New: Originals and copies


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Well, I just started to translate my stories and here is the first one. (Which is also the shortest... just for practise *g*)


Titel: Originals and copies (Translation of the German
original "Originale und Kopien")
Autor: T'Sihek
Fandom and Pairing: Star Trek-TOS, K/S
Rating: PG-13, First Time
Summary: Kirk prefers to work with orignals. Exepct of one case, or
maybe not?
Feedback: Always welcome!
Archiv: GermanKS-Archiv (German version)
Beta: none
Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Kirk and Spock, the rest is mine and there is nothing earned except of fun. So sit back and enjoy. Those who are underage or who don't like same-sex-relationships should now leave and read elsewhere. Thanks. Note: This story was inspired by this fotomanip by Myra:

~Originals and copies~

"Mr. Spock. Would you please be so kind and fetch the orignal of this report from my quarters? This one is just a copy and I prefer to work with originals. It is on my desk. I had a short look on it last night", Kirk asked distracted while he read some other datas.

Spock raised without a word and went trough their shared bathroom in the captain's quarters. Unlike their usual habits this time they did the weekly paper warfare in Spock's much warmer quarters. Something Spock enjoyed, because he often gets cold in Kirk's rooms.

On the desk there was the usual mess but not the missing report. Spock looked around, searching, and discovered it finally on the bord next to the bed. He took it. Then he saw an object, half covered by the pillow. It was not the form which irritated him but the color: a dark green, almost like vulcan blood.

Curious he took it. There was no doubt... it was a dildo. His mind started to work when many small hints summaried and started
to form the only logic theory. He had just finished to form a conclusion when he heard his captain's voice behind him. Slowly he turned round.

"Spock? Where are.... ah.... there you are. Do you found the.... report?" The last word was only a whisper, when Kirk saw the object
in Spock's hands.Kirk's face blushed and he stared speechless at Spock.

The vulcan simultaneously lifted one brow and the dildo a bit. "Yes. I found the report. And more..."

"That... err... I.." Kirk blushed even more and helplessly grew silent, when Spock bent forward.

"I just wonder, why you *in this case* are satisfied with a copy, when you can have the original even here?", he murmured and kissed him.

#The end#