The Lost Sons






Series. Island Son

Pairing: diverse characters, m/m-romance

Code: PG


Summary:  Daniel has to deal with Sam’s revelation


Disclaimer: The characters in this story don’t belong to me. I only borrowed them for some fun. No moneymaking, no violation of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction. If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with this topic, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to for the beta-reading. For all remaining errors, blame me.




For Richard and Martin: I adore your courage and your deep love for each other.




This story takes place nearly six years after the series’ end. Daniel has finally married Nina and adopted Tess, who has grown up to a beautiful teenager, and both have a three-year-old son together. Kenji and Laura are re-united and thanks to modern medicine got a healthy daughter. Tony has split up with Margaret and fallen in love with Caitlin, who just told him that she is pregnant. Everybody is happy, only Margaret still has no new partner. Daniel’s parents and brother are well, too. Sam, who decided -  after leaving Hawaii with his mother - to finish school and study medicine, returns now with a surprise for his family.



Daniel’s home near the beach:


„Dad!” Daniel hardly could believe his eyes as he just come home for a quick lunch-break and saw his oldest son sitting on the bench.


„Pono!” He embraced his son tightly, then locked him up and down. Sam really had grown up to a tall, handsome, young man. He hadn’t seen him for over a year now. And he really missed him despite his luck with his new family. „What a surprise, what are you doing here? And before everything why haven’t you announced your coming? I would have picked you up at the airport,” he asked.


Sam smiled. He hadn’t realised how much he had missed Hawaii and his father before he had set his feet again on the island. It was so good to be here again, to feel the warmth sun at his bare skin, to hear the soft sound of the waves rolling onto the beach. „I wanted to surprise you, Dad, and…” He waved to Nina, who just came out the door Daniel Jr. on her arms, „ beautiful stepmother and my little brother and sister.”


„You’re always welcome here, Sam, you hopefully know that,” Nina said. She stepped at Daniel’s side, kissed him and handed him the boy over.


„I know”, Sam confirmed. „And I wish the study would let me more time for visits here.” He sighed. „I miss you. But there is another reason I came now. I’m going to marry and I want to do it here.”


„That’s something I really call a surprise,” Daniel answered and set his son, who had started kicking because everybody seemed to ignore him, down . „Are you sure? I mean you’re still fairly young and believe me I know from my own not-ever-happy experiences how difficult it can be having a family during study, especially during a medicine-study.”


„I’m sure,” Sam emphasised. „It’s the love of my life and we want to make it official rather earlier than later.”


„So, where is she? Why you didn’t bring you bright already along? What’s her name.” Daniel asked, very curios for his soon-to-be daughter-in-law.


„In the hotel.” Sam sighed. Now for the more difficult part. „And his name is Peter.”




The King Kamehameha hospital:


Dr. Anthony Metzger did bend over a young patient. „What the hell have you done to break two arms, one leg and a few ribs?” he asked the blonde, handsome guy on his table.


„Being slower then my bike during a downhill tour,” the twen answered, despite his obvious pain a smile on his lips. „I was training for the Ironman, I trust I can forget it now.”


„Sure you can,” Tony answered. „But I promise after we have put you together again you will look like new.”


„Doctor, before you start, there is something I have to tell you,” the young men said.




„That look’s fine. I think we can dismiss you tomorrow, Tommy.” Daniel looked with satisfaction on the 18-year old Hawaiian on the bed. „Your injuries have healed well.”


The boy nodded. „Thanks, Doctor. I’m glad to finally flee this hospitable hospital. The food isn’t big cousine at all.” He smiled but there was a sad undertone in his voice.


Daniel observed the boy, then said: „Tommy, you know, you still can call the police and indicate the guy who had done this to you. And if you need help there are organisations. And if it was someone from your family…”


Tommy’s eyes darkened as he rudely answered: „I have already told you, Doctor, it was only an accident.”




As Daniel left the room he was so in thoughts that he nearly bumped in Kenji. „Hey Dany, what’s troubling you?”, Dr. Fushida asked.


Daniel sighed. „Tommy, the one of my patients who was so terrible beaten. He still refuses to speak about what had happened or to call the police.”


Kenji shrugged his shoulders. „It’s his business. If he don’t want…”


„I wonder, if I should inform the youth-office,” Daniel mused.


„H’s 18. He’s adult and this is only his concern,” Kenji replied.


Daniel sighed again. „You’re right. Unfortunately. I just had the thought that this may happen again. You know as well as I that most of such atrocities happen in the family. I could bet…”


Kenji observed his friend. Daniel looked tired and troubled. „That’s not the only thing that’s troubling you, isn’t it?”


„No,”, Daniel answered. „Sam is back on the Island and he is going to marry.”


Kenji smiled. „That ought to be a reason to be happy. Why are you looking so sad? Don’t’ you like her?”


„It’s not a she. That’s the problem.”




Daniel’s home in the evening


It had been a long, exhausting day and Daniel really was tired as he came home. Shortly before his closing-time they had get the victims of a terrible car-crash an the Kamehameha-highway. In for operation. So it had become late.


Not to mention the fact that Sam’s confession had pulled on his nerves. He had thought he knew his son, but…


He spotted the two narrowly entwined figures on the beach, kissing and stroking each other. „Pono!” he called.


The boys parted quickly. „Dad!” Sam smiled at him. „This is…”


But Daniel didn’t react to this. „Can’t you be a little bit more discrete? If the kids see you…”


Sam stared in sheer disbelieve on his father. „I thought you would be better then mom and accept,” he said quietly and sadly.


Nina, who had heard Daniel coming, stepped from the bench. „Let’s talk inside,” she offered. „There is no need to be disappointed.”


But Sam reached for his friend’s hand and turned away. „No, we are leaving,” he said. „We will not bother you with our presence any longer.”


„Pono, wait!” Daniel called out but his son had already gone.


Nina looked at her husband. „Was this really necessary, Daniel? He’s your son, after all.”




The King Kamehameha in the next morning


„Saying you’re locking terrible would be a compliment. What’s wrong, Daniel?” Margaret asked as she met her friend. Daniel looked indeed terrible tired.


„It’s Sam,” he replied. „He told me yesterday that he is homosexual and that he wish’s to marry his friend.”


„You have a problem with homosexuality?”


„No, of course not. If it had been someone else I wouldn’t mind at all. But it’s not so easy when it comes to your own son. It’s just… damn, I always wanted the best for him. And I know very well that people still are not so tolerant as they should be. It wouldn’t be easy for him, especially not as a doctor. And…” He sighed. „I for sure had hoped for grandchildren from him. And to make things worse I wasn’t very polite to him and his friend yesterday. I fear he will not forgive me easely.”




„Be careful, Caitlin”, Tony advised his beloved as she was just about to explore Dave, the young men with the mountainbike-accident.


„I’m pregnant not stupid and I can read.” She pulled gloves over her hands and bent down to the young men to observe his wounds on the arms.


„What does he has?” Tommy’s father, who had come to bring his son home, asked


„Nothing you have to worry about,” Tony answered. „Nothing infectious.”


„You can tell him, Doctor,” Dave replied. „I’m HIV-positiv.”


„What!“ Tommy’s father shouted. „You have put my son together in a room with such a pervert.”


„Hey, cool down,” Tony said. „The virus can’t be transferred through the air. There is no risk accept to two would engage…”


„And who guarantees that they don’t exactly that?” the men shouted.


„Dad,” Tommy pleaded.


„I can ensure you that I’m not gay,” Dave said. „I got it through a blood-transfer after I had an accident on a bike-race in Brazil.”


But Tommy’s father wasn’t satisfied. „Perverts, all perverts.” he hissed. „My son has nothing to do with them.”


„Dad, can’t you finally except?” Tommy pleaded quietly.


„No! Never! You will not… I will take care of this.”


Daniel and Margaret, who had heard the cries on the floor rushed in. „What’s going on?” Daniel asked.


„Doctor, you were right. I was beaten from my father, who can’t accept who and what I am,” Tommy said with quiet voice. „I would be thankful if you can help me that I don’t have to live at home any longer.”


Daniel stared with rage on the man. „How can you dare to beat your son such terrible? He could have died from his inner wounds. You belong to prison. Nothing does give you the right…”


„What would you have done, Doctor, when you had caught your son in bed with another guy? I had to beat this perversity out of him.”


„Oh God,” Caitlin murmured.


„I can’t belief what I just have heard,” Daniel said. „You’re son is an adult young man. You have to accept that he is what he is.”


„Doctor, you can’t judge this. What would you have done when it had been your son?”


„My son is homosexual,” Daniel answered with firm voice. „And I’m proud of him:”




Sam’s and Peter’s hotel:


„Dad.” Sam stepped back from the door and let his father in. „If you have come to accuse me further you could have spared your time.”


„I want to talk to you.” Daniel smiled at his son.


„I better go,” Peter offered.


„No, please stay,” Daniel replied. Sam stepped at his partner’s side and took his hand.


„I have come to apologise to you both,” Daniel said. “I really don’t have a problem with your relationship. Please belief me. It’s just, Pono, your confession has shown me once again how less I know about you and your life. I so much regret that I never had more time for you. I guess it wasn’t easy to you to find to yourself. And I should have been there for you. But I wasn’t. And that made me angry of myself. But I have left out this anger at you. Please forgive me.”


„In understand, Dad, but that was something you would never be able to help me. I had to find my own way.” Sam smiled at Peter. „And with Peter’s help I did that.”


„Are you happy?” Daniel asked.


„Yes I’m. Very much.”


Daniel stretched his hand out to his son’s friend. „Welcome in the family.”