Title: The Mistake

Author: Tyberios

Pairing: S/Komack

Rating: NC-17

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Summary: A young Spock has some fun with his captain.

Notes: This is my first story and it's written in a language that isn't my

native one. So please be kind with my errors.

Historical Notes: My first idea for a S/Komack was something in Spocks

early years. This story plays in 2250 when our Vulcan is a Cadet aboard the

U.S.S.Antares, which is under command of Captain Komack. It may be shortly

before Komack was promoted to Commodore or maybe Admiral and before Spock

transferred to the U.S.S.Enterprise.

Disclaimer: I'm just borrowing the characters and I'm making no profit of


Beta: Kira-nerys and T'Len



The Mistake


"Cadet, I would like you to come to my office after your shift is over.

 Captain Komack gave him a serious look.


Spock froze in his movement. He knew what awaited him in one hour, twenty

minutes and thirty-five seconds. He exercised his tightly practised Vulcan

control to stay as calm as ever. It was already embarrassing enough to have

the other crewmembers know about his failure, he didn't need them to know

his feelings, too. He was glad he was nearly alone in the lab.

He continued cataloguing the samples of the meteoric stone they had been

collecting over the last two months. He had started this morning and wasn't

nearly through it, there were three big boxes still waiting. A human would

have called the work boring and senseless, for Spock it was inappropriate,

because it left him much time to think.


He pulled the next small box out, putting the black stone in it under the

microscope. He scanned the image, then he started a series of complex

readings on the sample and fed the data into a computer terminal. He needed

forty-two point six minutes for completing the diagnostic cycle on a



Some time later he was through with the sample. He had thirty-eight minutes

of his shift left, not enough for another probe. He did it to the half,

then tidied up and left the lab five minutes before the end of shift. He

had no intention of being late.


*  *  *


In the corridor outside the lab he met few crewmen; the men didn't notice

him beyond what was necessary by military protocol. He made his way through

the narrow, dark corridors.

He reached the captain's office in time and stopped just out of the

sensor's reach. He pushed the door buzzer. A few moments later the door

swished open. He stepped in and saluted.


"At ease, Cadet." The man was seated behind his desk, and holding a pad in

his hand. He gestured at a chair.


"Please sit down."


"Yes, sir." Spock noticed the cool efficiency of the room. There were no

things lying around, the only personal item was a holo-pic on the desk.


He had only once before been in this room, when he was new on the ship. The

captain startled him with his next question.


"Why do you think you are here, Cadet?" Komack leaned back in his chair. He

was a sturdy man with brown hair and dark blue eyes. Those eyes were right

now fixing the Vulcan with their intense gaze.


"I am not sure what you are referring to, sir," said Spock.


"I'm asking you why you think I've ordered you in my office." Komack laid

down the pad.


Spock suppressed the urge to gulp. He wasn't prepared for that question. He

didn't know what to answer.


"I assume it is because of my failed attempt to recalibrate the warp

reactor's configuration," he finally said.


"That is really something I wished to discuss with you." Komack looked

somewhat friendlier now. "I've got a few questions on the matter. This is

Lieutenant Karbowski's report about the incident." He pointed at the pad.


Lieutenant Karbowski was the Chief engineer.


"He said you tried to reconfigure the reactor. Why?"


"There was a minor malfunction of the anti-matter injector." Spock started

to answer only to be interrupted by the captain.


"Why didn't you call for a technician?" the captain asked skeptically.


"It was the gamma shift. I was alone in Engineering."


"That I know from the report. Please tell me why you didn't call for

Lieutenant Kowalski or Lieutenant Smith," the captain insisted.


Spock had thought of that much in the last days. That night, in the machine

room, he had been alone to monitor the engines, especially the reactor. It

was common practice to let cadets and others of minor rank watch over the

ship's engines during the night watch. Normally, there wasn't much to do.

It was mostly sitting around and staring at a lot of scales and indicators.

It was very seldom something actually happened.


"I thought myself capable of setting the anti-matter injector back to its

normal mode." Theoretically that was no problem. Spock knew everything

about warp reactors that one could by having read the books and having

absolved the academy's many courses on that theme.


"So you started the reconfiguration cycle?" the Captain asked.


"No, first I settled back the injection rate. But the reactor started to

get instable, and so I started the automatic reconfiguration."


"Why you didn't call anyone before you started the automatic



"There wasn't time. I had to quickly prevent the reactor from becoming



"But you only called for Lieutenant Kowalski after the automatic

reconfiguration failed to stabilize the system. During the configuration

you had lot of time to call for somebody, but as the reactor went critical,

there were only a few minutes left to prevent an explosion. A few minutes

are very short if the Chief engineer is sleeping in his quarters." The

captain gave him a severe gaze. "Did you call for help before the automatic

alarm started or after it?"


"Before it started, sir."


"Is my assumption correct that you didn't want to disturb Lieutenant

Kowalski for a maybe minor incident, and so you tried to set the injector

back by yourself. As that didn't work the way you hoped you tried to make

up for your former mistake in the setting by reconfiguring the reactor."


Spock was startled, for the Captain had essentially read him correctly. He

had feared to disturb the Chief engineer in the middle of the night for

something that was maybe only a small irregularity. Kowalski was known to

get mad when called for at night, especially by some cadet or ensign who

was overly eager, and panicked by the slightest fluctuation of the reactor.

Only a month ago another cadet had done just that and the Chief engineer

had been mad and let the cadet know it.


Spock knew he should have called for Kowalski at the first irregularity of

the injector, but that night it had been obvious only after the reactor got



"You are quite correct, sir," admitted Spock.


"And now you're expecting me to read you the riot act, aren't you?"

Unexpectedly, the captain smiled at him. "Lieutenant Kowalski has done that

already, there is no need for me to tell you things you've already been

told. I wish to reassure you, Cadet. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes; it'

s true you should've called for help the moment the indicator went up. You'

ve endangered all our lives, but I'm sure you've learned your lesson."


*  *  *


Komack had a discussion about the matter with Kowalski and decided there

was no

reason to punish the cadet. Kowalski told him he had already told the

Vulcan quite clearly what he thought about the incident.


Now the Cadet needed some reassurance, for he was blaming himself. Komack

knew that out of his own experience; once he has been a young cadet, too.

And he had made mistakes, as well. His commanding officer had gone really

mad and yelled at him for days. It had been horrible for him, for he had

been punished enough by his own guilt.


*  *  *


Spock was puzzled. He hadn't expected the captain to be understanding and

gentle. And there was something standing in the room. He looked at Komack.


The deep blue eyes held a soft expression.


"Cadet.Spock," he corrected in afterthought, "let me tell you something. It

's not bad if you make a mistake, if you do it only once. You should learn

from this incident not to hesitate if you need help."


Komack stood up and walked around the desk. He stopped behind Spock's chair

and put his hands on the backrest. Spock tensed visibly. He didn't know

what was happening, for the captain was acting in a strange way. Or, he

could think of something that was happening, but he couldn't actually

believe it.


"Spock, I won't make a note in your personal file. Just remember what you'

ve done wrong, so you won't do it again." Accidentally his hand brushed the

Vulcan's hot shoulder.


Spock held his breath. Could it really be? Or was he misinterpreting the

situation? Maybe the Captain desired him, but he wasn't certain. He wasn't

even absolutely certain about what he wanted. Perturbed, he sat absolutely

still and waited.


*  *  *


Komack rested both hands on the thin shoulders before him. He felt the

desire rising in him. The young Cadet was so very beautiful.


"Captain?" asked Spock carefully.


"Call me John," said Komack softly. He stepped nearer and started stroking

Spock's neck.

Spock was sure he wasn't misinterpreting anything, but now he was in the

situation to make a decision before it was too late. He could leave now

without much embarrassment for both or stay. But if he stayed it was a

clear - yes - without the possibility for retreat. The cool fingers felt

surprisingly and un-Vulcanly good. He made a decision.


Komack waited for a reaction. He didn't want to rush Spock or embarrass him

by sexually assaulting him.


Spock looked up at the standing man. They nearly touched. Slowly, Komack

bent down and kissed him on the lips.


After long seconds they parted. Slowly, Spock stood up; their gazes met.

Somehow Komack couldn't believe this was actually happening. He had members

of his crew before, but when taking Command of the U.S.S. Antares he had

sworn by himself never to do it again. There were strict regulations

against it; fraternization between ranks was forbidden. It could shatter

the entire authority system aboard a ship.


Once in the past there had nearly been a scandal; he had an affair with a

rather indiscrete nurse. But now he was sure there was no danger for

gossip. Vulcans were known to be very private and discrete, weren't they?


He looked at the young Cadet, standing unmoving before him, his gaze raked

over the delicious body and stopped by the dark, mysterious eyes. Desire

was burning in them.


The Vulcan leaned close for a second kiss. First, their lips touched

softly, then they started exploring each other's mouths. Komack's arms

pulled Spock tightly against him.


With part of his mind Spock was analyzing the situation and his own

motivations and desires. He had considered leaving, but decided against it,

driven by a sudden illogical urge. He admitted to himself that he wanted

it, wanted to feel the simple, overwhelming sensations of the physical. He

wanted to do something terribly un-Vulcan, as he had already done a few

times since he had left Vulcan. Those moments had been filled with pure and

nearly unknown joy. He had felt free then, free from his father's demands

to do just that never and free from his own uncertainty about what he

wanted. It was good to him to live out his normally deep buried emotions on

some rare occasions.


And his captain was certainly an attractive man. He felt a simple physical

attraction toward the Human.


He felt the captain's hands raking over his back, gripping his ass. He

sucked and bit his neck, driven by strong desire. The human's breathing

became ragged, he was radiating sheer sexuality. Spock felt a hard powerful

cock pressed against him.


He himself was aroused, too, but it wasn't that wild, crazy desire that

seemed to have gripped the captain. Suddenly he remembered what a girl had

once told him about feeling endangered and dominated when the man's arousal

and wanting became that obvious, and at the same time wanting nothing more

than to experience that raking desire. Now, he understood it.


*  *  *


Komack was nearly overwhelmed by his desire, all doubts gone. There was

something damn enticing about that Vulcan. As he rubbed himself more

closely against the young man, he felt a tightening in the other's body.


"What's up, Spock? Are you afraid?" he whispered softly in a delicately

pointed ear. He licked over the tip, nibbled at the earlobe.


Spock groaned as the cool tongue explored his ear gently. A hand sneaked

between their tightly pressed bodies and rubbed against his groin.


"You're so beautiful, Spock," whispered Komack breathlessly. "I want you so



His other hand massaged the Vulcan's tight little ass.


Now, Spock started to explore the cool, male body of his captain. The human

was strongly built and felt soft and hard at once.


They explored each other's bodies thoroughly and tugged at their uniforms,

wanting to feel naked flesh. Finally, Komack started to speak.


"Let's get into bed." He stepped back from the object of his desire and

they made their way to the adjacent bedroom with the narrow Starfleet

regulation bunk in it.


Relishing and wanting, he started to disrobe Spock. Soon the Vulcan stood

quite naked before him; Komack's desire for that beautiful body quickened.

He ran his hands over the slender, delicately built torso, following the

line of hair that ran over chest and belly down to the pubic area. Spock

was breathing heavily now and trembled slightly under the delightful



The Human's hands touched his already hard cock, manipulating it

skillfully. He groaned and grabbed his shoulders for support. Komack sat

down on the mattress and pulled Spock with him to stand before him.


The captain touched him again, stroked his cock and cradled his balls. It

felt wonderful, desire burned through his veins. Again he grabbed the

captain's shoulders. He gasped as a cool mouth settled down on his cock and

sucked him skillfully. Automatically his hand settled on the back of the

other's head to keep him in place.


*  *  *


All too soon that wet, delightful mouth left him. First, he held the

captain's head firmly in place, but then he seemed to remember good manners

and let him go.


Komack grabbed his narrow waist and pushed him down on the bed, he was

gentle, but it was clear that he was in command. Spock submitted willingly,

he was so excited that he would have done everything Komack wanted.


Unconsciously he licked his lips in anticipation as the captain hastily

unclothed himself. His eyes scanned the strong, tanned body and the thick,

hard cock that was leaking with pre-cum.


"I want to fuck you." Komack's voice was rough with desire. "Please, Spock,

let me make love to you."


"Yes, I want you."


In a second, they were both on the bed. They struggled a bit as they tried

to get into position. Finally Spock kneeled with his hips high in the air,

presenting his ass to the other. Komack kneeled behind him.


Komack's hands roamed over the slender back down to the buttocks. Keeping

himself tightly in control he touched gently. Equally gently he licked and

sucked over the exposed buttocks, making his way to the cleft between it

and the little greenish opening.


He licked over the puckered flesh and was rewarded with a sharp gasp from

the Vulcan. Slowly and savoringly he insinuated his tongue into the hot

asshole. The body under him trembled and tightened. Spock groaned with

protest as Komack's mouth left him.


But Komack only reached for the bedside table to get a jar of lube. He

coated his cock with it and put a generous amount of it on his fingers.

Spock nearly jumped as cool, slick fingers touched his anus.


"Shh, relax." Said Komack reassuringly and put his left hand on the small

of the Vulcan's back.


With his right hand he stroked the cleft of the ass, his fingers playing

around the seductive hole, teasing it. Then one finger slid inside, gently

dilating the opening and preparing it for



Spock gasped as the finger stroked that hidden spot inside him. He nearly

exploded at the touch. His cock was now painfully hard and leaking with

pre-cum. He wanted to feel the other's cock deeply inside him.


Komack inserted a second finger and stretched the tight opening further. He

had difficulty controlling himself, he wanted to plunge deeply into the

enticing body.


"I want to feel you, please!" hissed Spock into the cushion he was leaning



"Do you want me to fuck you?" Komack asked playfully and wriggled his



"Yes, Captain."


That finished his control and he pulled his fingers out and centered his

cock to the opening. His hands grabbed the Vulcan's hips as he gently

pushed. Spock made a moaning sound as the tip of the cock slid inside his



"Have I hurt you, Spock?" came an inquiry.


"No, it does feel wonderful. Go on!"


Turned on by the words, Komack pushed in slowly but steadily. Ah, it felt

so good! He desperately wanted to feel more and plunged the last inches in.


Spock made a somewhat incoherent sound. There was some pain now and he

willed himself to relax completely. Suddenly there was the captain's hand

on his straining cock, stroking him slowly and rhythmically. Quickly they

settled into a satisfying rhythm and moved in unison.


Spock braced himself against the Human's strong trusts. It was pure

ecstasy. The cock stroked his prostate gland and stretched him pleasurably.


But Komack didn't last long, it was too intense to feel his cock sheathed

in that tight, hot channel. He climaxed powerfully, crying out in relief.

His skilled hands brought Spock over the edge, too. He sagged against the

Vulcan and slowly regained his breath.


*  *  *


They lay some time unmoving on the bed, then Komack pulled his cock out and

rolled off the other's body. He studied the Vulcan's soft, sleepy

expression. He tensed as the hot body curled against his. They rested this

way for nearly half an hour.


"Come on, let's get up," said Komack and extricated himself from Spock's

grip. He didn't want to let the beautiful young man go, but it was time.


Spock felt much like his captain. He didn't want to go to his lonely

quarters. But it was time, so he slowly got up and began to clothe himself.

Komack sat naked on the edge of the bed and looked at the Vulcan.


They didn't know what to say and so Spock left silently.


Seemingly calm as ever, he went back to his quarters. But deep inside he

knew he would never look at his captain the same way as before. This day

had changed everything.