Down in the Dumps

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Summary: Kirk and McCoy slowly adjust to life on Rura Penthe

Challenge: At Rura Penthe Kirk and McCoy finally reveal some truths.  Not sure I actually managed this but hey.

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McCoy was frozen and also rather terrified, he didn't want to die, and he didn't want to have a shower anymore either.  The water was a worrying brown colour and the cubicles were so disgusting even the insects had moved out.  He wasn't very keen on some of, most of, he amended, the looks he seemed to be getting either, the whispers of 'fresh meat’ and the smirks were kinda sinister too. 


What he really wanted to do was run back to his cell, but damned if he was going to turn back now he'd got this far. 


McCoy closed his eyes and stepped into the freezing cold shower; suddenly he heard the sound of the latch clicking.




Kirk looked up in concern as for the third night in a row McCoy limped in covered in fresh bruises. 


Things were getting worse; it wouldn't be long before he really got into trouble, possibly even.  He stopped the thought, dwelling wouldn't help, he had left it too long already, he would have to step in. 


He had thought Bones would fight back eventually and win, earning enough respect to be left alone.  He seemed to have overestimated Bones' ability to cope in such a situation, his caustic nature rather acted like a red flag and his medical training did not seem to have prepared him for such dirty fighting. 


He himself was not always around; he would have to come up with another answer.


McCoy sighed as he walked into the cell; the only thing he wanted to do was lie down for awhile and not think.  Perhaps he could pretend he was back on the Enterprise, with Spock.


He smiled tiredly at Jim as he moved; he was the only person in this godforsaken place that didn't look at him like he was meat, fresh meat at that. 


McCoy collapsed onto the bottom bunk, Jim's bunk he thought tiredly and closed his eyes. 


Something touched him and he nearly leapt out of his skin, it seemed Rura Penthe was leaving its mark.


"It's ok Bones, its me,” said Kirk


"I thought I would clean you up a bit."


McCoy opened his eyes to see Jim smile at him, his eyes filled with worry


"Unless you want to try the showers again?"


McCoy shivered


"You heard about that huh"


He closed his eyes again as his Captain cleaned the worst of the grime off his cuts.


"I don't know how much longer I can do this."


He whispered.  He felt his hand being squeezed in reply.




McCoy hadn't been attacked, spat on or propositioned all day. 


Jim had apparently made enough of a mark on this place that few were willing to go against him, or his property, he thought darkly.  Instead of being happy at the respite McCoy found himself dwelling on the price, if he wasn't careful his self-respect would never recover. 


He was also starting to wonder if he had buried certain things about their relationship a long time ago.




Kirk casually slipped his arm over McCoy’s shoulder and grinned as the rest of the group visibly backed away. 


He would never admit it, but the respect and fear he was shown by the other inmates, hell even some of the guard, plus the power he now held over McCoy, turned him on.


McCoy flinched and tried to move away, but Jim's arm only tightened around him.  He frowned and then relaxed into the touch, it felt nice to feel safe. 


McCoy grinned sardonically, he wasn't sure he wanted to know what Jim had done to these people, but he was beginning to learn to enjoy the effect.  He felt a breath in his ear


"I think its time we had a talk." he heard.



58. On Rura Penthe Kirk and McCoy finally reveal some truths to each other.