soon. Soon.“ You were quicker then I the violence with which you start your movements inside me again as soon as Radar has vanished shows me the double-meaning of your words. 


Yes, we will come soon. Soon... immediately... now!