The Massage






Series. TOS

Pairing: Mc/m (you may guess for a while)

Code: NC-17

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Summary: A massage has surprising results for McCoy


Disclaimer: Paraborg/Viacom owns the whole Star Trek universe. I only borrowed a little part of it for some fun. No moneymaking, no offence of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction.


If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with m/m-sex and relationships, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English isnot my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. T'Boy did a really great job to correct my errors, not to mention all the suggestions she gave. My greatest gratitude to her. For all remaining errors, blame me.




I like to watch you sleep, especially today. Even in your sleep you look so happy and content. And I know I'm the reason for this. There are still moments when I can't believe that we are together, for ever now, since yesterday.


Everything started with a harmless massage.


It was one of those days one would like to forget completely. An away mission on one of those unknown backward planets had gone terribly wrong. My staff and I were able to patch Spock, who of course had thrown himself in the line of fire to shield Jim, and to rescue Sulu, but one ofthe young red-shirted boys from security had died.


My rational mind knew it wasn't my fault but my heart grieved for this wasted young life. I was so tired but there were still reports to do. I rested my head on my desk in the hope of catching at least a moment of sleep.


I didn't hear you come in before you stood behind my chair. "You need some rest, Leonard," you said and your voice was surprisingly soft and understanding.


I raised my body up and flinched over the sudden pain in my cramped shoulders. This didn't remain unnoticed by you. "Shall I give you a massage?" you offered kindly.


I nodded my agreement and then felt your hands on my shoulders. They were surprisingly tender as they started to knead my shoulders. It really did me good and my thoughts started to drift away. I imagined you standing over me, your long, slender fingers on my shoulders. I pictured your attractive face and this relaxed me even more. I really donít know why. Just the thought to have your company made feel me much better then a few minutes ago.


Surprisingly I suddenly found myself musing over your body in a way I hadn't before. Iíve had male lovers in my life. Only a few, but enough to say I was experienced. I never thought to find one on board the Enterprise. And I surely never considered you in this manner.


Now with your tender hands on my body and my dazed mind I started to mentally admit your exotic beauty. You were strong and muscular and so masculine. And you radiated something that drew me irresistible to you that night.


I wished to feel your hands on my skin. You seemed to have guessed my thoughts when you pulled on my uniform shirt. "The massage would do better if you took this off." Your voice was low and tempting.


Willingly I let you pull the shirt over my head. Your hands on my naked skin enflamed my body. I felt my pants becoming uncomfortably tight. The massage of your hands became more and more a tender caress. I could feel your hands travel down my back, then come around to stroke my belly. As they finally pinched my nipples I couldn't stop myself from moaning.


I wished so much more from you now. Again you obviously sensed my need. You pulled me carefully to me feet and pushed the chair out the way. As you pressed your body against mine I could feel an impressive bulge in your pants. "Leonard," you whispered in my ear. "I want you."


"Yes." I groaned. "Take me." Eagerly you opened my fly and pushed my pants down. After you helped me step out of the shoes, trousers and briefs, I bent over the desk. I could hear you undress yourself hurriedly. Then you rummaged through the next drawer. Thankfully, as we were in my office, there was a supply of medical lubricant at hand.


You didn't waste time and slipped a finger inside me. I moaned with pleasure and pushed back on the welcome invader. As I said, you weren't my first male but it had been a long time since Iíd had another man in me. Nevertheless there were no doubts over this. With you it felt so right, so natural, as if we made for each other.


As you had inserted two more fingers from your left hand, your right one came around to stroke my cock. I couldn't remember the last time I was so hard. I bit my lower lip and hoped the small pain would prevent me from coming too soon.


I desperately wanted to come with you buried deep inside me. "Please, now," I moaned. And then I felt your cock-head pushing against my opening. You slid in, very carefully and easily. It felt so good to be filled withyou. You were indeed big and strong but I didn't feel any pain over your entry. There was so much pleasure from feeling you inside me that nothing else mattered.


As a doctor I knew of course every anatomical detail about a humans body. But with my rationality gone I groaned with surprise as you suddenly hit my prostate. "Leonard", you whispered as you bent down to kiss and nip the tender flesh of my neck. You voice sounded so erotic it cut right through me.


You started to move inside me, to rock your hips back and forth, to rub your cock against the tender spot inside me again and again. I raised my head and in the glass door of my office I could see your face. I've never seen such an excited and joyful expression of someone's face. Your behaviour is always so calm. The mere thought that I was the reason for your excitement was nearly my undoing.


Your hands came around to milk my cock in unison with your thrusts. We were both so near the edge now. I felt you freeze for a moment, thrust hard for one more time, then climax forcefully, your seed filling me. My own liquid splashed over my desk in the same moment. Exhausted we both collapsed on the table, your softening cock still deep inside me.


We must have lain there for a few minutes. Finally you let your organ slip free and straightened up. I, too, rose and turned around to watch you.


Your face had become calm again as you said: "I will put myself on report for assaulting my senior officer. And I ask for an immediate transfer if you wish."


I shook my head. "You didn't assault me with this act. Besides your senior officer asked you to fuck him."


I smiled at you. "I'm not going to let you go, Geoff. I need you as my assistant and as an expert on Vulcan medicine. Only heaven knows what stunt Spock may pull next to save Jimís ass. And above all..." I looked at you carefully. "...I wish very much to continue our relationship on this new level."


To my relief you, too, smiled then.


That was a half year ago. And today, or yesterday, really my time sense seems to have somewhat vanished during the last hours - we took the final step. Again I hear Jim asking: "Leonard H. McCoy are you willing to marry Geoff K. M'Benga." And I still hear my yes as I hear yours.


After my unfortunate divorce I thought I would never marry again. But you have changed my mind quickly and easily. Iíve never felt so happy as now. Jim teased me today if he and Spock have affected me 'cause he never

thought I would fall for a man. I hope we will find the same constant happiness theyíve both discovered these last two years.


Gosh, all these thoughts about our first time have made me horny again. I really can't complain about our sex life. It's often and intensive and wonderful. Probably a man at my age shouldn't "fuck like a rabbit" any more but I enjoy it way too much, as you do, too.


I snuggle a little bit closer to you and press my growing erection against your sexy butt. You must have felt my motion as you stir and wake. You turn around and smile into my eyes, and I'm lost as always. "Mornin' Love," you whisper. Then you tease, "I think you have a big problem, Len."You reach for my cock. "We should do something about it."


You turn around again, presenting your back to me. Your right hand rests still on my organ and places it on your opening. I'm flattered by this gesture of love and trust. As I push in I fear for a moment I may cause you pain

without any lubrication. But you are still moist inside from the last time I came in you, only a few hours ago. "Geoff, I love you." I whisper in your ear.


Although I'm your boss at work, in our private relationship and also in bed we are equals. We both love to give and to receive. Eagerly you push your ass back, impaling yourself deeper on my hard rod. "Take me, Love."

you groan.


I push deeper in you, feel how this excites you. It's so good with you... so unbelievably good... Love, we're together.... I can't... coherentthoughts... any ... more.