Rating: PG

Series: ST TOS

Spoilers: Balance of Terror

Part: 1/1

Disclaimers: Star Trek and all its characters belong to Paramount/Viacom. No copyright infringement intended, this story was written all in good fun. No money was made.

Author’s note: English is not my main language, so my grammar usage may give you a startle… or two. Un betaed, all errors are mine. ^_^

Summary: After facing the Romulan enemy, Captain Kirk needs something.




The Enterprise and her crew had sustained damage during the battle with the Romulan vessel, but Captain Kirk knew that Chief Engineer Scott and Chief Medical Officer McCoy would tend to them.


There had been only one casualty, Dr. McCoy informed the Captain: Lieutenant Robert Tomlinson, whose wedding day was to be started moments before the Red Alert had been declared.


At the moment, after the emergency was over, the captain was not in the Engine’s room with Mr. Scott. He was not at the infirmary getting a report on his injured crew either. He was in the ship’s chapel with Mr. Tomlinson’s fiancée, Ensign Angela Martine, offering what little comfort he could. Once he was sure Miss Martine was going to be as well as could be expected in company of her friends, Jim Kirk directed his steps to Deck Five.


His heart was heavy at the thought of the things the young couple should have done and would now never do.


The captain felt as sore as his ship was and he walked slowly towards his room. It was always hard for him to loose a crew member but as he turned the bend of the corridor, Kirk felt better. A blue-clad figure was waiting for him outside his quarters and Jim smiled in welcome.


Palming the door open, Jim invited his companion to follow him in. Once inside, the security lock activated, the visitor engulfed Kirk in a tight embrace. Jim sighed deeply and allowed the warm touch to relax him.


“Thank you,” Kirk said and pulled himself away enough so they could be face to face. “How did you know I needed that?”


A strong hand softly caressed his forehead and moved then to Kirk’s hair. Jim closed his eyes and sighed again.


“I knew,” was the response. “I love you, Jim.”


“I love you too, Bones,” Kirk said and pulled McCoy down for a deep kiss.