Illusion or Reality?







Pairing: K/Sc, P7Sc, S/Sc (K/Ent implied)

Code: NC-17


Summary: Scotty has some interest in certain Captains

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Disclaimer: Paraborg/Viacom owns the whole Star Trek universe. I only borrowed a little part of it for some fun. No moneymaking, no offence of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction. If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with explizit m/m sex, then look elsewhere for your entertainment.




"Isn’t she a beauty?" James T. Kirk’s proud smile was answered by an enthusiastic nod from the chief engineer. Montgomery Scott looked around the otherwise empty bridge. Flashing controls and gleaming monitors proofed the power and energy, which pulsated through the veins of the Enterprise. Yes, she was still a ship, of which a man could be proud - nevertheless all the scratches she had got during their long-time missions.


He turned around, facing again his long-time Captain. Kirk leant on his chair, stroking lovingly over its smooth surface. "Yes, Sir. A very beautiful, silver lady, which has everything, which a man can wish for," Scotty confirmed.


"You are the only one, who understand this." Kirk’s eyes glistened, as he examined the Scotsman. "Do you know, that I was jealous of you, many years ago?"


"Jealous? Why?" Scotty shock surprised his head.


"Because I had the feeling, you could be more closely to her than I. You work in and on her heart, while I only sit only here above, in her brain." Kirk stepped closer to Scotty, ignoring his surprised look. "But in the meantime I know, how beautiful it can be, if somebody shares my love."


He had him new approached and Scotty could feel Kirk’s accelerated breath. Some sort of excitement laid in the air. His look was magically drawn to Kirk’s groin and h wasn’t surprised at all finding there an impressive bulge. 


The Captain acknowledged this gaze with his famous, charming smile, then pointed to his chair. "What do you mean, Scotty, do we want to celebrate our love for her? You are the only one, who is worth to dedicate her altar."


The chief engineer didn’t hesitate for a moment and nodded immediately. It appeared to be so right, to share their only true love, here in her centre. And so he took off his shoes, pulled out his trousers and underwear. The Captain had undressed himself in the meantime too from the waist on.


Scotty bent over the Captain’s chair and took a deep breath. He believed to smell a perfume of force and adventures, which symbolised all they had experienced together with this great ship. Behind himself he heard Kirk sighing, as his hands began to knead his buttocks. Kirk didn’t waste much time with a foreplay, which wouldn’t have been necessary at all, because Scotty’s cock had automatically began to stiffen as he was anticipating to following. He hold himself steady with the left hand, stroking his manhood to full erection with the right one. 


Kirk’s organ already pressed against his anus, ready to enter him...


"Computer, erase Captain Kirk”"


The promising hardness Scotty just had felt was suddenly gone. He turned around and slammed into the chair. As he lifted the eyes, he met the gaze of Jean-Luc Picard.


The Captain of the new Enterprise smiled at him. "From this talent Kirk’s one read nothing in the history books."


To his surprise Scotty didn’t feel embarrassed. He was still half-naked and had just been caught just at the act of sex with his former Captain. But however Picard seemed not to bother the awkward situation. And he appeared to be a sympathetic man.


"He/ was a man with many talents," Scotty answered. "But this was unfortunately only a dream. Your holodecks are really a fascinating invention." And I had just felt lonely, Scotty added in his thoughts, stranded in the wrong century, on the wrong ship, even if it was one named Enterprise, knowing that most likely all his old friends were gone long ago – he had felt homesick for his ship and his comrades.


"I understand." Picard nodded and suddenly kneeled down before him. Scotty looked him surprises at him, as two hands stroked softly over the sensible skin of his inner thighs. "But the reality is still much better. I show you," Picard said and bent down to close his lips his Scotty's still half-erected cock, sucking it quickly to full hardness again.


Scotty didn’t thinking of objection. Somehow this appeared to be just right. This was another Enterprise and another Captain - a diplomat, who seemed to have at the first look nothing in common with the adventurer Kirk – but he also had this aura of strength and power paired with an great intellect and unmistakable instinct, which did make a great commander.


The sight of his cock disappearing in the wet mouth of the other man was almost too much for him, he groaned on and closed the eyes, to enjoy the moment.


"Computer, erase Captain Picard!"


Scotty opened his eyelids again and stared right in the dark orbs of a bearded, hairless stranger, who however looked somehow familiar to him. And this time he blushed furiously.


"Didn’t you know, that a holographic copy of a living person is forbidden?" The voice of the other man sounded strong, but not annoyed.


"No," Scotty answered, although he had thought something like that as this little Ferengi-Bartender insisted on a higher prize as usual after he had explained to him, which special holodeck-program he had in mind. However after weeks alone in the small shuttle Picard had lent to him had, he had paid any price for just some “relaxation”. He couldn’t stop himself from his “preference” of Captains of a certain ship - which these unfortunately did not answer at all. But now this holodecks offered some fascinating possibility of living a dream.


"It is badly enough, that you have put the honourable memories of Captain Kirk's at risk with such a use, but Captain Picard’s person..." The stranger stopped in his words.


"It was only a harmless fantasy. It will not happen again." Scotty rose to his feet and grasped for his trousers, however the other man pulled them immediately from his hand.


"You do not need them now", he said, his voice now silken. "Wouldn’t you like to refresh rather some true memories?"


Scotty raised a brow. "Who are you?" he asked.


"I am Benjamin Sisko, the commander of this station. Don’t you remember me?" The stranger appeared to be disappoints about that fact. 


However Scotty shook his head. "You look somehow familiar to me, did your grandfather serve on the Enterprise?"


"We have already once met", Sisko answered and his deep voice did send showers through Scotty’s body, who had completely forgotten, that he still was half-naked.


But there was only one logical explanation. "Time travel?"


Sisko nodded. "Do you remember space-station K-7 and the tribbles?"


Scotty smiled. "Of course." This had been one of their more “funny” adventures. And suddenly he knew, where he had met Sisko before: A narrow jeffriestube, an ensign, he hadn’t seen before on board and who had given him - instead of an answer, why he was working there without any order - at first the best blow-job of his life and then a fuck, which had him made believe these old sayings about the better equipped Africans.


He couldn’t prevent, that the bare thought of this “affair” stiffened his cock again. Sisko observed him exactly and acknowledged t his reaction with a smile. "I see, you remember."


Without resistance Scotty let himself be bent again over the chair. "Why did you do this then?" he asked as eager hands travelled down his back, then massaged his buttocks.


"Let’s saying I wanted to fulfil also a dream and would like to do it now again." Scotty groaned as Sisko kneeled down and caressed with his puckering opening with the tip of his tongue. A strong hand slipped around his hips and stroked his cock to full hardness.


"Isn’t the reality better than the simulation?" Sisko asked as he rose to his feet again. 


Scotty nodded, but then a thought occurred to his mind. What, when this only was a new aspect of the simulation? Who might exactly know, how this new technique worked? "Are you really real?" he asked as he felt Sisko’s hardness pressing against his anus.


A soft laughter was the answer, accompanies from a powerful intrusion of his body. Sisko pushed deep into him, causing him a loud moan as he hi his prostate with one powerful stroke. "I will show you, how real I am."