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ASCEML(Star Trek adult)


ASCL (Star Trek slash, het and gen)


Chamberlain Fanfiction


DragonsNestKF (deutsch Kung Fu, Kung Fu – TLC)


GermanK/S (deutsch K/S)


Fanfiction Paradies (deutsch Multifandom slash, het and gen)




KirkSpockCentral (ST TOS K/S)


KirkSpockSnuggle (ST TOS K/S)




Querstrich (deutsch Slash Multifandom)


Spock/McCoy-Heaven (ST TOS S/MC)


StarTrekKirkSpock (ST TOS K/S)


STFFWebupate (Update on Star Trek sites)


Storylocator (search-help für Star Trek Stories)


Threes Divine (ST TOS K/S/Mc)


TOS slash for Teens (only PG-13 and less rating)