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Taking good care                                txt-version

after “sacred trust”. Pop tends Peter’s injuries.

P/P, PG-13


My beautiful son                                  txt-version

after the bardo

POV Kwai Chang Caine, PG-13                        Deutsch           txt-version


My beautiful son 2                               txt-version

Laura’s thoughts about her husband and her newborn baby-son. Kinda prelude to the other story, maybe...



To ease all woes                                  txt-version

after “dragon’s daughter” - Caine takes care of Peter. Yeah, seems I can’t get enough of this particular stuff…

P/P, R


Addicted to you                                  txt-version

Same as in “to ease all woes”, but now from Peter’s POV

P/P, R


Never alone                                        txt-version

poem, P/P, PG-15


Love is only a feeling                           txt-version

A visitor from a not so far ago past threatens to shatter Peter’s world… (setting during third season)

P/P, KCC/m, NC-17


Magic Spell – a morning after              txt-version

P/P, PG-15


Run for cover                                      txt-version

After a strenuous day, Peter is unable to sleep.

P/P, PG-15


Starlight                                               txt-version

After a strenuous day, Peter is unable to sleep

poem, P/P, PG-15


Ancient Knowledge                             txt-version

After “Dark site of the Ch’I” Peter si confronted with a truth

Pro-P/P, Lo Si, PG


Accidentally in Love                            txt-version

KCC/F (P/P impl.)

Caine meets a descendant from Su Yen from the classic Ep. “The Tide”


Dragon Days                                       txt-version

A visit to France

P/P, NC-17, past-Requiem                 Deutsch                       txt-version


With or without you (No, lovers Christmas)                 txt-version

After “A Shaolin Christmas” is there a better time for a little heart-to-heart of father and son?

P/P, Jordan, PG-15                              Deutsch                       txt-version


Sick and Tired                                     txt-version

Aftershocks rock the relationship between father and son

P/P, PG-15                                            Deutsch                       txt-version


Numb                                                 txt-version

Caine’s six month absence causes a severe breach between father and son

P/P, PG-15                                            Deutsch                       txt-version


Pandora’s Box                                    txt-version

A rumor is spread about the nature of the relationship between Peter and Caine. With a rather surprising outcome…

P/P, NC-17


Sparkles of Light                                 txt-version

Caine and Peter are dealing with the changes in their relationship and  meet a strange woman.

P/P, R


Anniversary of a first time                    txt-version

A little celebration. Little plot, but lots of lovin’

P/P, R


Another Day                                       txt-version

Caine is haunted by a nightmare

P/P, PG-15 (past-Destiny)                  Deutsch                       txt-version                         


Living in a dream                                 txt-version       

Pop accompanies Peter to a police training. When Peter returns from an evening out with his colleagues he acts very strange.

P/P, NC-17


Spring time budding  -  or Pop’s special recipe          txt-version

Pop tries to cure Peter’s hiccup with a special mix of herbs. But the remedy shows unexpected side-effects. Well, even a  Shambhalla master can be distracted sometimes and make a tiny mistake, can’t he?

P/P, POV Peter, Humor, NC-17


2005 Paradies-Apfel Award: 1. Platz Beste Kung Fu-Story

Shaolin Heart                                      txt-version

A visitor brings both old memories and fresh knowledge – a knowledge that comes quiet unexpected for Caine and Peter.

P/P + div. characters from the series, A/U, PG13,                         Deutsch                       txt-version


playing love like a game                       txt-version

Two meddling ladies play a game. Yeah, the Slashers version of “Dragon Lair” <g>

a co-production of Silver and Lady Charena

P/P & the infernal duo, humor, PG13


Flu-fic                                                 txt-version

Pop’s ill and gives Peter a tad of a hard time. Well, you know what they say: no worse patient than a healer…

P/P, PG15, humor                 Deutsch                                   txt-version


Tea for two                                         txt-version

Did you ever think drinking tea can be rather erotic?

P/P, PWP, NC-17


In your eyes                                        txt-version

Hmh, the story's too short for a sum. You'll see. It takes place directly after Pop walks off at the end of "the promise".
pre-P/P, PG, POV Peter

A new tomorrow                                 txt-version

Always a night between today and tomorrow...
P/P, NC-17, past First temple

Fighting fire with fire                            txt-version

Caine re-lives his worst nightmare... Peter trapped by flames.

P/P, NC-17


Tread softly                                         txt-version

another post-“Target”-story with a little (pre-)P/P…

P/P, PG-15


A night out                                          txt-version

Just a little trip, some campsite loving
P/P, NC-17


Plain Talking                                        txt-version

right words, right time - and times, when no words are needed.
P/P, NC-17


Burns                                                  txt-version

love is the only medicine

P/P, NC-17


Rain                                                    txt-version

rain isn’t just bad weather. rain can be pretty erotic

P/P, R, Peter POV




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