Christmas Light






Series: TOS

Pairing: K/S, Mc/Sc

Rating: PG


Summary: Christmas on the Enterprise’s bridge


Disclaimer: This story’s mine, but I do not intend to touch the rights of the owner of the characters I’ve used. No moneymaking, no offence meant. English is not my native language, so please forgive h my errors.



"You’re already leaving, Jim?" Leonard McCoy held his friend and captain back as Kirk just was about leaving the ships traditional and famous Christmas party.


"I’m tired, Bones", Kirk replied. "Good night."


Leonard watched him worriedly till the door of the mess hall had closed behind him. It wasn't Jim's way to leave a party at such an early time. Especially not the Christmas parties, which really had a legendary reputation for long lasting and big celebrating. But lately Jim seemed strangely changed, almost drawn back into himself. The womanizer, which hardly could resist a beautiful woman, seemed to have disappeared.

”You’re worried about the captain?” Scotty had come to McCoy’s side and put an arm tenderly around his shoulder.

The doctor nodded. "He’s so… I don’t know how to put it in words… anyway not himself anymore lately”, he said.

"He’s in love", Scotty answered.


Surprised because of this statement McCoy looked at him. "In Mr. Spock”, the chief engineer said.


Leonard smiled. "And I thought only I had noticed this”, he replied.


Also smiling now Scotty shook his head. "I think the whole ship knows it. One hardly can overlook it.”


“Only the two of them don't know”, McCoy said.


"I’m not so sure about that anymore", Scotty answered.




Spock looked up from his scanner as the bridge-doors slid open and Kirk walked in.


"Has the party already ended?", he asked.


Jim shook his head and sat down onto his chair. "I hadn’t any interest in it. Without you, that is.”


"It is only fair that I took over the duty", Spock replied.


As the Enterprise just was on a routine research-mission in the middle of the Federation there wasn't any danger around and the computers could make the examination of the pulse, in which they were engaged, independently, once they were programmed with the necessary parameters. But of course the bridge and other important positions couldn't be left completely unmanned. For Spock it had been only logical to take over the responsibilities as he had not much interest in celebrations and Christmas did not have for him the important meaning as for the full-humans on the ship.


"I don't blame you anyway", Jim replied. "I only prefer to be here with you on the bridge than with the other on the party."


Spock stepped behind him and touched his shoulder tenderly. Jim smiled. He then changed the screen’s band white so that it showed a greater part of the starry sky.


"When I was a small child", he started to tell with a soft voice. "We always went to the church on Christmas Eve. My mother, my brother and I. My father usually was somewhere in space. Not that we had been religious anyway. Only a few people in Riverside still were. However, it simply was tradition of this special evening that everyone gathered together in the old church and we sang old Christmas songs. If we afterwards walked home the snow crunched under our feet and everything around glittered mystically. It was like a dream, like a fairytale for me.”


He sighed at the memory. "I always looked into the sky and had the feeling, the stars were calling for me. I absolutely was sure that I would travel between them one day."


"Perhaps", now there was hope in his voice. "If this five-year-mission is over, we can celebrate Christmas together at home for once.”


"If it’s not too cold for you", he added quickly.

"I would like to get to know your home-country, Jim", Spock assured him.


Kirk turned round to Spock, who had tenderly massaged his shoulders the whole time. "Do you have celebrated Christmas? I mean after all your mother comes from Earth."


Spock shook his head. "My mother always had dedicated herself completely to Vulcan’s traditions. But she told me about Christmas as I was small and I have to admit in some way it sounded intriguing to me. Really experienced, however, I have I it for the first time as I went to the academy."


Jim smiled. "We must look rather illogical for you, celebrating a fest in honor of the birth of an alleged savior, hardly still somebody still believe in him and even his existence may not been proofed scientifically correct."


"Christmas was since centuries also the fest of family and love", Spock reminded him.


"Yes, the love.” Jim stood up and stepped at Spock’s side. "With you I’m as happy as one just can be, as I never was before", he confessed quietly. He wrapped his arms around the Vulcan and kissed him.


A throat’s clearing suddenly coming from behind them drove them apart. McCoy and Scott stood on the bridge. Even the Vulcan’s sensitive hearing had not realized that the lift’s doors had opened so occupied had he been with the kiss and Jin’s proximity.


“Haven't I told you, they are already a couple”, Scotty whispered to Leonard.


Jim grinned. "Caught", he said. 


"And I’m stupid one are worrying about you all the time." Leonard's voice sounded not at all upset. In the moment he was much too happy for his friends. He had wanted to talk with Jim about his lately strange behavior. As he didn't find him in his cabin, he  had even been more worried. But Scotty thought they should have a look at the bridge and at Mr. Spock before starting a ship wide search and probably falling into panic. And as it now had proofed he was absolutely right about that.


"We report voluntarily for duty for the rest of the night", the chief engineer said now.


"So that you two can celebrate your own Christmas party", McCoy added.

"This is very kind of you, but not...", Spock began.

"We will gladly accept and be thankful for ever", Jim interrupted him.


"Come!" He grabbed Spock’s hand and pulled him to the door.


He turned round once again. "But don't do anything, at last nothing we wouldn’t do." He smiled at McCoy.


Spock questioningly arched an eyebrow. "We aren't the only fresh-in-love couple here", Jim explained, then he pulled Spock into the lift. As the doors closed behind them, they kissed once more.


Leonard and Scotty looked at each other. "Caught", the doctor finally said. Then he also drove his friend into his arms and kissed him.