Intermezzo - An Evening in the HQ

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Series: TOS - Acidqueen's Kirk/McCoy series

Codes: K/Mc

Rating: NC-17 pwp

Summary: Sharing a few undisturbed minutes…

Author's Note: Written for the second round of the KirkMcCoyFest.

Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek, I own my brain. No infringement is intended, and no money is being made.

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Acknowledgement: Thanks to JB for beta'ing! All remaining errors are mine.



"Damn, and I thought it'd get better with those boring official dinners," Kirk mumbled as the restroom door closed behind McCoy and him. He stepped to the basin and bathed his face in cool water, feeling his overheated face returning to normal.


"That's just the difference between giving a speech yourself and suffering as listener," McCoy drawled, and vanished into a box.


"Good god, don't tell me I'm that bad," Kirk said, pained.


"No, you're a tad funnier," McCoy's voice came from the box, dampened by the door.


Facing his wet, tired features in the mirror, Kirk caustically said, "Thanks, Bones, you're always cheering me up." Some droplets had made it onto his red uniform, leaving dark spots. Hastily he dried his face, capturing some others before they could spoil his appearance.


The flushing water drowned McCoy's reply, and a second later the doctor resurfaced in the small door. 


"Hey, Jim, it wasn't my idea to go to a meeting about -"


Kirk raised his palm. "Stop!"


McCoy froze in the middle of his movement. "What's up?" he asked concerned, his eyes rapidly wandering up and down the room.


"Nothing. I just wanted to watch you."


"And for that you're giving me a heart attack?" McCoy growled, and moved on. "That's -"


"Stop!" Kirk ordered again and, out of the habit of decades, McCoy couldn't but hold his movement.


He clamped his hands right and left around the door frame and shook his head. "You're a bit crazy tonight, aren't you?"


"I don't know what's crazy about cherishing my lover who I haven't seen for a while." Kirk drew closer. "You're much too slim, as always," he said, and softly brushed over the bony chest that was hidden beneath the red fabric. "But you look fabulous in this uniform."


"You do, too," McCoy replied, slightly appeased. "I just don't see why we've got to have this conversation in the middle of the admiralty's restroom."


"I think this place's as good as any other. Besides, it was your timetable that kept us apart the last week."


"Ha." McCoy snorted. "One week in half a year, and you're holding it against me, Admiral."


"Go ahead, Doctor," Kirk said with an exaggerated moan. "You know how I love it when you get all official."


"You've got a 'Fleet fetish."


"Tell me something new."


They chuckled in unison for a moment, then McCoy became more serious. "You really want to do it here, Jim?" he asked, critically glancing down his chest where fingers busily opened his jacket.


Only when it parted to reveal the doctor's t-shirt beneath, Kirk lifted his gaze from the task.


"Oh yes. All this fucking" - one corner of the shirt was pulled out, "boring" - a second corner followed, "evening, the only nice thing in my mind was the prospect of seducing you here." Kirk lifted the shirt, gaining free access to a strip of white skin.


"So that's why you wanted to ride up all to this level, although we could've gone to the restroom right next to the mess?" McCoy said a tad unsteadily.


"Yes." Kirk slipped his hands under the fabric, rubbing over the other one's back.


McCoy's grip tightened around the frame's edge, then let lose as Kirk unexpectedly pulled him into a kiss. He sagged into the embrace.


"I bet they've cams all around," he murmured when their lips parted again.


"Probably, and they'll sell the vid to the black market."


"Worse, they'll collect it as family treasure."


They chuckled again. "Did I tell you about that girl who broke into my apartment to steal my shorts?" Kirk asked.


"You did. But you never told me what happened to the girl after you caught her," McCoy replied with a wink.


"Well…" Kirk opened his embrace, pushed McCoy's shirt further upwards and bent down. "Something like that," he said, and captured one flat nipple. The doctor's hands irregularly brushed through Kirk's hair as he sucked it.


"I bet she loved it," McCoy murmured breathlessly. "Tell me more about it."


"Itshthbt…" Kirk started, then let the nipple go. "It's a bit hard to tell the story and suck at the same time."


"Let's make a deal - I undress you, Admiral, and you're going to tell the story." McCoy clasped his hands in the uniform and began uncovering Kirk's upper body.


"Oh, I fondled her breasts and her wonderful, round ass," Kirk said, and reached around to grab McCoy's slim one, pulling them closer. McCoy just managed to get his hands under Kirk's shirt in time before they could get caught between their chests.


"Like this?" he asked, as their groins met in the middle, and let his hips rotate.     




Their hands were busily working and kneading, while they kissed again. And obviously they had the same thought as they both began pushing each other into the definitely cam-free box. It was small and cramped with two men, but not so small as to hinder McCoy from opening Kirk's fly when they had managed to close the door.


"Hmmm, she opened my pants just as fast," Kirk said, then gasped as the doctor's fingers took hold on his full-blown erection. "But she wasn't as skilled as you."


"Long years of practice," McCoy said. Without further ado, he closed the toilet cover and sat down on it, then took the hard penis in his mouth. 


"Oh…Bones…" With both hands, Kirk held himself on McCoy's shoulders, while his eyes closed and his head automatically nicked in the rhythm of the experienced sucking and stroking. His balls massaged and his erection sucked like this (and with all the pent-up arousal from the fantasies he'd juggled over the evening), he wouldn't last long. In his groin, the well-known tension strained along his sinews and muscles down to his thighs, increasing with every second…  


"Wait," Kirk gasped, and pulled out of the warmth with the last of his willpower.


McCoy looked up, a question in his blue eyes.


"I want us to come together." Hastily, Kirk took off his uniform pullover and removed his shirt. "Here, let's use that for a towel."


McCoy stood up and took the shirt. "I'm not complaining," he said, as Kirk opened his pants. His lids dropped as Kirk's fingers rubbed over the length of his erection. He opened them again with effort when he heard Kirk chuckle.




"Nothing," Kirk said. "I just remembered that saying…that everyone's beautiful when aroused."


"Ah..." McCoy obviously had a hard time thinking straight. Which was exactly what Kirk went for, because otherwise it was almost impossible to pay him a compliment. 


"And you are beautiful right now, Bones," he whispered, marveling on their easy-going relationship, the secure base they'd found over the last decade. He cared for him a great deal. And the sex was a nice, but actually smaller ingredient in the whole mixture.


"Hm-hm." McCoy eyed him hazily, his lips pulled into a half-grin. Then he closed one hand around Kirk's erection and joined in the rhythm of the fingers on his own.


Their hands worked in movements made so often that they were ingrained in each joint, the patterns never quite reaching conscious levels anymore. But still, each time was a bit different and unique because of the places they choose and the moods they were in - having all the time in the world or very little, much energy or less… Tonight, they were quite horny, and the tight, small cabin constantly reminded them of threatening interruptions, giving their lovemaking an extra edge toward quick completion.   


"Oh…yes," McCoy gasped soon, and Kirk couldn't help but falling into his own blissful orgasm right with him. Somehow McCoy had managed to arrange the shirt where it should be and so, for a while, their organs rubbed against each other and the smooth, sweaty fabric of the improvised towel. Finally, McCoy closed his pants and sagged onto the seat of the toilet.


"Phew. I should get more exercise," he said, still fetching his breath. 


"We're not getting any younger," Kirk agreed, leaning against the wall and wiping his face with a clean part of the shirt.


McCoy looked at him with a smirk. "We're quite a picture, half out of uniform…not the most respectable trek personnel, eh?"


"We've both an interesting reputation, but respectable isn’t really a part of it." Kirk closed his fly and donned the uniform jacket over his naked chest.


"By the way, in the end she left with a piece of my underwear. The black jockstrap."


McCoy grinned. "The one I gave you some years ago? Which never really fit you? She'll probably sell it on the black market and make a fortune with it."


"You want my shirt? As a reminder of tonight? You could make a fortune!" Kirk said, wagging the wet piece in front of McCoy's face.


"No, thanks," the doctor stated with a fake shudder, and stood up.


Kirk tried to look annoyed. "And I thought it was true love between us."


"Must be, 'cause I've been bearing your jokes for three decades," McCoy grunted, but then bent forward and slipped his hand around Kirk's neck. "Thanks for the nice idea," he drawled softly, and kissed him. They remained close for a moment, cherishing their nearness.


"You're welcome," Kirk finally said, and pulled away. "What are you going to do now?"


"I gotta get home. I've an important appointment tomorrow." McCoy opened the door and they went out into the front part of the restrooms, where Kirk threw the shirt into the next recycler.


"It's getting worse with your schedule," he stated critically and sent a probing look into the mirror.


"Someone's pushing me all along this damn career train," McCoy retorted. "And I bet he only does it so that I can't complain about admiralty anymore."


Kirk whistled innocently - well, almost.


McCoy shook his head. "Come on, you look good enough - and well-laid," he said, and gave him a pat on the shoulder. "Some folks are surely missing you already. Admiral Olmera, for example."


"Jealous?" Kirk asked - a question so stupid that McCoy granted him only one raised eyebrow. But when the main door opened to them, he said, "Well, at least you could ask her about that mysterious meeting on Friday."


"Will do so," Kirk said, as they walked along the corridor. "Which reminds me that I haven't heard from Spock in a while - any idea what he's up to?"


"You're honestly asking me?" Another eyebrow was lifted. "As if Spock ever told me more than he tells you."


"Miracles can happen." Kirk gave a nod to a passing lieutenant and summoned the lift.


McCoy leaned forward. "I'm satisfied with what I have," he whispered, and winked. "I'm going to take the rear lift; it's closer to my flitter. Goodnight, Jim. And don't do anything I would do."


"I won't." Kirk said, smiling. "Goodnight, Bones. See you on Friday." With a last squeeze of hands, they parted.


And what a Friday it would be…