Kung Fu

Kung Fu – Im Zeichen des Drachen

(The Legend Continues)





A bird chicken is coming                                   T’Len


Accidentally in Love                                         Lady Charena


Addicted to you                                                  Lady Charena


All I wanna do                                                    Silver


A mother’s love                                                 Silver


Ancient Knowledge                                           Lady Charena


And today won't mean a thing                           Silver


A night out                                                         Lady Charena


Anniversary of a first time                                Lady Charena


Another Day                                                       Lady Charena


Breakfast in bed                                                 Silver


Burns                                                                  Lady Charena


Christmas at the 101.                                         T’Len


Days and hours                                                   Lady Charena


Dragon Days                                                      Lady Charena


Eager for Duty                                                   T’Len


Eishockey verbindet                                          Lady Charena


Fighting fire with fire                                        Lady Charena


Flu-fic                                                                Lady Charena


Gentle rain                                                         Silver                                    


Gentle tide                                                          Silver                                    


Hour of the wolf                                                 Silver


It depends on the length                                     T’Len


In Your Eyes                                                      Lady Charena


Let me help you                                                 T’Len


Living in a dream                                               Lady Charena


Long way to morning                                         Silver


Love                                                                   T’Len                                    


Love is only a feeling                                        Lady Charena


Magic Spell – a morning after                           Lady Charena


Monitored                                                          T’Len


My beautiful son                                                Lady Charena                        


My beautiful son 2                                             Lady Charena                        


Never alone                                                        Lady Charena


Nick’s Problem                                                  T’Len


Numb                                                                  Lady Charena


Pandora’s Box                                                    Lady Charena


Plain talking                                                       Lady Charena


playing love like a game                                    Lady Charena/Silver


Rain                                                                    Lady Charena


Run for cover                                                     Lady Charena


Scoundrel days                                                   Lady Charena


Shaolin Heart                                                     Lady Charena


Sick and Tired                                                    Lady Charena


Sparkles of Light                                               Lady Charena


Special Order                                                     T’Len


Spring time budding                                          Lady Charena


Starlight                                                             Lady Charena


Surprise                                                              T’Len


Surrender                                                            Lady Charena


Taking good care                                               Lady Charena


Tea for two                                                         Lady Charena


To ease all woes                                                 Lady Charena


Tread softly                                                        Lady Charena


Undercover                                                         T’Len


With or without you                                           Lady Charena







AbbadonDiablos Rückkehr                            Lady Charena


Abend                                                                 T’Len


Abgehört                                                            T’Len


Adventskalender 11 Tag 19                               T’Len


A little family goes a long way                         Lady Charena                        


Albträume                                                          Lady Charena


Alternativen                                                       Lady Charena


A new tomorrow                                                Lady Charena


Angst                                                                  Lady Charena


Anniversary                                                        Lady Charena


Auf die Länge kommt es an                               T’Len


Blood and Tears                                                 Lady Charena                        


Broken down                                                      Lady Charena


Campingtrip                                                       T’Len


Catch a falling star                                             Lady Charena


Chaos in der Küche                                            Lady Charena


Cherry blossom                                                  Lady Charena


Coming Out                                                        T’Len


Das Fest der Liebe                                             Lady Charena


Der braune Teddy                                              Lady Charena


Der etwas andere Weihnachtsmorgen               Lady Charena


Der Fall Gummibär                                          Lady Charena


Diensteifer                                                         T’Len                                    


Die Weisheit des Alters                                     Lady Charena


Dragon Days                                                      Lady Charena


Drei sind zwei zu viel                                        Lady Charena


Ein anderer Tag                                                  Lady Charena


Ein Haus gebaut aus Träumen                           Lady Charena


Ein heißer Fall                                                   T’Len                                    


Einsatzfreude                                                     T’Len                                    


Extrem Kräutering                                             Lady Charnea


Freiheit                                                               Lady Charena


Freier Fall                                                          Lady Charena


Gambler’a Fortune                                             Lady Charena


Geschenke                                                          Lady Charena


Geschwister!                                                      Lady Charena


Goldwind und Jadetau                                       Lady Charena


„Gute“ Freunde                                                  Lady Charena


Heiler heile dich selbst                                      Lady Charena


Heimat ist ein Gefühl                                        Lady Charena


Heimkehr                                                           Lady Charena


How to let go                                                      Lady Charena


Immer auf den Kleinen                                      Lady Charena


In aller Heimlichkeit                                          T’Len


Jacks schwarzer Tag                                          Lady Charena


Kaminfeuer                                                        Lady Charena


Kein Weg zurück                                               Lady Charena


Kleine Kinder, große Kinder                             Lady Charena


Kleine Kinder, große Kinder 2                          Lady Charena


Kommt ein Vogel Hühnchen geflogen              T’Len


Küchenphilosophie                                            Lady Charena       


Lady in Red                                                        Lady Charena


Licht und Schatten                                             Lady Charena


Liebe                                                                  T’Len        


Liebe einer Mutter                                             Silver


Liebe kennt keine Schuld                                  Lady Charena


Marie – A long way from paradise                    Lady Charena


Mein Sohn                                                          Lady Charena


Muttertag                                                           Lady Charena


Nachmittag                                                         T’Len


Nacht                                                                  T’Len


Nacht 2                                                               T’Len        


Narben                                                                Lady Charena


Nickies Idee                                                       T’Len


Nickies Problem                                                T’Len


Nightfall                                                             Lady Charena                                          


Noch ein heißer Fall                                          T’Len


Numb                                                                  Lady Charena


Oh Hoffnung bleib...                                          Lady Charena


Out of the woods – Campingtrip, die Zweite    Lady Charena


Räuber! Diebe! Liebe?                                       Lady Charena       


Redemption                                                        Lady Charena


Sehnsucht                                                           Lady Charena


Shaolin Heart                                                     Lady Charena


sick and tired                                                      Lady Charena


Souvenir                                                             Lady Charena


Spezialauftrag                                                    T’Len


Spur deiner Schritte                                           Lady Charena


Spuren die bleiben                                             Lady Charena                        


Strohfeuer                                                          Lady Charena


Sweet Dreams are made of this                         Lady Charena


Tag                                                                     T’Len        


Tage und Stunden                                              Lady Charena


Take Out Serie                                                   Lady Charena


The end of all dreams                                        Lady Charena


The little shop of herbal horrors                        Lady Charena


The waste of the soul                                         Lady Charena


Top Secret                                                          Lady Charena


To ride the Wind                                                Lady Charena


Überraschung                                                     T’Len


Undercover                                                         T’Len


Unerwartete Geschenke                                     Lady Charena


Väter                                                                   Lady Charena


Vatertag mal zwei                                              Lady Charena


Vermächtnisse                                                   Lady Charena


Weihnachten auf dem 101.                                T’Len


Weihnachtseinkauf                                            T’Len        


Wie Feuer auf Eis                                              Lady Charena


With or without you                                           Lady Charena


Wurzeln                                                              Lady Charena