Honorable Mention TOS Slash Short Story



Good Friends






Fandom. TOS

Pairing: Mc/Sc, K/S impl.

Rating: R

Summary: Scotty helps a depressed McCoy on Christmas-eve

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Disclaimer: The characters in this story don’t belong to me. I only borrowed them for some fun. No moneymaking, no violation of copyrights are intended. The story is mine and it is just fanfiction. If you are under age, please stay away. If you have a problem with this topic, then look elsewhere for your entertainment. English is not my native language, so please be patient with my mistakes. Thanks to T'Lin for the beta-reading. For all remaining errors, blame me.




„Leonard.“ Montgomery Scott threw a compassionate look at his good friend, Leonard McCoy, who sat bent, and obviously sleeping, alone at the table. But the half-full bottle of brandy in front of him indicated that he wasn’t „alone“ at all. 


Scotty looked around the mess-hall of the Enterprise. It looked very desolate. The Christmas celebrations of the Enterprise-crew were not only good traditions, but also a legend. And each crew-member was happy to be able to participate in it. How Freddy Olsen, the canteen-chef, was able to provide traditional Christmas food every year - from goose to turkey - of so many nations, would probably remain his eternal secret. Especially when it came to real meat or vegetables, none of this replicated stuff for him. A true enjoyment for every one after months of often tasteless replicator-nourishment. 


Just as real as the meal was the large, colourful, decorated tree in the corner of the room. And naturally, so was the mistletoe. Most of the crew was enjoying the evening very much.


Jim Kirk always made sure that anybody got the chance to participate at least for a while during  the celebration, although of course the most important areas of the ship had been staffed all the time. Usually, members of species or religions who did not celebrate Christmas volunteered for these posts. 


Throughout the evening, the celebration naturally grew less formal, and more cheerful. But sooner or later, many crew-members had retired into their cabins for further, and more private, celebrations. Scotty left some time ago, to make sure everything was going well in engineering. He trusted his crew, but certain was certain. On the way to his cabin afterwards, the thought had occurred to him to make yet another appearance at the buffet  - maybe there was some late-night snack left - and at that he had seen his friend Leonard.


Scotty began to worry in earnest. The physician was so silent and preoccupied the last time he had seen him.  Something seemed to trouble him.


Scotty shook McCoy’s shoulder. „Leonard, wake up!“


Laboriously, Leonard lifted his head.  „Scotty, you? What is…? An emergency?”


Scotty shook his head. „No. I was just getting something more to eat. But, what is with you? Why are you still here?“


Leonard shrugged his shoulders.  „What else should I do? I had no desire to be alone in my cabin on Christmas-eve.“


„Why do you not celebrate elsewhere?. Perhaps with the Captain and Mr. Spock.“ Scotty sat down in the chair vis-à-vis to McCoy. 


„I'd only disturb them.“ The voice of the doctor sounded tiredly and depressed. 


Suddenly Scotty understood. „That’s whats' troubling you, isn’t it?  You’re depressed  since the Captain and Mr. Spock made their relationship public.“


Leonard nodded. „Please don't misunderstand me, Scotty. I grant them both their luck. They earned it, more than most. It’s just that I feel so superfluously since then. Like the fifth wheel of a vehicle, so to speak.“


„I doubt whether the Captain, or Mr. Spock, see you this way. I surely can say that both appreciate you very much. They never would perceive you as disturbing“


„I know, Scotty. But I, myself, simply have the feeling that I stand in the way.  It’s all fairly new to them still and they already have so little spare-time for each another. I don’t want to steal this precious time from them. Jim told me how many mistletoes he had organised and that he is determined to use it. No, no, I only would disturb them right now. And,“ He hesitated for a moment before he continued.  „I’ve to admit that I’m somewhat  jealous of them.“


Scotty was surprised.  “Because they are a couple?“


Leonard shook his head.  „Because they are so happy. Because they have someone to belong to. Because there is someone, to hold, to share, to love.  Since my divorce, I've never felt so lonely as I do now. And on Christmas-eve, one especially realises this. Now I’m not only missing love but my friends as well.  Uhura, Chapel, Sulu, Chekov - I like  them, but that’s simply not the same kind of friendship as I've had with Jim.“


„And what about me?“ Scotty’s voice sounded unaccustomedly soft and quiet.


Now it was Leonard who looked surprised.  „I appreciate you very much, Scotty. [You] Hopefully, you know that. But what has this to do with that.“


„I do understand you better than you may think, Leonard. I also often feel lonely and long for friendship and love. “ 


“I always thought your work…?“


„Cannot replace a partner.“


Leonard nodded. „You said it. We probably have more in common than I thought.“


Scotty rose and went to the buffet.  „I'm getting something to eat.”


He turned around, surprised, when he heard Leonard say: „You are under the mistletoe, Scotty.“


Scotty laughed when Leonard stepped closer to him. „You know what that means?“ It was probably the result of the alcohol that led them to kiss each another. 


As the simple, chaste kiss suddenly became quite hot -- eventually leading to a bit of tongue wrestling - both men were surprised.


Scotty was the first to recover, and find his voice again. „Perhaps we should continue our conversation in my cabin,” he proposed. 


Leonard nodded silently. 




When they passed by the cabin of the Captain, Leonard believed he heard unambiguous sounds. 'Either he was hallucinating from the alcohol, or the walls of the Enterprise were not as thick as they should be, or they are doing it directly behind the door, ’ he thought, then controlled himself. ‚Better stop such thoughts, otherwise it could become really embarrassing.’ To his surprise the kiss with Scotty had already triggered a reaction from a certain part of his body.  Better he didn’t imagine what Jim and Spock were probably doing now.




„Now you are under the mistletoe, Leonard,“ Scotty laughed with a heavy tongue. After a few more drinks- this time good Scotch of course - and a long discussion about unfulfilled dreams and longings he felt more than ready for the next step. Especially because Scotty had to admit to himself, that he found Leonard very attractive, and that was not a result of the alcohol. 


He was delighted that Leonard did not reject him as he threw his arms around his friend and kissed him passionately. At first, when Scotty pressed the lower parts of his body against Leonard’s, so that he coudk feel his growing erection, the physician back away. 


Scotty looked at him.  „Sorry, I thought you were interested?“


Leonard nodded slowly. „I am, but I've never had a man.“


„Oh, I thought, because you said earlier, that you didn’t have much interest in women after your divorce… Was this only because the burned child fears the fire?“ Scotty asked. 


Leonard shook his head.  „Not entirely … I think.  I was always curious, but there never was the right opportunity. And I probably never had the courage to seek one. You?“


Scotty nodded.  „I do not have a wife because I’m mostly married to my machines,” he explained. “But I understand if you don’t want to go further. Although I would very much like to…“


“I, too… I, too”, Leonard confessed.




On Christmas-day Leonard McCoy woke up with a terrible headache. ‚Gosh; I definitely had to much to drink,” he thought. His headache didn’t became better - much worse, as a matter of fact  - as he stretched himself and knocked against something soft. 


‚Scotty!  I’ve slept with Scotty,’ blushing, Leonard remembered last night. In spite of its big alcohol consumption, the memories of the night before were all too clear to him. How should things between Scotty and him now continue? He wouldn’t mind a permanent relationship with the engineer. And after their conversation from last night, he was sure Scotty hadn’t been looking for a one-night-stand.“ 


Leonard remembered how they had undresses each other, interrupted again and again by hot kissing. And then he had laid for the first time in his life naked in bed with other man. But somehow it had felt completely right. 


Scotty had always been a good friend for him. Could he now become more?  Leonard had at least enjoyed his tenderness very much. Who would have thought that behind the tough engineer was hidden such a tender lover. 


And then, after some time of mutual tenderness, Scotty had penetrated him carefully. To Leonard’s surprise, the pain faded quickly and he felt only pleasure until it was too quickly over for both oh them - they had just consumed to much alcohol to be able to hold it longer. 


Those memories didn’t remain without effecting a certain part of his body. Carefully, Leonard pushed his hand under the covers. Yet as he began to stroke himself, his hand was suddenly and resolutely pushed away.  „Let me take care of this, “ Scotty whispered into his ear. 


Leonard jerk with surprise, then turned around to face his lover. Scotty examined him attentively. “You do not  regret what happened, do you?“ he asked timidly. 


Leonard shook his head.  „No. I thank you for last night -- and that you have, above all, opened my eyes, and that you have expelled my loneliness.“


Scotty smiled and before he bent to his lover for a goods-morning-kiss he answered: „Therefore one has friends.“