House, MD





Blueprints from childhood                                Lady Charena


Burnt once, twice shy                                        Lady Charena                        


Bursting Bubbles                                               Lady Charena


Carry you home                                                 Lady Charena


Dialogs 1: Tell me lies                                      Lady Charena


Diary of a madman                                            Lady Charena


Please leave a message                                      Lady Charena









168 Stunden                                                       Lady Charena


Abschied                                                            Lady Charena


Adventskalender 11 Tag 2                                 T’Len


Alles nur Tarnung                                              Lady Charena


A moment of change                                          Lady Charena


An der Oberfläche                                              Lady Charena


Aphrodisiac                                                        Lady Charena


Assisted Suicide                                                 Lady Charena


Atlantic City all over again                               Lady Charena


Autumn Leaves                                                  Lady Charena


BFF                                                                     Lady Charena


Black Eyes Blue                                                 Lady Charena


Blutlust                                                               Lady Charena


Book Challenge 1                                               Lady Charena


Book Challenge 2                                               Lady Charena


Book Challenge 3                                               Lady Charena


Book Challenge 4                                               Lady Charena


BowlingNights                                                   Lady Charena


Breakfast Treats 1                                              Lady Charena                        


Breakfast treats 2                                               Lady Charena


Broken Heart Syndrome                                    Lady Charena


Bruchstücke                                                       Lady Charena


Burnt once, twice shy                                        Lady Charena


Candy Galore                                                     Lady Charena


Clean Kill                                                           Lady Charena


Codes                                                                  Lady Charena


comin’ home                                                      Lady Charena


Cuddy Alert                                                        Lady Charena


Damaged People                                                Lady Charena


Dankbarkeit                                                        Lady Charena


Das blaue Zimmer                                             Lady Charena


Das Seminar                                                       Lady Charena


Der Auszug                                                        Lady Charena


Der erste Arbeitstag                                           Lady Charena


Detox 1.1                                                            Lady Charena


Detox 1.2                                                            Lady Charena


Diagnosis: The Hurt/Comfort-Syndrome          Lady Charena                        


Die Farbe der Dunkelheit                                  Lady Charena


Donuts, Lasagne und Lügen                              Lady Charena


Doppel-D                                                            Lady Charena


Downfall                                                            Lady Charena


Down into the bottom of every bottle               Lady Charena


Drei Worte zu viel - eine Minute zu wenig       Lady Charena


Drowning                                                           Lady Charena


Eine Frage der Perspektive                                T’Len


Einsichten                                                          Lady Charena


Eine verhängnisvolle Frage                               Lady Charena


Ein Paar schwarzer Schuhe                                Lady Charena


Falling from grace                                             Lady Charena


Farben-Challenge                                               Lady Charena


Feelings are only skin deep                               Lady Charena


Fernsehen bildet                                                 Lady Charena


Flirts                                                                   Lady Charena


Folie à Deux                                                       Lady Charena


French Shoes Lie                                               Lady Charena                        


Game over                                                          Lady Charena


Geschenke                                                          Lady Charena


Haarspaltereien                                                  Lady Charena


House’s Call                                                       Lady Charena


House-Dressing                                                  Lady Charena


Hühnersuppe für die Seele                                 Lady Charena


Human Errors                                                     Lady Charena


Hundeleben - Knowledge killed the dog           Lady Charena


Invitation to dinner                                            Lady Charena


iPod-Challenge                                                  Lady Charena


Is it raining with you?                                        Lady Charena


It hurts to be me                                                 Lady Charena


It won’t stop here                                               Lady Charena


Just a classic case scenario                                Lady Charena


Kaffeepause                                                       Lady Charena


Kaffee für Zwei                                                  Lady Charena


Kartenhäuser                                                      Lady Charena


Kartoffelchips zum Frühstück                           Lady Charena


King met Queen                                                 Lady Charena


Liebe auf den ersten Blick                                 Lady Charena


Life's a rainbow                                                 Lady Charena


Little white lies                                                  Lady Charena


Love and Happiness                                           Lady Charena


Loyalität                                                             Lady Charena


Lügenpoker                                                        Lady Charena


Massage                                                             Lady Charena


Mehr hören, weniger verstehen                         Lady Charena


Middle grounds                                                  Lady Charena


Milch und Kekse                                                Lady Charena


Misery loves company                                       Lady Charena


Morning After                                                    Lady Charena


More than one feeling                                        Lady Charena


Morphine                                                            Lady Charena


Need a Doctor                                                    Lady Charena


Nichts als Routine                                              Lady Charena


Nobody knows                                                   Lady Charena


Nothing new                                                       Lady Charena


Notlügen                                                             Lady Charena


Paging Dr. House                                               Lady Charena


Partners in Crime                                               Lady Charena


Patron saint of the denial                                   Lady Charena


Phantomzärtlichkeiten                                       Lady Charena


Picture me                                                          Lady Charena


Picture me 2 – South of normal                         Lady Charena


Points of view                                                    Lady Charena


Places to go, people to see                                 Lady Charena


Rat Pack                                                             Lady Charena


Schlaflos                                                            Lady Charena


Schmetterling im Kokon                                   Lady Charena


Schnee                                                                Lady Charena


Schweigen                                                          Lady Charena


Screaming in a whisper 1                                  Lady Charena


Screaming in a whisper 2                                  Lady Charena


Secret Space                                                       Lady Charena


She left a knife in my back                                Lady Charena


Sie oder Ich!                                                       Lady Charena


Silence                                                                Lady Charena


Smooth talker                                                     Lady Charena


Socken-Fu                                                          Lady Charena


So tired of being here                                        Lady Charena


Sprechstunde 1                                                   Lady Charena                        


Sprechstunde 2                                                   Lady Charena                        


Sprechstunde 3                                                   Lady Charena                        


Sprechstunde 4                                                   Lady Charena                        


Sprechstunde 5                                                   Lady Charena                        


Sprechstunde 6                                                   Lady Charena                        


Sprechstunde 7                                                   Lady Charena


Standing in line with Mr. Jimmy                      Lady Charena


Street Scene                                                       Lady Charena


Sunday at the Hotel with Wilson                       Lady Charena


Sweets for my sweet                                          Lady Charena


Take me home tonight: # 01. Julie Whitner      Lady Charena


Take me home tonight: # 02. James Wilson     Lady Charena


Taub                                                                   Lady Charena


The best antidepressiva                                     Lady Charena


The dating game                                                Lady Charena


The Ghost of Christmas Past                             Lady Charena


The lying stethoscope                                        Lady Charena


The middle of nowhere                                      Lady Charena


The Season’s Spirit                                            Lady Charena


To hell with heaven                                           Lady Charena


To see is to believe                                            Lady Charena


Traditionen                                                         Lady Charena


Try walking in my shoes                                   Lady Charena


Unabhängigkeit                                                  Lady Charena


Unhappy Hours 5 to 7 p.m.                                Lady Charena


Wake-up call                                                      Lady Charena


Wanna be a Rockstar?                                       Lady Charena


Was wichtig ist...                                               Lady Charena


We all fall down                                                Lady Charena


What comes around, goes around                      Lady Charena


Wie man Freunde gewinnt – Et tu, brute          Lady Charena


Willkommen zurück                                          Lady Charena


Wochenend Speziale                                          Lady Charena


Wo ist House?                                                    Lady Charena                               


Yesterday’s gone                                               Lady Charena


You know that I’m no good                               Lady Charena


Zweite Chancen                                                 Lady Charena