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Second Wave 2004





Again a warm thank you to all who participated.




Down in the Dumps   txt-version

Kirk and McCoy slowly adjust to life on Rura Penthe

Kirk/McCoy, PG-13



The Getting or the Having   txt-version

In the Mirror-Universe Kirk finds out that his counterpart has a sexual relationship with McCoy. This makes him thinking things over.

Kirk/McCoy, R, MU


Dust   txt-version

Sequel to The Getting or the Having

Kirk/McCoy, R, MU




And then there where --?   txt-version

A night in Jim’s cabin

Kirk/McCoy, Kirk/Spock/McCoy, PWP, NC-17



2004 ASCEM Golden Orgasm Award: First Place TOS Slash Novel, First Place TOS Novel (two-wa-tie), First Place Kirk/McCoy, Second Place Kirk/McCoy-Fest, Second Place McCoy/Other Female (Thre-way tie)

Apollo Physician   txt-version

Write a story in which Kirk and McCoy are already together when McCoy's father dies

Kirk/McCoy, NC-17


Plato’s Stepchildren’s Grandparents   txt-version

based on the challenge Kirk and McCoy meet another TV couple who are in bed together

and allow their own feelings to be revealed.

Kirk/McCoy R, Humor




Farfalla              2004 and 2005 ASCEM Golden Orgasm award: Second Place Best TOS Author

Five Lines on two Men   txt-version

A Kirk/McCoy Limerick Series

Kirk/McCoy, R



Acidqueen                  2004 ASCEM Golden Orgasm award: Third Place Best TOS Author                     

Almost like the Day before   txt-version

Kirk and McCoy learn something unexpected about their predecessors onboard the Enterprise

Kirk/McCoy, Pike/Boyce implied, R


2004 ASCEM Golden Orgasm Award: First Place TOS Series or Suite (two-way tie)

Intermezzo – An Evening in the HQ   txt-version

Sharing a few undisturbed minutes…

Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, PWP


Intermezzo – Between Friends   txt-version   

A shared night.

Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, PWP


Smile   txt-version

After "This Side of Paradies", Kirk muses.

Kirk/McCoy, PG, Poem






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