2005 Golden Orgasm Award: Second Place Best TOS Scotty/male Story


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Date: 9.12.

Series: ST TOS

Pairing: K/S, Mc/Sc

Rating: PG

Summary: Be careful if you want to play matchmaker

Disclaimer: The characters in this story don’t belong to me. I only borrowed them for some fun. No moneymaking, no violation of copyrights are intended.

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Beta:  English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to Lady Charena for the beta. For all remaining errors, blame me.




Part 1



"Will you come to this years Christmas celebration, Mr, Spock?” In McCoy’s eyes glimmered a provocative sparkle as he bent over Kirk’s chair – on which sides he and Spock stood -- to the Vulcan.


"Doctor, you know exactly that I regard it as absolutely illogical to celebrate the birthday of a person, who would be dead for over two millennia now, supposed that he really had lived anyway, just to take the opportunity to consume alcohol, candy and animal products in unhealthy amounts," the Vulcan replied stiffly.


"You simply don't know what is fun, you green-blooded..."


“Bones!” Kirk interrupted the doctor sharply. "Christmas means celebration of love, stop arguing!"


"I,” McCoy began but then decided otherwise and said to the Vulcan: "That’s it, Mr. Spock, isn’t it? You’re just afraid someone could wish to kiss you under the mistletoe, that’s why you never come."


"I consider it also highly illogical, Doctor, to take the presence of a parasitically plant as excuse for the exchange of physical intimacies."


Jim looked at his first officer and noticed for a brief moment the hint of an amused glitter in the dark eyes. He knew Spock and McCoy never would admit how much they enjoyed their teasing.


Before the doctor had found a suitable answer, the intercom chimed and Scotty asked him to come into the mess-hall. McCoy had wished to help making the choices about the drinks for the evening and he now was about to program the replicator for them.


"You’ll come tonight as promised? Just to make me happy?” Jim whispered to the Vulcan after McCoy had left the bridge.


Spock nodded. "I do not wish to miss the doctor’s face when he finds out."


Jim smiled after him, as Spock went back to his station.




The Christmas celebrations aboard the Enterprise were legendary. Legendary for their good atmosphere, their good meals and the good drinks. Mr. Scott had topped himself this year with the arrangements of the mess-hall. The tree almost looked like real and was decorated with coloured balls and ribbons and even had some artificial snow on his branches. The buffet almost burst with delicious food. Any corner of the room was decorated for Christmas. Christmas-music sounded from the loudspeakers. And it even somehow smelled like Christmas at home, Jim thought as he joined McCoy.


"Why are you looking so sullen, Bones?" he asked. "The feast is going fantastically."


"I knew he wouldn't come," the doctor growled. "This green-blooded..."


"Why are you so eager that Spock participates this year? It didn’t bother you the last three years that he did not come.” Jim’s gaze followed McCoy’s to the conspicuously numerous mistletoe branches in the room. "You’re not planing to kiss him, are you?” he asked sharply.


"I? No, Gosh no."


“I also would warn you not to do this, Doctor.” Spock’s voice suddenly came from behind them.


McCoy turned around, startled. "Spock, do you have to frighten me so? How have you come in at all. I didn't notice you." Automatically he gazed at the ceiling but Spock had positioned himself so, that there was no mistletoe over him.


"Nice that you could come, Mr. Spock” Jim virtually beamed at the Vulcan but this remained completely unnoticed by McCoy. "I fetch you a drink," the doctor said and hurried away.


"As you know, Doctor, I do not consume alcohol," Spock replied a moment later as McCoy pushed a cup of a hot drink into his hand.


"This is a non-alcoholic punch," the doctor replied. "Made for those crew-members, who have to go on duty today... and for you.”


Spock carefully sipped, then put the cup down on the next table.


"Is something wrong?" McCoy asked.


"This drink contains cinnamon. An ingredient, which is not very beneficial for the vulcan metabolism,” Spock replied.


"I’m sorry to hear this,” the doctor replied. "I get you a juice."


Kirk looked with wrinkled forehead after him. Something wasn't correct here. Why was the doctor suddenly so solicitous for Spock’s welfare? McCoy was up to something, he could feel this.


But before he could think about this further, McCoy already has returned with a glass with juice in his hand. Spock took again a sip, then placed the glass next to the cup.


"This drink contains much sugar," he explained on Jim’s questioning look. "The effect would be similar to those of cinnamon."


"Bones, tell me, what’s this about? Do you want to poison Spock?" Kirk asked McCoy. "As a doctor you should know…"


He didn't come further. Spock suddenly had went pale and raised his nose, sniffing. "Spock?" Kirk asked alarmed.


“Sandal-wood,” the Vulcan whispered. "This room contains the smell of sandal-wood."


"Yes, we have used him as a typically Christmas-smell. Also some of the candles..." McCoy’s explanation was interrupted as Spock hurried out the room. Jim looked alarmed after him, then glanced at the flabbergasted looking doctor.


"Something is totally wrong here, Bones. You don't need to look so innocently at all. You know exactly which effects such substances would have on Spock, are you? Well, what’s this all about?”


As McCoy wanted to start an explanation, he cut him off. "I expect you to report in my quarters tomorrow morning at 07.00," he ordered. And then he added: "No matter how bad your hang-over is."


He then also hurried out.


"It didn’t worked, did it?” Scotty stepped at the side of the disappointed looking doctor and put a comforting arm around McCoy’s shoulder.


He only shrugged his shoulders. "Either this walking iceberg is more severe then I thought or he has seen through my plan too fast. Jim has at least followed him, perhaps there is still some hope."




A rather hung-over McCoy reported the next morning at 07.00 with Kirk. He well knew like Jim had reacted last night it wouldn’t be wise to disregard his order. After all he was, friend or not, still his commanding officer. But this knowledge didn't stop him from drinking even more then usual. He had virtually drowned his sorrows about his failed plan. He had slept perhaps three hours. Now he had to bear the consequences.


"Well, what do you want from me?" he growled at Jim ill-tempered. For him Kirk seemed to be overly vigorous for such an early hour. He on the other hand hadn't returned to the party any more and surely got enough sleep.


"You know exactly what I want," Jim replied stiffly. "An explanation for your strange behaviour yesterday."


"I really don't know..."

"Bones, stop stalling!" Kirk ordered. "Cinnamon, sugar and sandal-wood have an strong aphrodisiac effect on Vulcans. After Spock’s Pon Farr you have attached yourself strongly to all details in vulcan psychology and biology. You must have known this."


"Yes," McCoy admitted tooth crunching.


"Therefore you wanted to seduce Spock last night, to make him horny.“ It was more a statement then a question.


McCoy nodded hesitantly. His head was definitely swimming too much to come up with a logical other explanation. Jim probably would have him throw out the next airlock when he learned the truth.


"I think with this you have abused your medical competencies," Jim said dangerously quiet.


“I haven't done it for myself,” McCoy answered. Gosh he better should throw himself immediately out the next airlock. Jim would never forgive him.


"So and for which person then?” Kirk even became a bit more quietly and stepped closer to the doctor, staring him right into the eyes.


"For you both.” McCoy swallowed "I mean you. And him."


“For me?” Even more quiet, even another step closer. McCoy wished the airlock would just open now below his feet. He would have jumped in with joy. 


He cleared his throat. "Look Jim..." Another clearing. "You don't notice how the two of you creep around each other, all the time. I mean... " He cleared his throat once more. "The looks you give each other when you feel unobserved. Have you ever noticed how anxious Spock always is about you? He would throw himself for you into any phaser-shot and in front of any poisonous plant. And this not because it may be his duty as first officer. I don't know how much this walking iceberg is able to develop emotions but for you he surely has some.” McCoy had slowly been carried away from his speech. "And you have them for him. I can see this clearly. I know you too well, my dear. Oh, and I know that for you the fact that he is a man represents no problem, at all. For Vulcans the mental compatibility is more important then the gender. You both, you simply belong to each other.”.


"And you wanted to play matchmaker by poisoning Spock?" Kirk asked sharply.


McCoy swallowed. "It wouldn't have harmed him. I just thought, if I can relax him a bit, if he’s able to open up. Perhaps he then would make the first step. Obviously you are not willing to do this out of fear for his reaction.”


"Doctor, I have to correct my opinion about you. Till some degree your talent for observation seems to be better than I would have expected, but on other points it is disastrous."


McCoy had winced as the voice of the Vulcan suddenly appearing behind them. Spock emerged from behind the partition to the bedroom. Like Kirk he was wearing no uniform but a dark gown which suited him well. Jim stepped to him and briefly touched Spock’s finger  with a gesture which looked vaguely familiar to McCoy.


He didn’t look sternly anymore but was smiling. “We wanted to tell you on the Christmas party, Bones,” he explained. "But you have provided Spock’s hastily departure."


“What?” McCoy stared from one to the other. His head was aching. "I understand nothing at all any more."


"Your efforts were too late, Doctor," Spock explained quietly.


"We’re not as blind as you think we are, Bones," Kirk completed, "We are a couple since three months now. Forgive us but we wanted to keep it a secret till we had got more used to this new situation."


"You are...?" the doctor croaked. He had to sit down urgently, suddenly his legs had get to pudding.




Part 2:


“I’m so happy," content and satisfied after their love-making Jim snuggled into Spock’s arms. "I love you," he whispered.


Spock didn't answer verbally he didn't need to do either. Their mental union had grown so much that Jim felt the Vulcan’s affection for him, when he, like now, had lowered his mental shields.


"I think, I could stay here with you forever. Just snuggling." Since two days they made holidays on Risa while the Enterprise was in orbit taking new stocks on board and getting thoroughly cleaned. Since the whole thing had been decided in so short terms, they had have a little effort to find accommodations on the planet because Risa was ever very popular.


So they had landed in a resort that had a Christmas theme for the whole year. Everything was decorated with green and mistletoe branches. Christmas music permanently was played in all public rooms. A Santa Claus gave small presents to the children on a daily schedule -- and sometimes also to adults, if they, like Jim, couldn’t get enough from this old earthly tradition. A gigantic pyramid stood in the entrance hall. Of course most visitors were people from Earth since this all were typically earthly customs for a typically earthly holiday. Since the temperatures, however, were those of the typical high risan standard, what had the consequence that most visitors were easily dressed in a contrast to the Christmas decoration with artificial snow, the stay was also pleasant for Spock.


"You would miss the Enterprise," the Vulcan replied now.


Jim sighed. "Yes, sure, you’re right." For ever having nothing to do would become boring for him, even with Spock in his arms.


For a while they simply lay there quietly, completely indulging in their thoughts. Jim then once more spoke.


"Do you know what bothers me the whole time, Spock?"


The Vulcan raised questioningly an eyebrow.




"What is about the doctor?"


Jim sighed. "I think he feels neglected a bit. I mean we’ve been friends for so long now but since I’m together with you I have so little time for him. Not even now on vacation."


"Jim, it was never my intention, to destroy the friendship between you and Dr. McCoy. If you…"


"I know," Kirk interrupted him. "But I just prefer to be alone with you the small leisure time we have on board.” He kissed Spock. "Bones also is needing a boyfriend, I think"


"A girlfriend seems more appropriate to me," Spock remarked. "As far as I know Doctor McCoy was married and has a daughter."                                                                                                                                     


Jim shook his head. "Boyfriend. Bones is bisexual by nature but he tends more to the male side as far as I know. That’s one reason why his marriage split."


Spock nodded. "I understand."


"Hm, let’s think about who may suit to him," Jim said. "How about M’Benga? He is a very nice guy and both would have the medicine as a common base."


"Dr. Benga already has a partner on Vulcan," Spock noted quietly.


Jim got up on his elbow. "Why do you know this?" he asked with a hint of jealousy in his voice.


"Because the doctor sought my advice, meaning he asked me for help should he be forced to return to Vulcan on short terms"


"You mean Pon Farr?” Jim  laid back on the cushions.


"He expect its beginning within the next twelve months."


"So M’Benga is out. Chekov? No, he’s too young and then would there also be a problem with the rank difference. Sulu? I think he has an eye on Uhura. Hm?"


Jim brooded a while, then suddenly he flicked with the fingers. "I have it! Scotty."


"Mr. Scott?", Spock asked with an undertone of doubt in the voice.


"Oh yes, he fits perfectly. Scotty is only a couple of months older than Bones. He has the same rank. The two get already well on with each other. Somehow I have to bring them together.”


"Jim, supposed Mr. Scott’s sexual preferences would encourage a relationship with Dr. McCoy, I don't think it is a good idea to interfere in the private relations of other persons," Spock warned.


"Nonsense. What shall go wrong? In addition, such a vacation is ideal for this purpose. They are in that resort as well. I simply will invite them to a romantic dinner tomorrow and then we leave them alone and see what happens.”


"I really think..."


"…it’s not a good idea, yes I know. But Bones after all wanted to play matchmaker with us, too. It’s just fair to reward it.“


"The outcome of this is the reason why I have my doubts," the Vulcan replied dryly.




The next evening.


"Isn't it romantically here?" Jim asked and looked around. He had rented a table for four in the best restaurant of the hotel. Of course the Christmas motto prevailed also there. The whole room was lit up only with candles what gave it a cosy atmosphere.


Jim looked around again. Where was Bones? Spock, Scotty and he already waited about half an hour for the doctor. He only had wanted, so said Scotty, to send a short message to his daughter. He wouldn't have found fun elsewhere? This really would spoil his plan. The waiter slowly looked doubtfully at them because they ordered nothing.


"Perhaps I should better go. You surely would like to be alone," Scotty suggested.


"You stay, Scotty,” Jim resisted intensely. He couldn’t allow Scotty to also vanish. "I’ll look where Bones is."


But he didn't manage to rise because McCoy appeared at their table at that moment with a crimson head. "Montgomery Scott, I insist immediately to know, what this is about." He threw a small, red box on the table in front of Scott. Chocolate hearts and a piece of paper with "to my beloved" rolled out.


Scotty looked at everything uncomprehendingly: "I don't understand," he finally said: "Did you want to give this to me?"


"Giving to you?" Leonard wheezed contemptuously. "This was just delivered to our room for you. And I want to know immediately from whom?”


"Our room?" Jim was surprised. He hadn't noticed that Bones and Scotty had booked a double room at all. He really had to take more care of his friend again. Nobody noticed his question though.


"How shall I know this?" Scotty replied. "There’s no name on it. Perhaps it isn't for me but for you at all.”


"Jim, do you have to do something with that?" Spock asked his partner because he suddenly had a suspicion.


Kirk didn't find time to an answer. "Shall this mean that you accuse me of cheating on you?", McCoy spat at the chief-engineer. "Well, now I know how much you trust me. You can forget this, too.”


A little small, golden box flew over the table and landed on the floor. Spock lifted it.


"Len, please! I have to do nothing with that, believe me. And of course I trust you. Surely a misunderstanding. There’s no indication at all, for whom this shall be."


"But the delivery boy had emphasised that this is for you," McCoy answered.


"Then we’ll enquire from whom the order came. This is certainly from one of the hotel’s stores," Scotty suggested and raised from his seat. “We should find out who bought it.”


"Jim!" Spock looked at his partner invitingly. "Would you not like to explain something?"


Kirk sighed. "I was it," he finally said.

"You, Jim?” “You, Captain?” Bones and Scotty asked like from one mouth.


Kirk nodded. "I wanted ... I thought," suddenly he was lost for words. Spock had been right that it wasn't such a good idea to play matchmaker. He cleared his throat "Look, you’re suit each other so well. And I felt guilty because neglecting you so much lately, Bones. I thought... err... anyway they must have misunderstood something in the store. Scotty should actually believe the chocolate come from you and then..."

Spock handed McCoy the small box. "If I interpret the remarks of the doctor and Mr. Scott and the rings in this small box correctly your efforts had been unnecessary.”


“Rings?” Scotty looked questioningly at McCoy.

This nodded. "That’s why I was late. I saw these rings in the shop’s window of the jewellery store and I loved them immediately. After all we wanted to make it official anyway. But as  I wanted to hide them in our room the boy came and then...” He shrugged with his shoulders. "Forgive me, please, that I have not trusted you.”


"You... two... are… a couple?” Jim asked astonished.


"Yes," Bones nodded and sat down next to Scotty.


Kirk stared from one to the other. "Since when... and why I don’t know about that?”


“Since Christmas, because Scotty comforted me after my failed plans for you and we also wanted to be quite sure for ourselves and because you two were being so engaged with each other that there just was no opportunity to tell yet," McCoy answered. "And, Jim, do me the favour and stay Captain as a matchmaker you don’t make it."


Spock curved both eyebrows with an amused glitter in his eyes. "Don't say it,” Jim whispered to him. "Don't even think it.”


But he heard it already in his thoughts: "I have told you it was not a good idea."