A game of roles






The captain is on an undeclared inspection tour around the Enterprise.....


... and accidentally he hears the engaged chat of two crewmembers.


Female laboratory technician:      "Do you like it to do again with me today?"

Technician:                                "What do you want, honey?"

Female laboratory technician:      "I'd like you to be Spock and I'm Captain Kirk, agreed?"

Technician:                                "Surely. This game always makes you hot."

Female laboratory technician:      "Kiss me, Spock!"

Technician:                                "Yes, Jim...."


Shaking his head the captain lowly retreats. Then he decides to talk to McCoy to this immediately. He's anxious about the health of his crew.







In sickbay he eavesdrop a discussion between his CMO and nurse Chapel.


McCoy:        "Christine. That was a great work you've done."

She smiles:   "Oh, thanks Doc."

McCoy:        "For this you've earned a reward."

Christine:      "Oh... when you say so... perhaps we can do our favorite game?"

McCoy:        "If you like. I'm just a country doctor, but on a real accident you can

                    count on me."

Christine:      "Really? Oh please, please. That would be great."

McCoy:        "Well then: Jim, kiss me."

Christine:      "Oh Spock! Oh, oh...."


The captain is almost stunned. Is everyone going mad? The best action would be to ask his chief logician Spock. There he won't tumble in another accident, he thought.






Without knocking the Captain enters the quarters of his First Officer. In complete concentration, Spock is working on his terminal.


Jim:              "Hello Spock. How are you?"

Spock.          "Hello Jim, satisfyingly. But my shift starts in 6,456789 hours."

Jim:              "I know. I'm just bored and looking for some company."

Spock:          "I can offer myself to spent some time with you."

Jim:              "What are you working on at the moment?"

Spock:          "This is a photo manipulation, a small pastime."

Jim takes a closer look: "Spock, you too???"







Spock:          "It's just for relaxation, so I have been told."

Jim gasping for air: "Yes. But that shows us in a very clear position!"

Spock:          "If you agree, we can so this together. As I'm informed this is a very

                    popular habit among the crew."

Jim:              "When this is the truth I'll give the immediate order that no one except

us is allowed to engage in this game from now on. So go on, Spock,

kiss me!"


But from a reliably source I know that this Kirk/Spock role play was played for a long time despite Jims order. It's just too much fun ;-)