Series. TNG

Pairing: Crusher/K'Ehleyr

Code: R


Summary: After K'Ehleyrs death Beverly Crusher remembers her first meeting with the Klingon woman.

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The timeline of Crushers memories takes place shortly before the beginning of TNG, assuming that Alexander was conceived earlier then during K’Ehleyrs appearance on board in season 2.




Personal log, Beverly Crusher


As a doctor I often give my patients the good advice to talk about their problems. I wish I could follow this advice, myself, but I am afraid there is hardly anyone I can speak of this topic with. Probably it will at least be of some help if I record it now.


K'Ehleyr is dead. I feel so full of grief. Grief for a brilliant young woman whose life ended much too soon. Grief for a lonely little boy who has lost the only relative he had known for years. Grief for a talented ambassador who most likely would have been able to do much good, for a great many people.


But most of all I grieve for the passionate Klingon warrior I shared a bed with for one night.


Everything happened on Aeskulap IV, one of the biggest Federation Medical Bases. I was there for some professional training. Finally I had decided to develop my career further. Wesley, who spent the weeks I was an Aeskulap IV in a children's camp on Earth, was old enough to except a few changes in our life. I wanted to go into space. Partly 'cause I was looking for new challenges, partly 'cause I wished that Wes would learn more about his father, and the life he had chosen, by living that life. I also hoped he would understand why Jack loved his life on a spaceship so much that he wasn't able to give it up for his family. I very much wished that my son didn't blame the universe or the fleet or Jean-Luc for his fathers early death. He should see that such things just happened, that they belonged to life, and that the wonders of outer space justified the risk that traveling through them brought with it.


It was my last day on the base. I had finished all my courses with skill. I was looking forward to seeing my son again, as well to my new assignment on a spaceship. Late in the evening, the quarter master of the base called me and asked if I would have a problem sharing my room for this last night. At the moment the base was overcrowded and I possessed, in my double-room, the only free bed. Of course I agreed.


My supposed room-mate turned out to be a young Klingon female. That really surprised me. Although the Klingons were our allies, I had never seen one of their doctors in our medical facilities. Besides the woman was hardly more then a girl. She just looked to young to be an educated physician.


As I questioned her, the only answer I got was her name - K'Ehleyr - and that she was there for some examinations. That surprised me even more. Klingons were not known for willingly accepting the help of federation doctors. She refused to tell me more, undressed and slipped under the covers.


I, too, prepared for night and settled in for sleep. I few hours later I was awakened by some muffled sounds. It took me a while to figure out that I heard moans and sobs. A Klingon crying? Now this was really something new.


My medical and maternal instincts took over and I reached for her. Soothingly I started to stroke and pet her hair and head. After a while the sounds ceased. "If you wish to talk, I'm here.", I whispered to her.


For moments there was only stillness, then she started to speak. She told me that she was pregnant. She and her friend had split up because of the different paths they chose for their careers. She had come to Aeskulap IV to terminate her pregnancy.


As a doctor all my instincts are trained to save life. But of course I always accept the rights of a woman to make her own choice over her body. Who knows how I may decide under some circumstances.


"Everybody here keeps telling me that I have to keep my child." K'Ehleyr said. But the reason for this statement wasn't pity for the child, it was scientific curiosity. Hearing that she was half human, I began to understand my colleagues. A natural pregnancy with this mixed heritage was truly a wonder. And worth more investigations.


I snuggled closer to K'Ehleyr and put my arms around her. I could feel that she was very unsure of what to do. There were many facts to consider. Klingons honoured family traditions very much. One part of her really loved and wanted this child. But there were also her promising career in the diplomatic corps. Would she be able to coordinate this with the needs of a newborn child? Or should she try a reunion with the father and give up all her own plans? Abortion had seemed to be the easiest way out of all these problems. And now she had doubts again and nobody to talk to about it. At that moment, she was a little girl searching for some advice.


I let my hands stroke over her body, caressing her breast and then her still flat belly. Then, I spoke of my own life. I told her about my own pregnancy, about the joy I felt as I held Wesley for the first time in my arms. And I spoke about Jack's death, my grief, and how I finally managed my life and my career alone with my son.


She listened quietly. As I finished my speech, I still continued caressing her. As a doctor, of course, I knew about the bisexual tendencies in most people. But except for a short liaison with my room-mate at the Academy, I never gave in to the lesbian part in me.


I surely hadn't considered K'Ehleyr as a sexual partner as the whole thing started. But somehow my motions had become more erotic with time. I knew she could easily break my hand, or my neck, but instinctively I sensed that she needed this intimacy as much as I did.


My hands traveled down her body, caressing strong, muscular thighs. As a touched her genitals, she suddenly captured my hands. From one moment to the other, the little girl was gone and the strong warrior had shown up. "Do you know what you are doing?" She growled.


"Yes." Did I really know? If I had doubts, it was too late. She drove my arms over my head, then rolled on top of me, covering my whole body with her weight. Her lips captured mine in a rough kiss. As she bit my lower lip I moaned but soon the pain vanished and I felt a strong rush of adrenalin through my body.


Her roughness as she bit and bruised my whole body excited me unbelievably. She was passionate and strong and I loved it. I never experienced such rough sex before, but I didn't fear her strengths. After a while I lost my passivity and started to bite and scratch back.


I supposed we both had to wear long-sleeved clothes for the next days or weeks. In any case, it was hot and heavy and unbelievably erotic between us. As she roughly inserted her fingers inside me I came like I hadn't for a long time. The cry she voiced a moment later made the bed shake.


In the morning I had to leave. We didn't say much to each other then. We both knew well that this was only an episode in our lives. We spared ourselves any further discussion.


A few months later I got a short message. It only consisted of two words - Thank you - and the picture of a Klingon baby-boy. In the end she had decided to keep her child.


And now K'Ehlyer is dead. Hopefully some day I can tell Alexander that I have known his mother since before his birth. I even may tell him that I think I have a little share in the fact that he was born. It always seemed to me that K'Ehleyr found the strength to go on through all this that night. Maybe it was my talking to her, or our sex – I don't know.


I surely will not tell him, or Worf, that I slept with her. I have no interest in triggering Klingon jealousy, or to change the memories a young boy may have about his mother. I just wish I would have had more time to speak with her in the last days.


And when I look on my empty, lonely bed I really miss her. Not that there had been any love or affection between us. It was just plain, good, hard sex, but nevertheless I miss her.


She was a remarkable woman, in every way. I shall honour her memory.


Log out.