First Place (tie) TOS MCcoy/Scott. First Place (tie) TOS Slash Vignette


 2003 ASC Award: The newsgroup would like to recommend: TOS Humor




Scotty, the Handyman-King






Series. TOS

Pairing: Mc/Sc

Code: NC-17, humor


Summary: Home Improvement


Disclaimer: The characters in this story don’t belong to me. I only borrowed them for some fun. No moneymaking, no violation of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction. If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with this topic, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to T’Lin for the beta-reading. For all remaining errors, blame me.




“Don’t you really think you've sulked enough and should reconcile now?.“ A hint of despair resonated in Jim Kirk’s voice. He was certain if Bones didn't go back to Scotty soon, he would - best friend or not - have to threw him out of his house.


He generally had little understanding of why Bones sulked - because of a modernisation of his toilet. Really! He would have loved such a modern thing,, but he hadn’t been able to convince Spock of its necessity - unfortunately. But perhaps he could still find a way. 


Bones in any case had moved into their house a week ago - insulted about Scotty’s independent variations of his sanctuary. That the good Doctor had since then resided in their guest-room wasn’t a problem; that the rest of the McCoy-Scott-family nearly lived here, was. 


„Daddy's cooking is terrible, and the stuff from the replicator tastes horrible too, since he improved the thing.“ Scarlett and Duncan had explained and immediately invited themselves in for meals. Since then Bones continuously blocked the kitchen for cocking, annoyed his aid Gina and consumed his supplies. That the twins also divided Jim’s love for ice-cream and ever were over his supplies actually was too much for him.


And finally Scotty came over a few times a day in order to try to soothe his spouse.  Like just now. 


„Jim is right, Love. Don’t you think so? Come home with me! “ Scotty pleaded. 


Leonard hesitated. „Is my bath...“


„Yes.“ Scotty didn’t let him finish.  „I still don’t understand why you don’t like my improvements but it’s back in it’s old-fashioned style. And...,“ he added, bending over to Leonard, „I thought we would celebrate this properly. The kids can stay here for the night (Jim’s protest was just ignored). I have a surprise for you and..  if you like, I will wear my Kilt with nothing under it except silk stockings.“




„Not bad.“ Leonard nodded approvingly as he entered their bedroom. Candles and aroma-scarves had created a seductive atmosphere, a large bouquet of dark roses stood in the window, the bed was covered with satin sheets, the cover already turned-back - and best of all, Scotty really had put his Kilt on. 


“Do you like it?“ A smiling Scotty stepped to his spouse, pulled him into his arms and stole a long kiss. „God, I’ve missed you so much.“ He rubbed himself against Leonard and the hard thing which McCoy sensed under the kilt showed clearly that Scotty hadn’t exaggerated. 


But he wasn’t soothed so easily. Resolutely he pushed his spouse away. „First I will check the bath,“ he declared and disappeared in the adjoining room. 


Nothing blinked and chirped there. He lifted the toilet’s cover - and nodded contentedly. Again it worked by hand - not with the computer. 


As he entered the bedroom again he heard a strange sound.  „What’s that? “ he asked amazed. 


„Oh.“ Scotty turned around, a remote-control in the hand. „I modernised something. Nostalgia is very nice but I find we could ease our life a little bit. Look!“


He pressed a key on the remote-control. 


„I don’t see anything,“ Len noted. 


„Obviously something is caught.“ Scotty blew on the key. „Actually the shade should… “ At this moment the sound appeared again followed by a loud rattling and the shade fall down - knocking the vase with the roses down. 


„I'll quickly wipe this away,“ Scotty hurried to assure Len. Then he ran into the bath for a rag. 


Leonard let himself sink, sighing on the bed’s edge - and immediately burst up again with a painful scream - the night-table had thrust it’s drawer into his hip. 


„Oh, that’s something I need to repair, too,“ Scotty explained as he came back. „It should open automatically when we get into the bed, and present everything we need.“He pointed at the carefully arranged cream-tubes and „toys“. 


Rubbing his injured side, Leonard fell down on the bed which started to vibrate as  Scotty again pressed on the remote-control. 


„What the hell...,“ McCoy cried.  He stopped as his spouse beamed at him. „You liked that special but expensive bed in the Be-AT-Euhse-catalogue so much I thought I could  construct it by myself. It’s cheaper and...“ He smiled seductively. „We will have a great deal of fun with it.“


Leonard wasn’t so certain about that - and besides, he couldn’t remember having voiced any interest in a new bed. „For tonight, at least, I have lost my interest,” he proclaimed.  


Scotty’s chin dropped as he saw all his fine plans for a hot and passionate night disintegrate. „Why don’t you make yourself comfortably and I'll strip for you?“ he offered, swinging his not-so-slender hips. „That’s something you always liked.“


Leonard sighed. „Well, you may attempt it.“ He placed the pillows in his back - for a better view. 


„Wait, I can do that better,“ Scotty called and grasped again for the remote-control.  Leonard found himself a moment later in an inclined position. „The mattress is adjustable,“ Scotty explained. „Moreover I can automatically put head and foot higher.“


McCoy nodded quietly  - and asked himself how many surprises were still waiting for him. It was probably better - for the general mood at least - if he didn’t think about that just now. He knew Scotty’s passion for improving things - and he had learned to live with their questionable results in the years of their marriage.  „Start,“ he said. 


He didn't need to say this twice. Scotty took position in front of the bed. His hands travelled slowly down his naked arms, glided then over his once flat belly to the breasts, where the pinched two pink tits until they got hard. 


Leonard licked his lips and slowly found interest in this game as Scotty’s hands disappeared under his Kilt  His legs came further apart and a soft groaning emerged from his lips as he strokes his already engorged member. 


Then he abruptly turned around and bent himself so that his kilt flew upwards and his naked rear was presented. He wobbled it incitingly, then his hands began to knead both halves, pushing a finger in the concealed opening. 


Leonard groaned and opened his suddenly too damn tight [narrow] pants. „I want you. Now! “ he gasped. 


Scotty turned around and opened the kilt’s zipper.  Slowly he pulled the garment [to] down, revealing his own excitement. 


With a mobility one hardly would have though him capable of, he raised a leg and laid it on the bed’s edge. Slowly, very slowly, the silk stockings were pulled off. 


Leonard - in the meanwhile - tried to extract himself from his tight pants. While Scotty lifted the second leg, Leonard kicked wildly with his feet to finally get rid of the troublesome garment - and suddenly found himself, after a loud crash, clamped between head and foot of the bed. 


„You have moved to violently,“ Scotty complained as he realised the situation.  Quickly he grabbed for the remote-control and put the bed back in it’s matress position. 


“I have what? “ Leonard screamed and jumped out the bed. „I've had enough of your improvements - for ever and always. It’s a miracle to me how you ever were able to hold a starship together or why Starfleet still let you build new ships, but in my house you will repair nothing more - or we are getting divorced.“


He pulled his pants on again and went to the door. „Where are you going? “ scotty asked, concerned. 


„I'll sleep in Duncan’s room, or have you improved it, too? “ Leonard snarled. 


„I'll come with you.“


„Over my dead body.“ McCoy abruptly turned around and left his partner. 


„Wait! What about our...“, Scotty called after him. 


„Forget it,“ was his answer. „Until you remove your stupid things from my bed, you only can dream of this.“


Scotty let himself fall into the bed with a sigh - and found himself immediately clamped between head and foot.