Second Place Kirk/Spock (four-way tie)


 Treasure Hunt









Series. TOS

Rating: NC-17

Codes: K/S

Note: This was written for the KiSCon Contest-zine 2001. For more information about that see:


Beta reader: Thanks to T’Boy, who did the beta for this years ago. For all remaining errors, blame me.

Summary: Kirk and Spock are enjoying shore leave with some special surprises for Jim


Disclaimer: The characters in this story don’t belong to me. I only borrowed them for some fun. No moneymaking, no violation of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction. If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with this topic, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes.




The scene seemed to be idyllic. Palms swayed slowly in the wind. The sun was warming blue water and golden sand. An exotic bird lilted his song. Two nearly naked figures rested lazily on towels. The sun had already tanned their skin. Both were deeply absorbed by their literature.


Jim Kirk sighed and clapped his book shut. His fingers traced lovingly over the title written in gold letters on the leather cover. The old edition of "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson had been Spock's birthday present to him.


Hearing the human's sound Spock lay his data padd aside and looked questioningly on his companion. As Jim saw Spock's arched eyebrow he shrugged his shoulders and tried to explain. "I was just envious of those old times. Sometimes I wish I would have lived then."


A second brow rose to new heights. "Why should one desire to live then? Those times were anything but pleasant. Less cleanliness with an accompanying ratio of disease, high incidences of starvation and malnutrition, greatly decreased life expectancy, and so on."


"Yeah, but there were also adventures. A man could discover new frontiers, unknown islands or the wild west of northern America for example." Another envious sigh escaped Jim's mouth.


"Jim I would say our lives were also full of adventures and discoveries."


"But that's in our past, Spock. Look at what are we now. A deskbound admiral and a teacher at the academy. I miss our old life, Spock. I miss the ship and our friends and all the adventures. I even miss our old holidays. Then we were used to having fun on Wrigley's or Argelius. Now we are lying on a safe and sandy beach of Kauai."


Jim quickly added, as he saw the slight but unmistakable shadow of disappointment on Spock's face, "Don't get me wrong, I love being here with you. But I'm so bored from just resting in the sand and reading old books. And we are only here for three days. I need some distraction"


Spock thought for a moment then rose up from his towel and extended his hand to Jim. "Would you like me to distract you for awhile?"


The mischievous glimmer in dark Vulcan eyes let Jim guess what sort of  distraction Spock had in mind, and he rose eagerly to his feet.




"Oh God, Spock, you're the best medicine against boredom." Jim moaned as hot Vulcan lips and hands traveled down his body and set his whole being on fire.


Eagerly he pushed Spock's head further down until a green-hued tongue licked around the head of his engorged cock. "More Spock, please." Jim pleaded.


He didn't have to ask twice. Spock's lips closed over his penis and as his organ was completely engulfed by the hot mouth Jim moaned again. "Yes, that's ... incredible."


He twisted his hands in Spock's dark hair and pushed his cock deeper in the sucking wetness. He could never get enough of Spock and their lovemaking, not in this way, not in other ways. But all too soon it was too much to bear and he came, spurting his seed into an eagerly drinking mouth.


Spock let Jim's limp penis slip out, and slid up to cover Jim's mouth with a hot kiss. Delighted, Jim tasted his own seed. As he felt Spock's hardness rubbing against his thighs his legs automatically parted further. And he could feel his cock springing to life again.


As they broke away for air Jim whispered in a pointed ear: "I want to feel you inside me. Take me, please."




Satisfied from their lovemaking Jim stretched lazily beside Spock on the double bed. His gaze traveled through the sleeping room in their rented beach cabin and finally to the old chest in one corner which served as a table for some exotic plants. "I've wondered since our arrival if there could be something inside. It's look like an old pirate chest."


Curious, Jim went to his feet and examined the furniture closer. When he

saw that the lock was open, he placed the plants aside and pushed the lid up and gazed inside.


"Spock!" Jim's cry couldn't hide his surprise as he drew a piece of paper into the light. "That looks like an old treasure map. Do you think there could

be some old pirate treasure somewhere nearby, hidden for hundreds of years?

Think of it, Spock. Imagine the gold and silver, possibly even gemstones!"


Any boredom was forgotten. Now Jim Kirk  became not only the adventurous Starfleet captain but also a curious child again. There was a mystery to solve and he was the man for the task. "Oh please, Spock, say you'll help me with this. Let's examine the map, see if we can decode it."




Half an hour later they were on a treasure hunt, equipped with a spade and the map. To Jim's sheer delight it didn't take them long to decode the symbols and find the right direction. Soon he was sure that the sand beneath the old Banyan tree behind the next bay was the right place to dig.


Eagerly he went to his task, declining every offer of help from Spock. Jim was so absorbed in his adventure that he didn't stop to wonder why the soil was too loose or the treasure chest was hidden too near the surface for be an authentic piece of antiquity.


Soon the chest was freed and closely observed from all sides. Unfortunately this lock was closed. Jim registered it with frustration. "Shit." He groaned. "We should have brought a phaser with us or some corrosive acid to open the lock."


"I suggest you try this." With an inexpressive face Spock presented a key out of his trousers pocket.


'Jim looked at the key, then up at Spock. "What the...?"  What was his mysterious Vulcan up to now? "I suppose we should find out if this fits, then." he said, a small grin tugging at the corners of his mouth. The key indeed fit easily in the lock.  The lid sprang open, but instead of old treasure, a little velvet box came into view.


Jim took it in his hand and opened it. His face grew solemn as he saw the contents: A small platinum ring, a Vulcan bonding bracelet and a handwritten card on which he spotted Spock's character immediately. Jim glanced at the Vulcan who still observed him with dark unreadable eyes.


Jim read aloud. "Jim, I love thee. Would thee give me the honor to marry me in the tradition of your world and to bond with me in the tradition of my world."


Jim's eyes grew wide as he raised them to gaze at his companion. "Spock." He stammered. "When have you done this? I mean ... how? I'm speechless. I never expected this. I don't know what to say."


The Vulcan features still remained impassive. "Last night as you slept soundlessly I arranged everything. I planned to propose to you in some way which humans would consider romantic before our holiday started. I read that this tradition is still very highly recommended. When I saw our sleeping room I knew sooner or later you would be curious enough to observe the contents of the chest. And I knew you would love some sort of adventure, so the plan of the treasure hunt was formed. As for your answer, there are only two possibilities, Jim: Yes or no."


"Yes, yes, of course yes. Don't even think of no." Jim flung his arms around Spock's neck and kissed him deeply. Then he backed away looking honestly in Spock's eyes. "I love you, Spock. You're my true treasure."