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A warm thank you to all who participated.


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The Captain's Commander   txt-version

This story takes place just before Kirk takes command of the Enterprise.
Kirk/McCoy, BDSM, NC-17





2004 ASCEM Golden Orgasm Award: First Place TOS Slash Short Story, First Place TOS Short Story (two-way tie), First Place TOS Kirk/McCoy-Fest, Second Place Kirk/McCoy, Third Place Kirk/Spock Short Story (two-way tie)

Blame it on Midnight   txt-version                      

'Kirk has split with Spock. McCoy helps him

Kirk/McCoy (implied K/S ), R




A Generation’s End   txt-version

He was alive, but now he's dead.

Kirk/McCoy, PG, Mentions of character death


Forget me not   txt-version

After the Fal-Tor-Pan McCoy is his old self, except for one thing: He can't remember

his relationship with Kirk. How will Kirk refresh his memories?

Kirk/McCoy, PG, Kirk’s POV





2004 ASCEM Golden Orgasm Award: First Place TOS Short Story (four-way-tie), Third Place Kirk/McCoy-Fest

In Shadow and in Darkness   txt-version

McCoy's POV after many years

Kirk/McCoy, NC-17



Lady Charena

Doctors Recommendation   txt-version

Kirk believes McCoy totally heterosexual, but McCoy is not.

Kirk/McCoy, ST-TMP, PG-13




Encounter   txt-version

Data finds out about emotions from Dr. McCoy

MccOy, Data, G


2004 ASCEM Golden Orgasm Award: First Place TOS Slash Vignette (seven-way tie)

Humans   txt-version

McCoy Jim comfort each other after ST II.

Kirk/McCoy (Kirk/Spock implied), PG


Magnolia and other Pleasures   txt-version

An alternate version of a certain TOS episode.  You have to guess which!
Kirk/McCoy, NC-17




Farfalla     2004 and 2005 ASCEM Golden Orgasm award: Second Place Best TOS Author    

Best   txt-version

inspired by pretty places I have been, including a certain parking lot.

Kirk/McCoy, PG


Sign on the broken Line   txt-version


Kirk/McCoy, Angst, R




Just another Friday night on Space Station 4   txt-version

Set after "For the world is hollow and I have touched the  sky". The title really says it all.

Kirk/McCoy (Kirk/m, McCoy/f implied). R



Acidqueen                  2004 ASCEM Golden Orgasm award: Third Place Best TOS Author  


2004 ASCEM Golden Orgasm Award: Third Place Kirk/McCoy

Ghosts   txt-version

Spock learns something about his friends.
Kirk/McCoy, Spock POV, PG-13



2004 ASCEM Golden Orgasm Award: First Place TOS Series or Suite (two-way tie), Second Place TOS Slash Short Story (six-way tie), Second Place Kirk/Other Female

Something Stupid    txt-version

Kirk and McCoy meet again one year after their first encounter

Kirk/McCoy, Kirk/f, Mitchell/f, McCoy/f, prä-TOS, NC-17

Sequel to "Summer of '53"


Intermezzo in White and Green   txt-version

Thoughts of a physician, unvoiced.  

Kirk&McCoy, McCoy POV pre-TOS, PG

Sequel to "Something stupid" which is a sequel to "Summer of '53".

2004 ASCEM Golden Orgasm Award: Third Place Kirk/Other Male (two-way tie)

Starting All Over   txt-version

After V'Ger, some dice are rolled anew

Kirk/McCoy (implied: Kirk/m, Kirk/f, McCoy/f, K/S, K/S/Mc), R





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