The Captain's Commander

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Series: TOS

Pairing: K/Mc

Warning: BDSM

Rating: NC-17

Summary: This story takes place just before Kirk takes command of the Enterprise. Disclaimer: Paramount, Viacom and all their powers that be, own Star Trek.  I just took a couple of their characters out to play for a while. I don't make any money from this story.  It all belongs to them!

Beta: T'Thrill, many thanks for all your assistance!  Any and all errors belong to me. Feed back: Yes, this is my first 'ever' story.


Chapter 1/2

McCoy sat in his office at Starfleet H.Q. hospital. He had just received a communiqué from Jim.  All it said was, "Incredible news Bones, meet me at home A.S.A.P."  'What could it be?' McCoy thought.  Jim was still on medical leave from Starfleet.  He had spent the last four months recovering from the devastating injuries he had suffered at Gioghe.  McCoy himself had cared for Kirk and had brought him back from the brink of death and, in the process, done what he had always been taught-- and believed-- to be wrong, he'd fallen in love with his patient and allowed that patient to fall in love with him.

This morning Jim was supposed to be at physiotherapy.  Jim still had difficulty with endurance; even short periods of physical exertion left him exhausted.  McCoy put in a call to the physio department and discovered that Kirk had not shown for his appointment.  Surprised by this he was not, angry he was.  Jim had promised to be there. It was the one morning McCoy had other appointments and could not escort him personally.  'Damn him', McCoy thought 'that boy is in deep with me now'.  

McCoy thought with pleasure of their relationship, it was not what anyone who knew either of the men would have imagined.  The attraction, McCoy knew, began during those weeks Kirk had spent floating nude in the regen tank. He couldn't help admiring Jim. Although injured beyond belief, Kirk was still beautiful. There had been little damage to the handsome face, and McCoy felt desire every time he looked at him.  Of course, he knew nothing could come of it. After all, this was his patient, not some beautiful creature he was picking up at The Club. 

When Kirk regained consciousness, McCoy soon found that the man was as beautiful inside as out.  Kirk had an incredible drive, a wonderful sense of humour and very charming personality. During Kirk's grueling rehab sessions, the two men had spent many hours talking about their pasts, hopes for the future, and their outlook on life in general. Even through the pain of learning to walk again, Kirk could be heard laughing at one of McCoy's awful jokes. When Kirk first started flirting with him, McCoy put it down to 'the patient falling for the doctor syndrome' and gently told him as much, but Jim Kirk was nothing if not persistent. He made it very clear that McCoy the man was his interest, not McCoy the doctor.

After three months in the base hospital, Jim was driving the entire staff crazy with his impatience to be away from their constant care and supervision. Finally, a conditional discharge was agreed on.   Kirk would stay at McCoy's apartment, and go with the doctor to the hospital every day for therapy.  This would satisfy Kirk's need to get some time away from the institutional setting, and still fulfill McCoy's requirement that Kirk not be alone, trying to care for himself.

McCoy was both thrilled and nervous when he brought Kirk home to his small apartment, Kirk was still flirting outrageously with him, and McCoy was at a loss as to how to handle the situation.

"Jim, you need to take it easy.  Slow down, I'm very, very flattered. And I admit more than a little interested, but you've just been discharged from the hospital, you've had an especially difficult day in rehab and you're exhausted. Give your self some time."

Kirk said nothing, but walked up to where McCoy stood in the small, but well appointed living room, wrapped his arms around McCoy's neck and kissed him hard on the mouth. "Jim, stop" McCoy managed to utter, while trying to push Jim away.

"Make me" Kirk whispered and tried to kiss him again.  Because Kirk was still weak, McCoy was able to pull Kirk's arms down to his sides and push him gently back.  "I want you" Kirk insisted, trying again to move in on McCoy, rubbing his groin up against the doctors.

"Jim, I said you've got to behave yourself" McCoy insisted stepping back further.

"Then you'd better *make* me behave" Kirk said his voice becoming husky.  "I'm a military kind of guy, it takes someone who can give me orders and *make* them stick to work on me. And I think you're that kind of man.  The kind of man who could command me, and deal with me if I don't obey."

McCoy couldn't believe what he was hearing. Was this beautiful boy offering himself up to McCoy's command?  How could Kirk have known that McCoy was, sexually dominant? 'Is this something he can read so easily from me?' McCoy thought.

McCoy had always enjoyed the dominant role, his father had taught him by example.  The senior McCoy ran his home with an iron hand. He could still hear his father's words. "You gotta keep charge of those in your care, boy. I love your Ma, and she loves me, but she knows her place.  Besides," he'd say with a sly voice "your ma likes it this way, why if I were to start letting her make the rules around here, the poor thing would think I'd stopped lovin' her.  Just remember to be smart like your old man, and pick a woman that fit's your needs. I need to be in charge, so I picked a partner who needs to be taken charge of. Right simple if you ask me." And it was 'right simple' once McCoy learned the lesson the hard way.  He'd married a woman who didn't enjoy the sub/dom games that McCoy got so much pleasure from.  It had ended in a heart breaking divorce.

Since then, McCoy had come to realize that his youthful leanings towards men were the way for him. 'Give me a younger submissive man any day' was his opinion. He had joined a club were there were always willing parties with whom he could 'play', but he really wanted a loving and permanent partner, someone who understood the game. Sex games and role-playing were great fun. But they weren't fulfilling enough; they needed to be augmented with love and true understanding of each other's needs. The role of the Dom was to run the show. This was just his way of showing love and true caring.  The role of the Sub was to give himself over in full trust to his Dom, in this way he gave his love.

Suddenly he realized, Jim Kirk was offering himself up to him. Jim Kirk, a man who everyone said was the next up and comer at Starfleet.  A man with a reputation for literally charming the panties off half the women in the quadrant.

McCoy looked Kirk hard in the eye. "Before I go one step further here Jim, I need some clarification. Do you really know what you are asking for?" McCoy felt his heart pounding in his chest in anticipation.

Kirk looked at him steadily. "I know exactly what I need and want. And I'm hoping you will provide it.  My reputation might be good for my career and get me the respect of the 'Right' people, but it's not what I want. Please show me you can give me the kind of relationship that I need.  The kind both of us need, if I read you correctly.  Leonard, I'm falling hard for you, but if you can't do this let me know right now, because I have to know where I stand.  I need someone who can take care of me and my *needs*.  Is that someone you?"

McCoy, still feeling a little wary, pressed for more. "Jim, have you been in such relationship before?"

Kirk smiled. "Yes, but not one with the right person for me. You've met Gary Mitchell haven't you?" McCoy nodded. "He liked the game of controlling me, too much. He tried to make it carry on into the job. That I can't have, I put everything I am into my job.  I've been 'the golden boy', because of my quick rise in rank and stature. Getting to the rank of Commander at 29 wasn't easy, but it was worth it. I'm always expected to take control of every situation, to be the one in the lead. This isn't just what others expect of me, but what I expect of myself.  However, when I get time off I need a release someone with whom I can just let go.  I know that some people think that wanting to be sexually controlled by your partner isn't quite normal, but for me it lets off all the pressure to perform, maybe. well it helps take away the guilty feelings I get when I'm put in charge of controlling the lives of those under my command. 

"I've thought a lot about this over the years, you know. Why do I like this? Why do I have this need to be mastered, even punished sexually? I only know that it makes me feel good, and that it doesn't hurt my ability to command on the job. But it has to be with the right person, I can't have another one like Gary, who got his kicks out of trying to control me professionally. I think you can be that kind of a man; you're obviously a loving, caring person.  I've learned that, these last weeks in the hospital.  And well. I know you belong to 'The Club'. You see a friend of my who goes there, he recognized you when he came to visit me at the hospital, he knows what I like, and although it is against Club rules, he told me about you.  He said you had a great reputation and that half 'The Club' was after you."

"It's okay, I know the person you mean, and I also recognized him when he was visiting you."  McCoy grinned. "Jim, I would love to take you, if it's what you truly want. But if there is one thing I have learned from 'The Club' it's to get perimeters straight right from the beginning.  If I am to take you on as you suggest, you will have to understand that I have a zero tolerance policy, other that your career and duty time, you will belong to me. You will have NO life without me. That is not to say that there will be no socializing outside of the two of us, but EVERYTHING done outside of work would be done only with my consent. I am a very strict master, who has no qualms over punishing disobedience. Can you agree to this?"

Kirk looked up at McCoy. "I couldn't live with anything less." This was spoken in a quiet, almost timid voice.

McCoy smiled "Alright James, come with me" he ordered.  And Kirk followed McCoy down a short hall and into handsome bedroom.  A huge bed dominated the room; there were mirrors in several places that could easily be seen from the bed including the prerequisite one on the ceiling.  "Strip" Came the simple command from McCoy.

Kirk quickly pulled off all of his clothing and stood in all his glory before the doctor.  McCoy looked him up and down slowly, 'god, he's gorgeous' McCoy thought 'I could take him here and now' but it wouldn't happen tonight.  Before he was a lover, he was a doctor, and Jim the patient needed to be considered before, Jim the sub.  He walked over and pulled the covers down on the bed and gesturing he said "Lay down".  Kirk walked slowly to the bed and did as he was instructed, McCoy couldn't help but notice the slight tremor in Kirks legs as he moved.  The doctor pulled the covers over Kirk and said. "Lay still and close your eyes. I'll be right back."  Kirk, expecting something exciting to happen, was shocked by the feeling of the hypo emptying into his shoulder, his eyes sprung open. He looked at McCoy with betrayal on his features.

McCoy smiled at him, "Don't worry James, you'll get what you want soon. But tonight whether you like it or not, what you NEED is sleep. As your doctor, and your Dom, I expect you to follow my instructions on all you health issues without argument. Do I make myself clear?"  McCoy said sternly.

Kirks eyes were growing heavy as he nodded. "Yes, sir." Before he could say anything further, the shot took affect and he fell into a deep sleep.

Kirk was momentarily confused when he woke the next morning in a strange place.  But the feeling of McCoy spooned up against his back, with his arms wrapped tightly around him, soon reminded him of where he was.

"Well, good morning," McCoy said, giving Kirk a hug and kissing the back of his neck. "I thought you might sleep all day."

Kirk tried to turn in McCoy's arms to face him, but McCoy held him firmly. "Stay as you are, I like holding you like this" he admonished.

"If it's so late, why are you still in bed with me?" Kirk asked, as he wiggled his ass up against McCoy.

"I've been up, showered, had my breakfast and done some paperwork already.  But you looked so irresistible laying here; I thought I'd join you for a while."  With one bicep supporting Jim's neck, McCoy began stroking Kirk's chest and gently pinching his nipples. Kirk moaned at the touches. "You are to stay perfectly still and not make a sound."  McCoy ordered as he continued his exploration of Kirk's body.

He ran his free hand across Kirk's belly stopping just above the soft pubic hair, then moved his hand to Jim's side and stroked from there down to his thighs, over his buttocks, and up the centre of his back, and the repeated these caresses over and over.

Kirk found himself growing harder by the second. It was torture not to be allowed to move. He wanted to cry out and moan in pleasure and frustration.  Finally, McCoy's hand strayed into the crevice of Kirks ass and it stayed there rubbing and teasing around the tight puckered hole, a single finger pressing into the entrance.  Kirk couldn't help himself; he gasped and pressed back against the intruding digit.  This earned him a sudden hard slap across the ass and the withdrawal of the finger.

"I told you to remain still and quiet!" McCoy said, voicing his displeasure at Kirk's lack of control.  "You need to learn discipline James, if you want to be with me.  I alone command here. Remember that."

Once again, McCoy began the torturous caresses, this time when his finger slid in, Kirk remained still.  Soon McCoy had three fingers sliding in and out of Kirks ass.   The finger fucking was glorious, and it was obvious that with his medical background, McCoy knew just where to find Kirks prostate and how to stimulate it.  Kirks breathing was becoming erratic and he knew he was going to cum soon, even without any one touching his cock. 

Suddenly McCoy pulled out of him, reached around and grabbed Kirks cock firmly at the base, and squeezing it, he said.  "You are not allowed to cum until I give permission."

Kirk groaned in frustration and yet he was happy, because this was exactly what he was looking for, someone to control and dominate him.  McCoy turned Kirk around to face him and pointing down to his cock he commanded, "Get down and suck!"

Kirk couldn't believe what was before his eyes; McCoy's cock was huge!  Fully two inches longer than his own, which was considered to be impressive.  And it was thick as well, a dark rosy colour with large shinny circumcised head, it stood hard and tall against McCoy's belly.  Nervous over the size, Kirk hesitantly bent over the large organ and wetting his lips he began to draw it inside.  The salty taste of McCoy's pre-cum assailed him and he began to earnestly lick and suck, working his tongue up and down the shaft.

'God this is incredible!' Kirk thought.  He worked to beautiful organ for several minutes, drawing the head in as far as his mouth could take; his own cock was aching for attention.

When it seemed he could stand no more, McCoy pushed him back.  "You are very talented with that tongue James. I will enjoy cumming deep in your throat later, but this time I'm going to take you the way you'll remember best.  Get on your knees"

Kirk obeyed and presenting his beautiful ass to his Dom.  McCoy liberally spread lubricant over his huge phallus and again slid his well-greased fingers into Kirks ass, to ensure he was properly stretched.  The fingers were pulled out, and Kirk gasped as the big cock began to push into him.  McCoy held him firmly by the hips until they had both adjusted to the sensation. Only then did he began to move, first slowly pulling in and out of Kirks hot channel then quickening his pace until both men were gasping. He reached around to take hold Kirks cock and began to pump it at the same rhythm he was fucking his ass.  "Cum for me Jim" McCoy said.  Within moments McCoy could feel Kirk exploding into his hand, and McCoy shot his cum deep inside of Kirk a few seconds later.

Gasping for breath, McCoy slid slowly out of Kirk, who collapsed onto the bed beneath him.

 Kirk, who was also trying to catch his breath, managed to whisper, "My god, that was incredible."

McCoy lay down beside Kirk and pulled him into his arms. McCoy kept thinking, 'How could I have been so lucky to find someone like this?  This beautiful creature in my arms is giving himself over with total trust and love.'  "You're beautiful, Jim" He said, stroking Kirks face. "I'm looking forward to taking you to new heights of pleasure"

And so their relationship had grown over the past couple of weeks.  Kirk was a most willing Sub. He enjoyed McCoy's dominance and happily accepted all of his rules and restrictions.  These included the large butt plug that McCoy made him wear at all times that they were not together, and the harsh spankings that were regularly doled out, even when Kirk was being very well behaved. It seemed that McCoy took the rule spare the rod and spoil the Sub quite literally. Yet, McCoy was very careful not to overtax Jim. He constantly monitored Jim for stress. There was no way that the doctor would allow their shared passions to endanger his patient/lover. Kirk had protested a few times when McCoy had called things to a halt, or made Kirk slow down. But that was the advantage to being the Dom, he got to make the rules.

McCoy had never before found such pleasure with a partner; he knew that both physically and emotionally Kirk was all that he was looking for. His beautiful responsive body, his quick wit, and willingness to follow McCoy's lead were all he could have ever dreamed of in a lover.  But what was Jim up to today?  To disobey McCoy and not show up for his physiotherapy and then send this urgent message to meet him at home had his curiosity piqued. Well, there was only one way to find out.

After finishing up some paper work, McCoy let his assistant know that he would be off for the rest of the day and went straight home.  As he walked in the door of the apartment Kirk threw himself into McCoy's arms.

"Bones! You'll never guess." He cried out enthusiastically.
"What is it Jim?" He questioned, pushing Kirk gently back, "You'd better have a good excuse for missing physiotherapy today."  McCoy said sternly.

"The best excuse in the galaxy!" Kirk exclaimed. "Bones, Nogura called this morning right after you left and asked to meet with me, as soon as possible.  I went straight to his office.  I have to tell you I was a nervous as hell.  I thought sure that I was in some kind of trouble."

"Nogura called?  Jim you are on medical leave, even Admiral Nogura has no business calling you in until you are certified fit." McCoy sounded most displeased.

"It's alright Bones. This was good news.  Come on we're going to celebrate." He pulled McCoy into the living room where the coffee table was set with tall fluted glasses, and a bucket of champagne stood beside them.

"What is going on here?" McCoy inquired.

"First, let me pour" Kirk took the champagne out of the bucket, carefully popped the cork and filled two glasses. "A toast, to the new captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise." He raised his glass and clinked it gently against McCoy's.

"Who?" McCoy asked.

"The new captain of the Enterprise, Bones. The youngest to every be appointed to Captain a starship, James T. Kirk."

"You?" McCoy said incredulously.

Kirk stood back from McCoy and lifted his wrist up to show off the braid there, Captains stripes. "Me, Bones their giving me the Enterprise. Isn't it incredible?"

McCoy could see the happiness on the younger mans face and could not help but feel glad for him, but underneath he felt the world dropping away from him.  Jim would be leaving him.  How could he stand it?  He had just found the best relationship of his life and it would be over too soon.  Oh, he had known that Kirk was going places, and that staying, planet-side forever was not in the cards, but he had hoped for a little longer. He secretly had wished that Kirk would get a posting on a small ship, whose territory would remain close to the Sol system. That way they could still maintain their relationship. But the Enterprise, no she'd be gone for years at a time. His heart felt as if it were breaking into pieces.  He forced a smile on his face. "Jim, that's wonderful.  I'm so happy for you." He was astonished at how normal his voice sounded when his world was crashing in around him.

Chapter 2/2

Kirk threw himself back into McCoy's arms, and gave him a deep hard kiss. "Imagine Bones, the Enterprise, flagship of the fleet, and it's going to be mine!"

"Jim, when did Nogura say he wanted you to start?"

"Not for two months yet.  They're doing some refit in space dock, and besides, he knows I'm still on medical leave, so you don't need to worry I won't be over doing it until I'm ready"

"Well that's a relief. I thought for a moment I was going to have to go up against command to keep you off duty until you're well enough." He was sure his heart had stopped beating now. He would simply fall over dead as soon as his body figured it out.

Kirk leaned into McCoy's shoulder and wrapped his arm around him. "No, I'm still yours to command for a while yet." He said huskily.  "And I have another surprise for you, if you're interested that is."

McCoy slid his arms possessively around Jim. 'Let me hold him a little longer,' he thought. "And what would that be, my little one?" He managed to choke out more normal sounding words.

"Mark Piper, the CMO on the Enterprise, is retiring in a couple of months, and I've asked for you as his replacement."  Jim gave him his most winning smile with this statement.
McCoy looked stunned, his heart started beating again. "Jim, I've never been posted to a ship before.  All my work has been in base hospitals."

"Bones, I know you can do it. You're the best there is anywhere, and you're the best there is for me.  I can't stand the thought of losing you.  I need you.  Please!"

"Oh god, Jim how can I turn you down?  You mean the world to me.  But will command go along with this?"

"A Captain has a lot of say regarding his senior staff.  I discussed it with Nogura at the meeting. He said that any one who could put me back together and keep me in line like you have these last months was a miracle worker, and he figures I'm going to need a few of those.  Of course, he doesn't know how special our relationship is, but that really doesn't matter to fleet anyway, as long as you're within the fraternization range for a Captain, that is ranks from Lt. Commander to Commodore, then they consider it none of their business."

"But Jim I'm only a Lieutenant" McCoy said again feeling his heartbreak.

"Oh, I knew I was forgetting something" Kirk smiled, he reached into a bag on the couch behind him and pulled out a blue uniform shirt and tossed it at McCoy. "This is yours."

McCoy held up the garment to see the stylized arrow star insignia of the Enterprise on the front, and Lt. Commander's stripes on the sleeve.  McCoy dropped the shirt and pulled Jim into his arms giving him a deep probing kiss. It took several minutes for them to come up for air, but finally McCoy pulled back, his world had returned to its rightful orbit. 'Now' he thought with a wicked grin on his face, 'perhaps its time I showed my little Sub that I'm still in charge around here. He looked Kirk in the eyes.  "Well you may be a captain when you're on duty, but you're still mine in here. And boy, you are in big trouble with me!"

This was said in a voice Kirk had come to know as that of his master. Kirk smiled. 'Oh boy, now for some fun.' Lowering his eyes, he spoke softly. "Have I disappointed you in someway, sir?"

"You skipped your physiotherapy this morning, and you went somewhere without getting my permission first.  Do you realize how serious these offences are my little one?"

"Yes, sir.  I must be punished, sir, but please, I didn't mean to disobey you.  I just got so nervous when Nogura called that I forgot to check in with you."

"That is not acceptable James.  You know there is no excuse for disobedience. Stand up!"

McCoy stood and roughly pulled Jim up from the couch.  Turning him around to face the couch McCoy commanded. "Bend over and place your hands on the back of the couch."

Standing behind Kirk, McCoy reached around and undid Kirk's pants and pushed them down around his ankles.  Kirk was not wearing underwear, as per his standing orders, and when McCoy slid his hand between Kirks legs he could feel the large butt plug in place. He pushed hard against the plug, grabbing the small finger ring attached to it he manipulated it roughly, pulling in and out and round and round making Kirk groan.  Using his other hand he delivered ten hard sharp swats to Kirks ass.  "Did you give yourself your enema this morning?"

"No sir. I didn't have time after Nogura called" Kirk replied timidly.

More sharp blows were delivered to Kirks butt. "More disobedience?  James, you will regret this. Move it now, get in the bathroom!" Kirk bent to pull off his pants that were twisted around his ankles. "Did I say you could remove them?  You will walk with them on." Again is ass was spanked hard. Kirk was forced to hobble to the bathroom trying not to trip on the pants that held his ankles together.  McCoy took his arm to steady him.  Although this punishment was meant to humiliate, the last thing McCoy wanted was for Kirk to fall and get injured.  When they got to the large bathroom, McCoy ordered. "Strip everything now!"

Kirk quickly removed his shirt, pants, and boots. Standing naked in front of his master, he awaited further orders. "Get down on your hands and knees.  You will take a 2 litre enema and hold it without complaint or leaking for 3 minutes."  Kirk waited on his knees while McCoy prepared the dreaded bag, and then pulling the plug from Kirk's ass, he shoved the enema nozzle up the hole and slowly filled him. Kirk felt the cramps go through him, but did not utter a sound until McCoy finally said, "You may release now."

Kirk moved quickly to the fresher and released the nasty liquid.  After the fresher cleaned and dried his under side, McCoy sent him into the bedroom with a command to kneel on the floor and wait for him. He was gone about 5 minutes when he returned with a leather paddle in his hand and wearing nothing but his very short black silk robe. Kirk licked his lips in anticipation.

"James, your transgressions have been severe, and so must your punishment be. You'll be paddled long and hard, and then you will spend a long time on your knees licking my cock. You will not be allowed to suck me, you may only lick me with the tip of your tongue until I cum, and then you will swallow every drop. However will not you be allowed to cum.  To keep you from cumming you will wear your tight cock ring.

Kirk's cock had grown so hard at the description of his punishments that he felt he might cum right then and there.  But McCoy seeing this grabbed Kirks cock harshly and he wrapped the hinged ring around the base.  He then sat down in the armless low chair Kirk had come to know as the spanking chair and commanded.  "Over my lap now"

Kirk crawled the short distance to McCoy and bent over his lap, presenting McCoy with his firm ass, bright red with the outline of McCoy's hand prints on it.  McCoy could feel Kirks cock pressing against his thigh.  He raised the paddle and proceeded to give Kirk a good hard paddling. When Kirk's ass was evenly red and hot, McCoy stopped and led him over to the bed. "Lay on your stomach, I'll be right back," he ordered.  Although the paddling had brought tears to his eyes, Kirk still was as hard as ever and had trouble finding a comfortable position on his stomach.  McCoy came back and placed a cold wet towel across the bright red ass.  "Let that cool you off a bit," he said kindly. After Kirk had settled a bit, McCoy removed the towel, Kirk's ass was still red but not as hot.  Pushing his hand between Kirk's legs he ordered. "Spread them!"  Kirk spread his legs as wide apart as possible and McCoy slid his hand underneath and felt the hard cock with the tight ring around it. "Still nice and hard, aren't you?" He said.  "Now I want you on your knees for me.  Remember licking only, no sucking."

McCoy sat on the side of the bed while Kirk knelt at his feet, licking his master's cock. Oh, god how he wanted to suck it. McCoy certainly knew how to punish him.  After ten minutes, McCoy began to notice Kirk was having trouble catching his breath, although still enthusiastic in his efforts and very hard.  McCoy realized that Kirk was getting over stressed.  "Alright, Jim you may stop."

Kirk protested. "But you haven't cum yet, sir"

"I will soon," he said "but now I want you to get into bed."  He helped Kirk into the bed and made him lay down.  Gently removing the cock ring, McCoy began to stoke him slowly.  "You worked very hard James, and I have decided you will cum for me now." He was concerned he had pushed Jim too hard, and felt it best to slow down, and give Jim completion without more anxiety.

"No, please, sir.  My punishment, I need it."  Kirk begged. "I want it. I want to serve you."

"I decide around here James not you." He said sternly, giving Kirk the sense of command that he needed. "If I tell you to cum, you will"

Kirk smiled. "Yes, sir." 

Holding Kirk firmly to the bed, McCoy brought him quickly to completion.  McCoy was still very hard, and he knew Kirk would see it as a slight if he did not allow himself to be taken to an orgasm by his Sub. Yet he was concerned about over stressing this spectacular creature in his care.  Finally, McCoy settled on having Kirk masturbate him in the same way McCoy had done Kirk.  As long as it was presented as an order, Kirk would obey it.

"I have decided you have not earned the right to be fucked, James. So I am going to make you masturbate me. While you're doing it, I want you to think about what you are missing not having my cock up your ass.  Do you hear me?"  This was said in such a stern voice Kirk knew to obey immediately.  "Yes, master."

McCoy handed Kirk some lube. "Use this," He commanded.  Kirk grasped the huge cock in his hand, rubbed it with the slick lube.  It took little time before McCoy was cumming all over.  When his breathing returned to normal, he reached over Kirk and picked up the wet towel he had used to cool Kirk's butt. He cleaned up to the two of them with it.

Kirk smiled up at him. "I love you. This has been the best day of my life.  Not only do I have a lover and master to take care of me, but the Starship that I've always dreamed of. I cannot think of anything more that I want in life."

McCoy tenderly brushed back to stray lock of hair on Kirk's forehead.  "I feel just the same Jim.  You are the best thing that ever happened to me.  Now, I'm going to go and get you some soup and bread, and I want you to get some food in you. You're looking a little washed out."

"I'm okay.  I'll come in the kitchen with you and we'll get dinner together."

"No way. You're staying in this bed like you're told, and you will eat every bit that I feed you."  McCoy got up and went through to the kitchen, and returned a few minutes later.  Putting the tray aside, he helped Kirk sit up and adjusted pillows behind him.  He then laid the tray across Kirks lap and they talked while Jim ate the soup and bread.  Kirk tried to protest against the glass of warm milk McCoy had provided, but the doctor would have none of it. "Warm milk is good for you at bed time, it will help you sleep."

"Bed time? Bones it's only 8 pm."

"8pm after a long exciting day for you, and you are still recovering from serious injuries. You need your rest."  Kirk knew better that to argue further, and besides, it felt so good to have McCoy take charge of him like this.  'And to think, we'll be together on the Enterprise for the next 5 years.  I'll command the ship, and when I'm off duty, Bones will command me. What bliss!'

The next 6 weeks passed quickly, Kirk was growing stronger everyday.  The physiotherapy was augmented by trips to the gym, and finally McCoy had to declare Kirk fully recovered.  They took a vacation together to McCoy's cabin on Montana, and otherwise enjoyed each others company immensely.  Their sex life left them both very satisfied, with McCoy taking Kirk to further heights of submissive pleasure now that he was healthy.

Kirk spent a lot of his spare time reading and studying command regulations and starship protocols.  Although most of this material was well known to him, he wanted to be fully prepared for the responsibility he was taking on.  He planned on being not only the youngest Captain in fleet history, but also the best.

McCoy, too was doing his homework on the new job he was taking on, and on the last day of their vacation he decided it was time to talk shop with Jim.  They were lying in bed after a particularly enjoyable fuck; Kirk was curled up contentedly in McCoy's arms gently sucking on one of McCoy's fingers.  "Jim" McCoy said quietly. "I'd like to talk about work for a while. I think we need to discuss our professional relationship in comparison to our personal one."

Kirk sucked the finger deep into his mouth one last time before releasing it. "You worried about this?" Kirk inquired.

"Not so much worried, but concerned that we lay out all the ground rules before we get in to a situation that may cause confusion.  You may have spent your entire professional career preparing for this command.  I, on the other hand, have spent my professional career learning to be the best doctor I can be. I've put very little time into thinking about the responsibilities that are associated with being a CMO of a Starship.  Jim, this job is way more that just being a good doctor; it means administering over an entire department.  Dealing with staff issues, supplies, etc. in a ship where we could go months without contact with Starfleet. And that isn't the biggest concern; it also means having to be responsible for the physical and mental health of over 430 people in completely unknown territory.  Amongst those people is the command staff, including the Captain.  I will have not only the power to remove you from command, but the responsibility to do so if you become unfit for *any* reason.  This can put a strain on a purely professional relationship, to say nothing of a personal one.  We need to discuss this now, so we both know where we stand if these things every come to pass."

"Bones, if I thought for one second that we could not make this work, there would be no need for this conversation, because we would not be shipping out together. You're right though, we should talk about it.  I know what your responsibilities are, it's my job to know everybody's job on my ship, and yes it is my ship.  When I sit in that captain's chair, I am in charge.  Make no mistake I will exercise my authority whenever it is needed, and I expect you, as my CMO, to do the same.

If the time ever arises that I am not fit to command, you can yank that chair out from under me.  I might not like it, but I'm counting on you to do your job.  I'm also counting on you to take my orders when given even, if you don't like them.  It's a part of your job to question me if you feel warranted, and offer me other opinions, but in the end I command, that's the way it works."  Kirk smiled, and softened his voice. "But on the other note, when we enter quarters at the end of the day, I not only expect, but count on your taking over.  Giving me the release from the pressure of the job.  Taking complete command of the Captain, making sure he's kept in line, using what ever means you see fit, no matter how harsh."

McCoy stroked Kirk's face.  "I don't think that will ever be a problem, god knows you're a beautiful creature my little one.  And I know how to take care of you."

Kirk took the finger he had let go of minutes ago and sucked it back into his mouth.  McCoy cradled Kirk more tightly in his arms, and there they fell asleep.

The next day they returned home.  McCoy had to pack the rest of his things that he would be taking and arrange for the rest to be put into storage.  Kirk had gone to Headquarters to get finally briefings from the Admiralty.  When Kirk returned to the apartment, he was shocked by how empty it was.  "Hey, Bones."  He called out walking through the empty living room through to the sadly even emptier bedroom.

McCoy came out of the bathroom carrying a small box.  "Hey, lover, this is the last of it. I'm ready to go."

"Small problem Bones, we don't move onto the ship until tomorrow. And you seem to have sent away our bed for tonight."

"I had no choice Jim; they had to take everything today or never.  There was no time in the morning.  I thought we could just get a hotel room tonight"

"Are you kidding?  It's intergalactic Gay Fest this weekend. All the rooms from here to L.A. have been booked for months.  We'll just have to sleep here on the floor."

McCoy looked pensive. "Uh, Jim I'm afraid that the new tenants are moving in tonight.  We have to be out of here in less that an hour."

Kirk stood thinking for a moment. "I have an idea. Although the actual take over ceremonies are tomorrow; I am the registered Captain of the Enterprise already.  As a matter of fact, I was aboard her earlier today checking things out.  There isn't a soul staying there tonight, since it's in space dock and all the refit crews finished their work today.  The ship is empty.  The crew doesn't report until tomorrow morning, but as Captain, I can get aboard any time I want.  How about it Bones, you up for an early arrival?"

McCoy frowned. "Do we have to use the transporter?"

Kirk laughed knowing McCoy's dislike of transporters. "Sorry, but there's nobody available to shuttle us up at this time of the evening.  And we don't want to call attention to ourselves, now do we?"

McCoy frowned." You betting make sure who ever is operating that transporter knows what they're doing!"

Thirty minutes later they were standing in the Enterprise transporter room.  "Come on Bones I'll give you the 5-Credit tour."

They wondered around the empty ship, McCoy taking sometime to inspect Sickbay.  Finally, Kirk led him to the Bridge. 

"Well, this is it, the nerve centre of the ship" Kirk's voice was soft, almost reverent. "Can you feel it Bones?  The power, the beauty, everything I've been waiting for."

McCoy put his arms around his lover. "It is wonderful Jim.  I know we're going to do great things here. You're going to be the best Captain that Starfleet has ever known."  He leaned into Kirk kissing him deeply. 

Kirk could feel his arousal. "God Bones, what you do to me."  He ground his groin into McCoy's.

McCoy reached between them and began to undo Kirk's pants.  Kirk pulled back slightly, rather shocked.  "Here, on the Bridge?"

"Yes, here on the bridge Jim, I'm going to take you here and now.  This is my one opportunity to command you in this place.  When are we ever going to be alone here again?  Now get out of those clothes fast before I get angry."

Kirk hesitated for just a moment, and McCoy reached around him and landed a resounding smack on Kirks ass.  "I said NOW!!"

Kirk quickly stripped and stood naked before his master, his cock standing hard out in front of him.  McCoy smiled wickedly. "Now, you will undress me." 

Kirk helped McCoy out of his clothes while kissing each part of his lover's body as it became exposed.  McCoy then went and sat in the Captains chair.  "Kneel now here and suck me," he commanded.

Kirk fell to his knees on the dais of his chair and wrapped his mouth around McCoy's huge cock.  Sucking deeply to draw as much of the organ into as mouth as he could, Kirk virtually purred with happiness.  He slid his mouth up and down the turgid member especially working the area just under the glans, McCoy's favorite spot.  He ran his tongue in and out of the small slit at the top tasting the salty precum.
Kirk was hoping McCoy would cum in his mouth, letting him taste that delicious treat. But McCoy pushed him back and stood up, leaving Kirk on his knees.  He walked behind Kirk and began to caress the younger man's body, squeezing the nipples, running his fingers lightly down the back, until he grabbed Jim's ass cheeks firmly.  "Bend over the chair."  McCoy put his hand between the lovely cheeks and found the butt plug he had placed there that morning. He roughly pulled it out, causing Kirk to cry out. McCoy smacked him hard. "Quiet," he ordered. He then reached into the pocket of his discarded pants and took out a tube of lube. Generously greasing his fingers, he began to finger Kirk's well-fucked hole.  First one finger slid in, quickly followed by another, then a third and finally a fourth.  He gave Kirks ass a good reaming out with one hand, while he spanked him with the other.

Kirk was gasping and moaning with pleasure. McCoy yanked out his hand and replaced it with his rock hard cock. He fucked Kirk hard and deep.  "Well baby?" he asked.  "Is this what you needed?  To be fucked on the bridge of your ship."

"Oh yes." Kirk cried out. "Yes, master, fuck me."

McCoy continued the fucking has he spanked the lovely ass.  "Masturbate your self baby. I want you to make yourself cum all over the captain's chair."  Kirk grabbed his own cock and began to squeeze it to the rhythm that McCoy was fucking him to. 

"Oh, god Bones I'm cumming!"  He cried out as he shot his cum down the front of the chair.  McCoy came moments later planting his seed deep within Kirk.

He pulled gently out of the body of his lover and turned him around in his arms, kissing him tenderly. 

"Welcome aboard, Captain Kirk." McCoy said with a smile.

The rest, as they say, is history.


Challenge: 20. Sex on the Bridge