Intermezzo - Between Friends

Acidqueen < a.q @ >



Title: Intermezzo - Between Friends

Author: Acidqueen <a.q @>

Pairings: Kirk/McCoy

Series: TOS ; Acidqueen's K/Mc series

Rating: NC-17 pwp

Summary: A shared night.

Author's Note: Written for the KirkMcCoyFest.

Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek, I own my brain. No infringement is intended, and no money is being made.

Archive: KirkMcCoyFest, my own website at , ASCEM, all others ask, please.

Acknowledgement: Special thanks to T'Thrill for the beta! All remaining errors are mine!

It was unusually late in the night when Kirk left the bridge where he had spent the last days with few interruptions. Passing the cabins of his officers - all but the First one's, which traditionally was located somewhere else on the ship - he was almost to his door when his pace faltered. He was tired and exhausted, yes, but he was also still too alert to just go to bed. A cold, clammy, lonely bed. He almost unconsciously took two steps back and stopped dead in front of McCoy's quarter, eyeing the closed door thoughtfully. They hadn't spent much time together since they had renewed their sexual relationship, being tied to their respective duties on the last mission. And Kirk wasn't sure if McCoy would like being woken by him at 0120, but there was a sudden urge to step in there and lay down beside his friend, sharing the bed and some comfortable warmth.


Checking the corridor out of the corners of his eyes for witnesses, he quickly keyed the door code and entered. Darkness enfolded him for a second, until the computer lightened up to 10% on his command.


In the sleeping area, a barely visible figure lay coiled under the red layer, emanating a light snoring that filled the room. Quietly, Kirk stripped down to his underwear and padded over. When he began slipping into the bed, McCoy's eyes snapped opened, shimmering blue pearls in a sea of black.


"Jim? Emergency?" he mumbled sleepily, belaying his alert gaze.


"None other than I badly needed to come here tonight, Bones," Kirk said soothingly. "That's alright by you?"


"You're welcome." McCoy drowsily moved to the side, arms entangled in the sheet.


Kirk sneaked under the cover, humming contently as he rolled into the warm, already formed hollow. He lay down on his right side and slung one arm and leg possessively over his friend's body, earning not even a grunt. For a while he was happy just to feel the man next to him, taking in the light scent of the day's sweat. Then he leisurely began stroking up and down McCoy's chest, playing with the dark hair, rubbing over the barely fleshed ribs. His sleepiness was gone, substituted by a need to touch and be touched and by a horniness that slowly rose in him. For days, all he had been able to think of was work. So, maybe it was only logical (Kirk chuckled as the word rolled through his mind, yes, logical) that tonight, with his body pressed close to McCoy's, something within him would stir.


Leaning forward, he placed a first nipping kiss on McCoy's chin, tasting the small stubbles, while his hand slipped deeper between the other man's legs. Finding something warm and soft, Kirk closed his fingers around it to tease it into rising.


At first, there was no visible effect, but then the man in his arm lolled, his chest heaving more irregularly. A head turned toward him, lips capturing his greedily, though still in the uncontrolled movements of awakening.


McCoy softly moaned as Kirk increased his speed, his fingers dancing all over the now palpable erection. But the doctor was never one for one-sided pleasures, so he rolled around, aligning their chests. A warm hand closed around Kirk's hardness, forming a tight, blissfully stimulating cage.


In an unvoiced choreography of limbs and fingers and mouths, they worked on each other. The lazy tenderness of the beginning quickly evolved into a more frenzy fight for closeness as they danced on the edge of orgasm, unwilling to give in yet. 


In the end, it was Kirk who couldn't hold back anymore; with a throaty roar he came, conscious thinking switched off for a heartbeat. Then he grabbed harder, pushing McCoy over the edge, too. Sticky fluids merged between them and all over their hands as they fought for air, still tightly clamped together in the middle of the bed.


Staggering, McCoy rose from the bed. He returned with two towels, handing Kirk one of them while he rubbed his groin clean. His eyes widened as they fell on the small digital timer. "0230!" he growled half-heartily. "You're all but killing me, Jim!"


Kirk chuckled. It just wouldn't be the real McCoy without such a remark. "It's the best way to go for sure," he said, and uselessly tried to dry the sheets. They'd have to change them anyway, he thought, and threw the towel into the corner - tomorrow.


"You're coming back in?" he asked, and held up the blanket.


"That's my bunk," McCoy answered pointedly. "Of course I'm coming back." He slipped into the bed and offered his arm as cushion. Kirk snuggled closer, resting his head in its crook.


"Good night, Bones. And thanks. I needed that."


"Good night, Jim," McCoy said softly. "I could use it, too."


He stroked the shoulder of his friend as Kirk's breathing fell into the light regularity of sleep, until his eyes dropped close over the soft winds along his chest.