Just another Friday night on Space Station 4

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Part: 1/1

Beta-reader: Many thanks to T'Thrill for a great job done in a record time.

Summary: Set after "For the world is hollow and I have touched the  sky". The title really says it all.

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On Fridays, I usually stay at home. Apart from the Horny Tribble, there's nothing much to do on Space Station 4. And I go to the there on Saturdays, because that's about the only time of the week when the bar is crowded enough for me to pick up a nice guy to fuck. But tonight, there were 2 new starships docked and the thought of all this fresh meat made me restless. I know it's a highly un-Vulcan thing to say, but it is nevertheless true, and to lie would be even less Vulcan. So, as I said, I was feeling restless and decided that I would get laid tonight.

For me, picking up someone is really easy: half the men in the galaxy lust about Vulcan stamina and double-ridged dicks. I only
have to pick the one most suited to my needs. No one has ever refused me. Once I changed out of my uniform (uniforms are supposed to be sexy, unless, like mine, they show that the wearer is only a minor clerk), I went to the bar. I was right: the room was packed. I rapidly scanned it: several men caught my eye. I logically chose the most attractive one: a short, blond man with nice muscles. I like muscles. It's not because of the strength, I know very few humans are as strong as I am, and he is definitely not one of them. However, I like the feel of big muscles against my body, I like the soft hardness and the foreignness of the bulkier human muscles. Apart from his muscles, I also like how his face bares the stern look of one who has seen much and his eyes show the longing of those who would do anything to forget. Although he wore no uniform, I could tell he was an officer, a senior one. First officer or even Captain. For those sometimes look like that. That he needed to get laid was obvious: he would not resist, at least not seriously.

I went to him and sat on the chair next to his. He glanced at me and let his eyes go back to his glass.  I was never one for romantic chats or subtle words. "Would you like to have sex with me tonight?"

Now he looked at me, stared even and then slowly shook his head. "I'm with someone."But there was only one glass on the table: he had been alone before I came.  "Obviously not, or he would be here with you."

He stared again. In his eyes I briefly caught something that looked like pain.  But still, he was thinking, considering my proposition. A few seconds later, he stood up. "I have a room in the hotel." He didn't ask me to come with him: I followed without a word.

It was a small room. His bag was still packed: he must have gotten here just before he went to the bar. It is strange that as a senior officer he had not chosen to stay on the ship. I dismissed this though and focused on my partner. As soon as the door was closed and locked, he took off his tunic. I did the same, and then went to him. I took him in my arms and started kissing him. If he performed in bed just as well as he kissed, it would definitely be an interesting night.

His hands were roaming my body, mine were holding his buttocks. After a few minutes of this, I pulled out of the embrace and touched his chest. It was shaved, just as I liked. His skin was so soft, but I could feel the hard muscles right under it. Yes, it had been a good choice. His nipples were erect: instead of touching them with my hands, as had been my first impulse, I felt the urge to take them in my mouth, to lick them, to softly bite them. After a minute or so of this treatment, they were flaming red, but my friend obviously liked it, for one of his hands was in my hair, caressing it with fervour. His eyes were closed and for a second I wondered whom he was picturing in my place. I dismissed the thought and let my head wander downwards.

I licked his hairless stomach until I found his pants in my way. Still playing with his navel, I opened the closure and lowered then, taking with them the underwear. His erect penis was large, for a human, and was standing at a good angle. Definitely a good choice. I started by licking his balls, occasionally sucking on them. I always liked the smell of human groins: there's sweat, of course, but there's more to it. I never could figure out what it was. Also, as he was shaved even down there, the smell was slightly different: perhaps fresher, more compelling, if this thoughts make any sense.

His hands, still in my hair, were now pushing me to his penis. I glanced at his face, at his still closed eyes, at his open mouth,
and decided he was ready. I took him in my mouth, all of it. I must admit I have a hidden advantage over humans: Vulcans have no gag reflex. He let out a soft sigh when I started moving my head. He would not last long. I was exploring his cleft when I heard a ringing noise. Once. Twice.

He pulled on my head, but I resisted.

"I must get this. It may be important."

I let him go. He rapidly dressed himself and went the door. Before opening it, he gestured me to go to the bed, where whoever was ringing would not see me.

The door opened. There were a few seconds of silence.

"Jim, I'm sorry. I should have told you. I wanted you to go on, not to loose your time taking care of an old fool like me."

So my friend's name was Jim. I assumed that the man I couldn't see probably was a lover: I was slightly curious as to his looks, but did not move: it wouldn't do if he were to see me, sitting on the bed, without my tunic. I then noticed I couldn't even retrieve my shirt as it lay close to the door.

"Cut the crap, Bones. "

Bones? Interesting name. Perhaps he is not even human. And I who thought I was the most exotic thing my friend here would ever fuck. After a pause, he went on. I could see he was slightly annoyed by his lover's presence. Who wouldn't be?

"If you think you can toy with me, and then make it all fine with an apology, you're wrong! Now excuse me: I don't want to speak of this now."

They had had a fight: that much was obvious. I was probably used as some sort of revenge: it hurt a bit, but it wasn't the first time and I was getting used to it.I heard the door shutting then heard it stop. I could see the other man's foot blocking it. He forced it open with his hand and a moment later was in the room.I shouldn't have worried: he was human, and skinny at that. I'm much better looking, even though he probably has a nice face. When he is not shouting, that is.

"But you will speak about it."

The rest I couldn't understand. He had a peculiar accent, which had become much more pronounced. To my ears, it was gibberish, but Jim seemed to understand, for he too began to raise his voice.

At this point, I put my hands on my sensitive ears. Although I knew there was no physical risk, the volume of their dispute was such that it became painful.

About a minute later, Bones stopped. It took Jim a few seconds to realize and to stop, too.The other man had finally seen me. He was glaring at me. Suddenly he closed his eyes and lowered his head, as if subdued.  "Well, I guess it's only fair. But why on earth did you have to choose him? "

Jim did not answer, so Bones' anger returned.  "While you were at it, you could have picked Spock. It's not as if he would've refused. We both know how much he wants you. From the moment he saw us kiss, he's taken a sick pleasure in making my life a hell, and I'm sure together you would've had a nice time laughing about how you made a fool of old Leonard "

Spock? A Vulcan name. I found this situation strangely amusing: how did I end up being a part of in this twisted melodrama?

"That's low, Bones. I don't like Spock. Not like this. You know it. And for your information, I only went to the bar to think and.."

"Yeah, right!  And when I wanna think, I go to a bordello."

"Stop it Bones, it's ridiculous. You and I know that I only ever wanted you."

"That's why we had a non-exclusivity clause."

 "Which you were the first to use."

The room was silent for some time.

"Jim, I told you I'm sorry. It was a stupid idea: I thought I would die and I couldn't stand the idea of you burying me. I knew you wouldn't leave me alone, so I jumped in the arms of the first person I saw. "He paused, waiting for something that obviously didn't come. "But now that I'll live, I don't know what to do without you." He was trembling. All of a sudden, Bones caught Jim's hands and went to his knees. He was crying.

For a moment, I couldn't take my eyes from them. Then, I felt like an intruder. The path was free, so I picked up my tunic and exited. I locked the door and remained on the other side. I still wanted to know if everything would be fine for them. But even with my Vulcan hearing, I couldn't pick up a sound apart from Bones' muffled sobs. I dressed again, still listening at the door. I knew I couldn't stay there long, as I was bound to attract attention, standing there, my ear against a closed door, but I didn't care. I wanted to know. Some time after, maybe a minute, maybe ten, the sobs stopped and I heard some movement inside the room. I listened more intently and managed to hear:

"It's OK, Bones."

I don't know why I was glad to hear this: the logical thing would have been to wish for the opposite, so Jim and I could end what we began. But that would have been somehow wrong.

A soft moan coming from the room stopped these thoughts. There was little doubt at what they were doing. Not that I've ever experienced it, but my human colleagues seem to think that make up sex is the best. I will have to try it sometimes, but first I'll have to find a partner that will last more than one night.

The moans became louder and I couldn't help being aroused by them. I would have masturbated right there if it had at all been possible. But exhibitionism is not one of my kinks, so I decided to leave before I entirely lost control of myself. I first considered heading home, but then I had a better idea: the Horny Tribble. It was still quite early and not all interesting men would have left.

When I entered the bar, it was far less crowded than before. Most of the men I noticed earlier were either gone or completely drunk. There also were a few new interesting faces. But my biggest surprise was to see a Vulcan. It was the first one I had ever seen there. Thinking of the men I had just left, I suddenly realised this could be no coincidence: this must be Spock. He even wore a uniform. He looked nothing like the men I usually went with, but it would be fun for once to be with someone as strong myself or even stronger. Also, I'd never been with a Vulcan before. I left the planet and my wife long before I discovered where my real interests laid.

I went to sit next to him and tried the only method to get laid I know of: "Would you like to have sex with me tonight?"

He watched me intently, probably evaluating my appearance and simply nodded.

Epilogue: Even years later, and although I will never admit it to anyone, I still cannot but thank fate for that night. If I had not
met Jim and had the most frustrating sexual experience of my life with him, if he and Bones had not spoken of their Vulcan colleague, if they had not had sex that night and aroused me, I probably would not have gone back to the Horny Tribble. However, even if I had gone, I would certainly not have picked a Vulcan as my partner. In short, I would never have met my husband and discovered the joys of make up sex.

END part 1/1


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